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How to Quit Smoking Pot - How to Stop Smoking Marijuana

Updated on May 24, 2013
Have you had enough of this?
Have you had enough of this?

Often called by a variety of names such as ganja, pot, weed, maryjane, reefer, grass- Marijuana (Cannabis Sativa ) is the most commonly abused drug in the United States. Surveys show that 37% percent of youths ages 12-17 have smoked marijuana at least once a month and this statistic has not changed since 2000. This makes marijuana as some sort of "entry level" drug of choice as more often than not,the marijuana user eventually graduates to using stronger drugs!

Most users smoke the dried mixture of shredded leaves, stems and flowers of the marijuana plant in hand-rolled cigarettes called joints. Some use pipes or water pipes called bongs while other Marijuana users brew tea or mix it into foods like brownies, cakes and even salads..

Studies have shown that marijuana smoke contains 400 chemicals, including most of the harmful ones found in tobacco smoke and it also deposits 4 times more tar in the lungs. Around 7000 published medical and scientific studies document the ill effects of smoking marijuana and these studies show that marijuana users have a 104 percent higher risk of graduating into the use of harder drugs like cocaine and a 5 times higher risk oh having a heart attack.

The major active chemical in marijuana is delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), as THC enters the brain it causes the user to feel euphoric - or "high" - by stimulating the brain's reward system, making the brain cells release the “Feel Good” chemical dopamine. As a chemical messenger, dopamine can make a person relax and elevate their mood but it also affects brain processes that control movement (heightened sensory awareness), emotional response (Euphoria) and the ability to experience pleasure and pain.

Short-Term Effect of Pot: Bloodshot Eyes
Short-Term Effect of Pot: Bloodshot Eyes

Reasons For Quitting

1.) It is bad for your Health.

Although cigarette and marijuana smokers experience the same respiratory problems and diseases like coughing, symptoms of bronchitis and frequent chest colds are the more common illnesses. Benzyprene, a known human carcinogen, is also present in marijuana smoke and the amount of tar inhaled by marijuana smokers and the level of carbon monoxide is significantly higher than in cigarette smoke. This is most likely due to inhaling marijuana more deeply, holding the smoke in the lungs for a longer period of time and because marijuana smoke is unfiltered this makes the user more prone to developing mouth, throat and lung cancer. Researchers at the UCLA Pulmonary Research Laboratory studied the effects of marijuana smoking and the study showed that lung damage caused by four marijuana cigarettes were equal to the damage caused by 112 tobacco cigarettes

Marijuana use is definitely worse than tobacco!!!

2.) It causes short term memory loss.

Studies have shown that smoking marijuana causes short-term memory loss since THC targets the nerve cells in the part of the brain where memories are formed, it also impairs the ability to focus, sustain and shift attention and this makes concentration difficult . It is also very hard to learn while high because a working short-term memory is needed for learning and performing tasks that call for more than one or two steps. And with THC affecting the brain, it makes it hard for the user to recall recent events (such as what happened a few minutes ago).

3.) It can affect your reproductive organs

Studies have shown that long term marijuana use can affect your reproductive organs too. For men, this can cause decreased sperm count and very heavy users can experience erectile dysfunction. Women can experience irregular periods from heavy marijuana use as it disrupts the release of hormones that regulate ovulation. These problems would most likely result in a decreased ability to conceive but then it does not lead to complete infertility.

4.) It can harm your children

That means women who smoke marijuana can still get pregnant and even the unborn child is being affected in a major way. Absorption of THC by the fetus increases the risk of birth defects and lukemia after they are born.Learning difficulties and poor educational achievement are also evident in children of heavy marijuana users.

Ready to throw this out?
Ready to throw this out?

Ready to Kick the Habit?

A common misconception among many people today is that marijuana is much like cigarettes in that they are both PHYSICALLY addictive and it is so very hard to stop smoking them because of cravings within the body.

This is in fact very wrong!

This idea probably came about because to most people, a joint and a cigarrette are the same since they are both smoked and they share the same if not most of the effects. But unlike tobacco smoking, Marijuana doesn't contain any chemicals that can be physically addictive to people. Instead, the feelings that marijuana can induce is psychologically addictive. This means that the urge to continue smoking pot is more about the person wanting to gain a "high" rather than the body needing the drug to stop its pain.Trying to stop smoking pot is hard because the addict ends up craving for it subconsciously.

Because of the reasons mentioned above, quitting marijuana can be a long and difficult process. And, the best way to do this is to breakdown the process into several steps that would make the end result seem easier to reach. No one wants to go through something difficult and instant processes can't help you fix the problems. So, changing your perspective can help you go far. The point is: It's a long road, but you got to start somewhere.

1.) Get yourself a journal. Keeping a journal is the best way to keep track of your use of marijuana. With this, journal you can pinpoint how often you use this drug and why you are driven to use it. Also, jotting down your experiences can be a good way for you to see how much you have improved, giving you a good source of motivation.

2.) How has using marijuana affected your life? Taking stock of the things that has happened to you because of your addiction can give you the reality check that you need. List down all your losses as well as the bad experiences that you've had because of the influence of pot.

3.) What kind of future will marijuana give you? Think about the long-term effects of marijuana in you life. And, ask yourself if you still want it in your life ten years from now.

4.) List down your reasons for quitting. After assessing yourself, you're bound to list down a couple of reasons that will push you into quitting this bad habit. Unfortunately, listing them down may not be enough. Certain events in your everyday life like emotional stress can push you to look for that feeling of euphoria. Even worse, you might be tempted to take that puff because you can't help but miss that feeling. For this reason, you should keep this list of reasons with you wherever you go. By reading through this list when you feel the urge to take a puff, you can remind yourself about you need to quit.

5.) Why do you like smoking marijuana? By now, you must have identified the circumstances that push you to go for a joint. Take note of the feelings that smoking marijuana can induce. After that, list down other things that can give you a similar sensation. There are other feel good activities in the world like shopping, going to the spa, treating yourself to a good meal, going to the gym, trying a new physical activity or catching a really funny movie. Marijuana isn't the only thing in the world that can give you that "high". So, find a more healthy replacement for it by looking for an activity that can give you the same feeling.

6.) Find the people who really care about you. How can you quit when you are surrounded by people who would encourage you to take it when you have a problem? Perhaps you should find people in your life who can help you face your problems and solve them instead of telling you that it's alright to evade them by taking a puff from their joint. It sounds a little harsh but it's the truth. And, in order to junk the habit, this is one truth that you must accept.

7.) Find a support group. Now that you know who your true friends are, you can start creating a support group that would help you in junking the habit. A list of reasons can sometimes fail in keeping you out of smoking pot. Getting a support group can give you a Plan B when this happens. Don't be afraid to depend on people during this time. You need all the help that you can get!

8.) There's nothing wrong about getting more help. If you believe that the first seven steps are not enough to help you quit, then there's nothing wrong with combining it with other methods in order to achieve success. You can try supplementing the above steps with following:

  • Hypnosis. This has been shown to be extremely effective with smoking cessation and the breaking of other bad habits. Hypnotherapy can help you confront the psychological and emotional reasons that feed your addiction to marijuana. It can also help you or your loved one plan positive new goals and habits rather than rely on willpower alone.
  • Intervention. When people are addicted to drugs or alcohol abuse they often don't realize that they need help. An intervention is when family members or friends confront a loved one about his or her substance abuse in an attempt to help them realize they need help. Interventions provide an opportunity to express concern and offer suggestions about how and where to get help.
  • Quit Marijuana Programs. There are a lot of ads online that claim that their method can help you quit smoking pot. There's nothing wrong with checking out these ads. You just might find the answer to your prayers! However, you should make sure you know what you are getting into, before you jump in. Ask about the protocol of the program and see if it works for you.


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    • profile image

      ebenezer 7 weeks ago

      no need to criticize, condemn nor to complain. if u want to quit the habit for some reasons, then go ahead, if you feel like u still need MJ, then use the plant. this is completely BS.

      i personally have smoked MJ for more than 8years, since my teen age, but i just decided to stop and successfully enough have done than for two years now. but for all the 8years i dint experience any health issue expect psychologically issues, so if u there and u want to quit please go ahead, its also good to know when u are having a good time and to have a clear mind. but if u fill u wanna continue, please feel free, its funny.

    • Dr-Aftab-Uddin profile image

      Dr-Aftab-Uddin 11 months ago from Dhaka, Bangladesh

      Excellent info's....

    • profile image

      simon 2 years ago

      You have really selected the suitable topic; this is one of my favorite blogs.

    • profile image

      Ben 3 years ago

      I may somewhat agree with the subject matter but personally I don't believe that harsh steps are needed to quit. After smoking since I was a teen, which was normal in my neighborhood, I quit one day about 4 months ago and have not smoked since. I was not influenced by any medical article. I do however remember seeing a documentary on how whites sought to keep slaves and there offspring from smoking because they were afraid that they would go into a frenzy and feel the need to kill white people. The same went for Latinos and cocaine. But my other half smokes all day and sleeps. Using the excuse that she is depressed without ever being diagnosed with depression. Myself however has been diagnosed with ASD Aspergers Syndrome. I smoked to help me cope with the idiosyncrasies and hypocrisy of everyday life. I now spend endless hours doing things similar to what i did as a child to cope. It was by accident that I came across this forum speaking on this subject. Even though I have stopped smoking, I find it harder to deal with society and feel that medical marijuana would be helpful in my case instead of self-medicating. I can however say that some ot the "spoken" facts on how it will tend to make one want to use harsher drugs ludicrous. I have never wanted to ever use any recreational drug than MJ. Having an I.Q. of 138 gives me a more intellectual insight into this matter as I see it as a scare tactic. Instead of telling the truth, once again I find that there are some P.H.D. intellects that speak against the subject while indulging themselves.

    • profile image

      doggie 4 years ago

      i need also

    • profile image

      Suffering 4 years ago

      I need help. My boyfriend have both decided to quit but I'm struggling. I feel like a failure when I relapse, but I get so emotionally and mentally unstable when I don't. It's like a never ending fight going on in my head. I know why I want to quit, but I don't know why I'm struggling so much. I'm disappointed in myself. I'm afraid to tell my boyfriend that I've relapsed. It's starting to make me suicidal and I'm afraid of what I've become. Please help! I could really use some tips!

    • profile image

      Silas Rose 4 years ago

      Your all fucking retarded. Ive been smoking for around 6 years now. There is no such thing as a withdrawal from marijuana, its an ancient drug that has been used from the beginning of time. It posses more psychoactive potential than one can imagine and can induce feelings of spiritual connection with the Earth and its ancestors.

      Just to clear up something for most of you, who have stated they've never even done a drug before because they're Christian or whatever BS, there is no evidence, i repeat no evidence, scientific or moron/lie induced, that links cannabis to any lung diseases or possessing chemicals that are even in the same family as tobacco. So don't talk about things that are not true and most certainly that you have no idea what your talking about. Your all blind to what the governments of the World want you to be blind to. Keep getting your information from government sources and that is the type of info that will stick in your tiny, easily influential brains.

      As for the rest of you, stopping smoking can be a good thing if you want to clear your mind for a while, I can see that, but the 'withdrawals'? its a psycho-chemical reaction that is deprived of its reactants, whenever this occurs, which it happens many times a day ie. not drinking enough water is a good one, the body sends out signals that it wants that back.

      Now compare that 'withdrawal' to that of a nicotine withdrawal. and then wake up and throw out the preconceived notions and think about it for yourself!

    • profile image

      Anonymous63 4 years ago

      This article is complete bullshit

    • profile image

      jennylee 4 years ago

      MJ is not unhealthy. It is a plant. There is no proof that it has most of the ill effects mentioned in this article. This is mostly just scare tactics. Ya u get smokers cough and it can affect your cognitive function in the short term but the carcinogens in tobacco are so laughably incomparable i just have no words. For the life of me Iwill never understand why people think its a gateway drug.... It has been proven that significantly more drug users (obviously I am not talking about pot) start with.... drum roll please...... alcohol and tobacco!!! and for the record tobacco and MJ do NOTfeel the same at all.

      Iquit because I realized I could not remember what I had read from the Bible. Peopl don't need to be scared into quitting. If God chooses for them to make that change then they will. I haaaaaate scare tactics.

      This was hilarious. I can't believe how many people still think this way.

      I support those who want to quit but don't let fear be the reason you do. Have your own mind about it. Do the research. Find the truth.

    • profile image

      Jay Wilsons 4 years ago

      It's a great thing to stop addiction to drugs and alcohol. My life has changed a lot after realizing how important it is to stop and see what's worth my time rather than just smoking and bystanding. Now, I have put up a great site ( where I was able to help a lot of people regain their normal and healthy life.

    • profile image

      balzzdeep 4 years ago

      i smoked weed now im quitting, this makes me wanna start again. this fearmongering fa ggotry is f u cking redickulous

    • profile image

      Anon 5 years ago

      On March 13, I completed my third year of not smoking marijuana. I'm so glad to have reached this point in my sobriety. I didn't feel confident that I could leave weed behind. I truly wanted to end my 39 year habit. If you want to leave your habit, take my story as a confidence booster. YOU CAN DO IT! You have to want to succeed! Thanks to this site, I checked in daily to feel that I wasn't alone. It really helped me. Thank you for that very much. I don't check in very often anymore simply because pot isn't on my brain 24/7 like it used to be. Good luck to all!

    • profile image

      Jeppe 5 years ago

      It varies from person to person. I smoke 3 - 7 days a week, and i have succes to. So i think this is pure bullshit. By the way. Some people in this forum, have allready said it.

      "Talk to people, who actually have been there" ... Peace... Denmark

    • profile image

      Bridord 5 years ago

      I have smoked since I was 12. It started as a kind of weekend thing with friends or when we could afford to grab a bag. Then from the age of about 14 I started wanting my own bag to smoke when ever I pleased. At 16 I started working and ever since, I've been working purely to fuel this habbit, smoking at least 1-4 grams a day. I've lost numerous things because of weed, such as jobs, memories and girlfriends. I'm now 23. Two months ago I realized that the only way I am going to give up is to starve my supply - my money. So I quit my job and have pretty much deliberately burnt all bridges with friends and associates that smoke. I've confined myself indoors and I'm trying to live through 'cold turkey'. My appetite has disappeared along with my energy and drive to do any thing. I feel insecure, irritable and cannot sleep, and now that I've thrown my life away, I can't stop worrying about the future or whether or not I even want a future. I guess that all these things I'm feeling is depression and that my mental attachment to weed is too great to just drop it. So my advice to anybody trying to quit this terrible habbit: Don't just stop. I plan on going back to work and 'weening' myself to an acceptable amount per week. Keeping a journal to record every joint I roll and maybe one day, I'll be able to quit for good. Thanks for the article and all the great comments made, they have been a big help.

    • profile image

      jep 5 years ago

      if you are a daily smoker of greater than 2 grams a day and quit for even a day you WILL have withdraw symptoms. The worst and most persistant will be sleeplessness - serious sleeplesness. to say MJ is not physically adictive is simply not true. Talk to any daily heavy smoker that has tried to quit.

    • profile image

      Jack 5 years ago

      Ive been smoking weed daily for 5 yrs now wanna quit it very badly. Recently every time i smoke weed i get into depression. All my mind could think about is only negative thoughts. I aint got power to face people and em not doing good with my family members n all. I tried to quit smoking weed many times but could not. I roll up joints every evening saying its the last n same goes on the next day. I need some serious help.

    • AddictionSupport profile image

      Brent Jones 5 years ago from California

      Here's a great website on the different support groups available

    • profile image

      Rodrigo 5 years ago

      Take a list and write all the pros and cons of smoking whatever joint or a tobacco... And show the list to a non smoker for hist opinion, you will remember how you used to think "right". Many fall into this smoking from curiosity but whatever feeling marijuana can gives you, it is not something real that makes you high, it is a drug... Find real things in life to makes you high. I really support that..

    • profile image

      Morgan 5 years ago

      I don't smoke myself and never have, but I know a lot of people that do. I've had to deal with users a lot in my life, from family to friends. A lot of people these days take all the risks in stride, even going as far to say that weed is "harmless" and all that other crap. It's not. A lot of the things written in the article are true. It's known to have more carcinogens than tobacco and they effect the body more since weed is usually breathed in deeper and held longer than tobacco. I actually don't feel comfortable reading this stuff, but I actually have a lot for respect for the people who want to quit. I know from experience watching one cousin in particluar and most of my friends by high school, this stuff changes you. Whether you want to believe that or not, other people can probably see it more than you. It was really sad to me. Seeing people just fall like that. They all had issues, like mood problems and anxiety. These developed over time, they weren't originally like that. Funny, since that seems to be why some people do it in the first place. To handle pain and those types of things. Really, you can't think that "this won't happen to me" or "everything in moderation", because a lot of this stuff can still come later in life, since weed doesn't leave the body as fast as most things. If you actually read these comments, most of the people are older and they are feeling it catching up to them. Marijuana is one of those drugs that works slowly, which I think makes it worst because most people assume nothing's wrong.

      You're taking a huge risk. It might not be as dangerous as crack or heroine, but that doesn't mean it's harmless.

      My grandfather, who is in his late 70s, smokes cigars and chews tobacco, he's been doing it since he was 17. He barely has a cough. My cousin, however, would wake me up in the morning with all his dry hacking and spitting up phlem. May it be luck or whatever, you're better off not doing it at all. But if you make that choice, just don't deny what you're getting into.

    • profile image

      Chriz 5 years ago

      You can abuse everything in this world. Too much for everything is not good.

    • profile image

      Anon 5 years ago

      The pressure to spell correctly has put a damper on posting. I therefore, lift the request to spell correctly. All posts are now welcome!

    • profile image

      Anon 5 years ago

      Please try to spell correctly when you make a post. It will make your post leap in credibility. Or else, you'll sound like a blowhard twit.

    • profile image

      Clint 5 years ago

      Also for all those ppl who say its not addictive etc... Just because it has no chemical addictions like nicotine does for cigarettes does not mean its not addictive. explain gambling habbits for example I've gambled befor never had a problem with it but because I've never had a problem does that mean its non addictive? I think not. It's a very real problem for millions of people and u should think befor trying to deter ppl from their goals of trying to beat their habbits.

    • profile image

      Clint 5 years ago

      Im 28 years old started smoking when I was 15 have not stopped since I wake up I make a mix I go thru at least 3grams a day it doesn't sound like much but trust me if I could afford it I would be going thru alot more, but it's time to say goodbye to weed I wish I never started ATM with my current habit I spend 200$ weekly just on weed. That works out to be 11,600$ per year! My biggest foccus while quitting will be to save this cash and finally use it for stuff I can actually see rather then chop it up and smoke it all away. Here is to my first day sober ever in my whole adult life. If I go back in time to my first puff I would turn it down, weed has changed my life for the worse now it's time for me to face the facts and reality for once man up and put the weed away for good. For anyone that spends cash on weed my advise is to get the calculator out work out how much u spend per week,month and then year. It's my biggest motivator at this point as 13 year habbit at 200$ week minimum works out to be over $130,000 thus far -_- just in weed!

    • profile image

      Adam 5 years ago

      This doctor should have his licence revoked this is the most inconclusive research i have every seen , Entry level drug my ass, when you smoke a bong you don't go alright lets switch to meth or cocaine , Alcohol is the gateway drug, people are usually drunk when the do higher class drugs , This is completely Byist an should be taking down cause almost everything that has been has all be proven wrong, You are a fuck wit who wrote this, LEARN TO DO SOME RESEARCH BEFORE YOU START TYPING OUT SHIT THAT IS A LIE YOU BYIST PIECE OF SHIT!

    • profile image

      Martin27 5 years ago

      My names Martin, I started smoking at the age of 15. My marijuana use has been constant (meaning every day) since i started. Now im 22 years old and plan on quitting for a little bit. I do agree that SMOKING anything is bad for you. I personally don't think marijuana is too terrible, the main reason why its bad is because of the smoke. I plan on quitting for a couple of months until my tolerance goes down and i can afford to bye a vaporizer. It is a great thing to quit smoking pot, you learn to deal with things better that's for sure.

    • profile image

      gottagetoffthis 5 years ago

      dont critisize what you dont know kid, youve never walked in that mans shoes - the king

    • profile image

      Riley 5 years ago

      "I was helped by a higher power." Why are you so proud of that? aside from "JC" not being real, wouldn't you rather take solace in the fact that you quit on your own? Without the help of some higher being? Oh well. To be honest this whole thread is a bunch of shit. I smoke weed all day, everyday and I still have a 140+ IQ. So it can't be that bad eh? Oh well, I'm about to load up a bowl right now, anyone wanna... oh wait, nvm XD

    • profile image

      Michael 5 years ago

      I also have smoked weed for a while but I found it easy to quit, say what you want about it but weed leads to an unproductive lifestyle, and while I think it's okay on occasion it's not very smart to do it on a daily basis.

      I have started a new site on the topic check it out and give me some feed back I hope to grow the site!

    • profile image

      JoeCool 5 years ago

      I have smoked weed for 13 years and didn't have a plan to stop. I am actually about to finish with my PhD in biochemistry as well. I have known the health risks, but I still believe it to be safer than drinking alcohol. Recently I have lost any contacts that can supply me with weed for the first time in my life. The mental distress that I am going through now took me completely by surprise, as I had no idea how hard it would be to stop smoking. I have decided to quit anyway because nothing should have this much control over me...I just hope it lasts. Now what to do with my time....

    • profile image

      joe 5 years ago

      hahaha u are all really dramatic i have to quit to get a better job but as soon i get it BANG puff puff no pass im smokeing it all

    • profile image

      michael 5 years ago

      all this talking about weed is makeing me wont a joint

    • profile image

      Jhon 5 years ago

      Nice article, I appreciate the awareness of quiting marijuana. I also want to add another useful method of quiting marijuana or weed smoking is :

    • profile image

      Lesley 5 years ago

      I have been smoking weed since I was 16, I'm 26 now, so ten years straight. I can remember the day, the location and who I was with the very first time I smoked. For so long i was against it, my friends did it, I would watch, but never smoke. Finally one day I said whats the harm in trying? The harm is you won't stop. November 2010, I got really high and I got this wicked feeling.. my heart was pounding really hard, my breathing was really slow, my head felt like it was going to blow.. I called these a stoned headache, I didn't like it.. so i stopped.. I managed to stop for 11 months. COLD TURKEY. I tell you it was wicked. I now realize it was withdrawls, but I thought I had a flu, seriously the flu, not a virus that everyone commonly calls the flu, but the flu, old fashioned bed ridden flu. I literally laid in bed for two weeks, with extreme cold sweats, i would lay in bed shiverring, soaking wet from sweating, with three or four blankets on me with the heat on. I couldn't eat anything, my back ached as if I were recovering from a broken back, my moods weren't overlly too bad as I slept for two weeks. I quit drinking Pepsi at the same time, as I didn't crave it, I didnt crave anything, I was starving.. I lost 22 pounds in three weeks, so very quickly I began to see the benefit of quitting, no more munchies...etc... it was nearly impossible to get my eating habits at least to par with a normal person.. I would use a little saucer, have a tablespoon of rice, half a peice of grilled chicken, and maybe two teaspoons of orn or a veggie... I just wasn't hungry... eventually the eating came back and so did the weight.. I managed to quit.. I went to my friends wedding, i hadnt seen her in ten years, i left my kids at home with their dad, and had my first vacation in ten years. I drank for five days straight and on the second night a joint was being passed around and of course, with the influence of alcohol and a old habit that nobody knew i had kicked, i took it and smoked it... since this bride was there on my first ever try.. so whatever i thought.. it felt so good, the high the drunk.. it was an awesome party.. so i convinced myself i could do it in moderation, only at parties.. well..... no i couldn't do it in moderation.. i straight up smoke weed every day now, three to four joints a day.. always after work.. as i know i cannot concentrate worth shit at work.... but every morning i feel like i am hungover from smoking weed...

      the effects it has on children.. i beleive it.. and fully regret it.. when i was preagnant, i had quit smoking.. but i had only found out i was preagnant after four months... but i didn't drink, i never really liked to... i was generally a smoker.. that was it.. so i quit when i found out i was preagant but i was always around it... my daughter now struggles in school with cognitive learning and is very easily distracted... IF YOUR ON THIS PAGE YOU KNOW THAT QUITTING IS A VERY SERIOUS ISSUE AND YOU ARE TAKING IT INTO CONSIDERATION, i am currently a smoker.. but with this page, and my concern for the well being of my children, and me not wanting them to smoke weed, I am quitting as of today. My poor husband... he's going to have to put up with me for a couple of weeks.. I usually feel drained of energy and moody without weed... therefor usually am bitchy.. but where i live we pay $20.00/gram. 100.00/7grams (1/4 ounce) one would have to be rich to beleive that we (both of us) can afford to smoke weed. QUIT, IF NOT FOR YOU, FOR THE ONES YOU LOVE!

    • profile image

      ashley 5 years ago

      hey i have been smoking weed since 15 i am now 22 and its really doing my head in this is day1 of qutting and i feel like killing sumbody ano pepole say u cannot get addctied and its a mental thing well eitha waY I feel like going nuts sat best thing about is av got sum weed at side off me and am trying my best not to skin up soo far soo good but dont no how long it will last helppp please some 1

    • profile image

      nunya123 5 years ago

      I have been smoking weed daily for 4 years. I wake up in the morning and get high. I get high before I cook, before I do my homework, before I clean, and even before I lay down to go to sleep. I have lost everyone that ever cared about me because they didn't accept my addiction. I never see my family, because I am too ashamed to be around them high, and I can't go without being high. I am attempting to quit now, before I lose everything that i have ever worked for. I want to reconnect with the world, that I don't even know anymore. I want to be able to have a conversation with someone that doesn't involve marijuana. Weed has made me timid, it has taken my life away, and I see that now. But I have no one to encourage me on the hardest thing I have ever done! My husband doesn't want to quit, so I am watching him smoke as I am typing this very comment. So far it has been 15 hours since I last hit a L. It's all I can think about, it's all that I want. I haven't eaten any food since the last time I smoked, and I feel my body is getting weak. The thought of even eating makes me feel sick. I am hoping that my firm decision to quit will get me through this!

    • profile image

      hedonist 5 years ago

      I've been quite badly addicted to weed. It started as occassional weekend smoking, then after a few years it became a 24/7 habit, smoking the strongest dankest shit about every half hour from waking up till going to bed for years. My memory, attention, concentration abilities suffered a lot, also my relationships, work abilities, productivity, energy levels and motivation. Often I would just get high as a kite, and spend hours jerking off to porn. Not very productive thing to do... First time I realized I have a problem it took me about a half year before I succeeded to stop smoking. The withdrawals were quite nasty for me... absolute insomnia for weeks (sleeping only 2-4 hours a night), nightmares, night sweats, anxiety, paranoid ideations, extreme mood swings, depression, irritability (shouting with people), and no appetite. Very tiring and nasty. In the first few months, I relapsed very often. It helped a lot to keep a journal (writing down feelings and keep track of progress), and compile a long list of reasons why I want to stop smoking. I kept this list near my stash so whenever I wanted to smoke, I always had to read it first, making me remember why I want to stop. It's easy to forget these when you wanna get high. The withdrawal symptoms got gradually worse, peaking around 10-14 days. It took maybe around 4-6 weeks to completely withdraw from cannabis... Unfortunately, after some time I started smoking again, and I went back to my old lifestyle completely... Now trying to stop smoking again.

      Remember, the withdrawal can be especially nasty (I often felt during it that I'm going crazy), but it will pass after a few weeks!! It also helps a lot if you have someone around to give emotional support during the withdrawal. Good luck people!

    • profile image

      mrstartitup69 5 years ago

      I been smoking weed for 10 yr now. I stop before but I always find myself smoking tha shit again. Now I unemployed I still have my habit but no cash, I find myself doing crazy shit like pawning shit selling shit just to get high. I stop talking to family and friends. I notice I need help when I was had to go a shelter everyone does they own thang who am I to judge but beening in that place I knew a enough was a enough. Jesus I need u right now to take over me and cast this demon out of me. Amen

    • profile image

      MM_McGee 5 years ago

      Wow. You mean there's a drug out that that makes me feel relaxed, MORE alert, and more sensitive to physical experience? Quick! Ban it! Arrest the dealers. People are feeling good without consequences. Better make some consequences!

      Seriously, nobody smokes a pack of weed a day, that I know of, anyway, so the amount of tar compared to cigarettes is irrelevant. This article is dumb. I feel bad for those who want to quit and choose not to, but that's not a physical addiction. That's a compulsion.

    • profile image

      lucylu 5 years ago

      To Anna who posted 15 monyhs ago .... i appareciate your view of pot smokers however it is ignorant attitudes such as your's that are not heplful towards people who have found themselves on the wrong track and would like to ask for help to get on the right track...good job theres people there to give them useful constructive(judgement free) advice to aid them in their journey ....theres no manual on life ..we all make mistakes..even you i'm sure...why don't you post something productive rather than this ignorant uneducated dribble..or maybe you could share this manual you have to aid people to live a perfect life such as yours?

    • profile image

      BigWolf 5 years ago

      The truth is..anything can be abused, I drink alcohol and i like the feeling of being drunk, but it doesn't mean im going to drink all day everyday and turn into a raging alchoholic..I only drink on those crazy weekends you go out with your friends, I mean damnn i love eating fast food but im not going to eat fast food for breakfast, lunch and dinner every day, its the same thing with marijuana , just try and control your self and use it in moderation. Sure, if you find yourself not being able to go one day without it then you have a problem and need to quit or reduce your use, but its not the marijuana's fault YOUR abusing it,you can literally abuse anything in the world, for example someone can abuse a pencil by stabbing it in somebody else s eye and blinding them, does that mean pencils are evil and should be illegal? no its your dumb ass who used it wrong. ;)

    • profile image

      potheadw/MULTIPLEcollegedegrees 5 years ago

      This article is a load of crap! Most of the facts listed are propaganda that has been twisted by anti-Marijuana organizations. This article was also clearly written prior to the vaporizor age, considering most everyone I know and love who smokes marijuana uses a vape.

      If a smoking has become a habit and controls your life- it is an addiction. But just like someone can be addicted to sex, the addiction to pot is mostly a psychological one. Which does have side effects when quitting.

      Do something FUN! Plan out positive things to do with the money you would have spent on Pot. My favorites since quitting are getting tattoos and going to yoga classes. Also volunteering my time to help animals and elderly.

      Marijuana is not the devil. Alcohol and cigarettes cause many more health issues than pot does. But because pot is illegal, there is a lifestyle stigma and the people who generally sell marijuana are also less reputable.

      Find your reason for feeling like you need to be high...accept it and explore it. You might find that you have more control over the problems than you think.

      Peace, Love, and Blessings

    • Crystal Concepts profile image

      Crystal Concepts 5 years ago

      Thank you for your comments. When I wrote this article, I just thought about answering a question that someone asked me. I didn't realize that I was actually creating a community.

      To the people who have shared their stories and have encouraged other people to quit, thank you. I hope that you realize that being able to accept that you need to remove something in your life and encourage other people who are on the same journey as you has made you stronger. It's quite empowering to be able to say those motivating words to others.

      To those of you who posted negative comments, everyone is entitled to their own opinion. And, I'd like to thank you for bashing the things I've written as well as the other people who have written about their desire to quit and their milestones. You have helped in strengthening their conviction to quit.

      Our willpower is like a muscle. Anything that resists what we want to accomplish makes us stronger as long as we don't surrender to it. And, every single person who pushes you forward is like a spotter that stops the weight from crushing you. So, thank you everyone. Keep the posts coming -- I really hope that this community will continue to be here and offer support to those who have decided to quit.

    • profile image

      lil m 5 years ago

      Sara great post sister!!!

    • profile image

      Stylez 5 years ago

      Lmao. I can tell you are from the states.. wow, you need to brush up on your marijuana facts!!

    • profile image

      Danicka22 5 years ago

      The article above would have been a whole lot better without the condesending remarks from a person who obiviously thinks that they are smarter and better than everyone else... yuck. Good information though..

      I am in school for Herbal Medicine and am a spiritual healer and teacher, so I know the benefits of Marijuana. I started using MJ because I was in an accident and I chose it over demerol. But all that information that I have didn't stop me from getting hooked.

      It's been almost 2 years since my accident, I don't smoke it now b/c of any other reason then to get high...

      So thank you to everyone on here who has shared their stories, whether it be about quitting or never wanting to quit b/c you say you have control.... I have experienced it all :)

      Take care everyone, and God bless you all!!


    • Mmargie1966 profile image

      Mmargie1966 5 years ago from Gainesville, GA

      I commend you on encouraging smokers to quit. However, there are many more reasons to ingest Marijuana than just to get high. I'm sorry to tell you that your information is incorrect.

      Feel free to read the REAL reason marijuana is illegal:

    • profile image

      Siaknder 5 years ago






    • profile image

      Siaknder 5 years ago

      QUIT POT



    • profile image

      Anon 5 years ago

      Start with your family physician. Get advice and a referral to someone that is experienced in handling addiction issues like yours. Be HONEST. Don't be afraid to tell them of your struggle. Allow them a chance to help you. Give it all of the will power that you can muster. Commit to this goal. Your life's quality is at stake!

    • profile image

      Danicka22 5 years ago

      I was here 6 months ago, pledging my allegiance to a weedless life, but I am back because I have failed....miserably.

      I have tried quitting several times, but I am ready to admit that I may not be able to do this on my own. Where do I go to find an online sponser?

      Thanks, Danicka

    • profile image

      Angry 5 years ago

      I quit two months ago. I am so bored.

      I go the gym, I work full time, I write fiction in my spare time, I read, I spend quality time with my wife . . . but I did all these things when I smoked weed.

      I've lost something and, so far, I've got nothing back in exchange.

      Well . . . I've got one thing I suppose; anger. I used to be quite laid back. Even if someone said something really stupid I'd think 'Well . . . they are entitled to their opinion; what does it matter if it's different from what I think?'

      Now . . . now I just want to watch the world burn . . .

    • profile image

      rik m 5 years ago

      wow cant believe ive jus read all this and the first thing i did at the end was roll 1 up.been smoking everyday for 22 years am now 37 years old things are getting harder 2 do now at my age would love 2 stop jus 2 see if not smoking would change anything but i fear im doomed and will smoke forever.

    • profile image

      SallyR 5 years ago

      The comments on this post are amazing. Everyone is different, where weed can work for some, it can't work for everyone.

      I have been cold turkey for 2 days now. The 1st day was the worst day of my life. Sweating but freezing, hungry but sick. I've tried a few drugs in my time an it felt I was coming off speed! Today has been a little easier. Gotta go back to work tomorrow though and I'm worried about how it's going to go.

      Before I stopped I smoked £85 a quarter lemon haze EVERY DAY! (I'm from Scotland) My job involves caring for old people in their own homes, which I start at 7am. This meant I had my first smoke at 6.30am, then again at 9am, then again at half 10am on my first break and another at 11am on my way back to work. Then again at 12:30 ish. I start my big break at that time so sometimes I would mike another 3 besides doing two different dog walks. I go back to work for 4ish with a jay and as soon as I was finished at 6 I'd have a "strong" one. Then my partner comes home (all the previous was smoked on my own!) and I would roll one to share before dinner. Then between dinner and bed I would smoke between 4 and 8 joints to myself! Go to bed at 10pm ish just to start again at half 6!

      I hav done this for nearly 10 years, started when I was 15, and I will be 25 in 4 months.

      When I was at school I would get up early, roll a few joints (only smoked solid then) nd smoke one on the way to school on the bus. So this has been a BIG problem for most of my life!

      I blame it on the fact I was bullied when I went to high school at 12 years old, and also on myself for not having the balls to deal with things!

      I'm stopping because my dealer takes at least £360 every month from me from a £1200 wage, which, after paying my bills, I have nothing left!

      I love cars and drive a little fiesta ST which I contemplated getting rid of as fuel money at work was too much. So there I was getting ready to get rid of my most favourite thing left in my life for weed! Wake up call!!!

      I have gave up alot for the little bitch ad now it's time I dropped her! Only I'm hoping quitting is going to get easier sooner! This is awfull! Although the only person to blame for this is myself!

      Ive realised driving takes my mind completely away from weed. I am at peace when I drive. So solution? Spend lots of time driving! The money I save on weed will go towards a weekly go-karting session, fuel for my fiesta for the cruises, and my track car for knockhill!

      You just need to find something to replace the void. If I can do it we all can!

      And all you people that are saying this website is a lie.......... The health stuff might be wrong but you cannot deny the psychological damage. And at the end of the day a drug is a drug, they're all as bad as each other! Even alcohol and fags! Every day use changes you! And not for the best!

    • profile image

      skoobiedoobie 5 years ago

      really interesting to read this pot smokers should quit for a while and see how they feel .

    • profile image

      Jane 5 years ago

      It has been 6 months since the last time I smoked marijuana. Sometimes I miss it but it was definitely worth the sacrifice. Being a college student you are put in to situations where the majority of your classmates are in to smoking pot. It becomes the IT thing. Smoke get drunk party, that became my life. Then it was just how to find marijuana. I lost an important relationship that could have had a lot of potential, and I got over it(everything happens for a reason). Then my mother found out about my habit, and it was breaking my heart. So I just smoked in the comfort of my apartment or car at late hours. It was getting old, and my short term memory was lost. I was high all the time in this daze that was negatively whimsical. It was 2 years since my last relationship and I started dating someone that I was really falling in love with. We smoked on occasion but he explained his problem of drug abuse in his family and how it molded his views on obsessive behavior. He explained how he didn;t mind that I smoked marijuana, but he was really uncomfortable with the fact that I was always in search of it. Meeting shady people to buy the drugs, and it all clicked. He was right, not only this is a risky behavior concerning your health, but if you are not obtaining the stuff legally you are really taking a risk when you go out to purchase your stuff. From that point I realized if I wanted to keep this person in my life, I would have to break my habit of smoking daily. From that light bulb moment honestly it has not been hard to kick the habit. It just happened unconsciously. I no longer need to smoke before going to the movies(to make it epic), having sex(to make it epic) before dinner(to make it epic)!! Right now, I'm just high on life!!

    • profile image

      LF 5 years ago

      I feel as though i have wasted the last 2 years of my life in every possible sense. There is nothing I have to account for the last two years of my existence. I have dropped most of my college courses, have abandoned lifelong friends, have avoided family events, have slept through countless appointments, meetings, tests, etc. I cant really remember any specific thing or event either. Everything is really hazy when I look back and I feel as though I lost a part of me.

      I started smoking at 15 but only occasionally and socially. Around my senior year of high school (at 17) I started smoking more frequently being that I had more time on my hands since I was finishing up school. I would smoke maybe 2-3 times a week or whenever the opportunity presented itself. The summer after graduation was the pivotal moment when I became a daily user as I quickly became accustomed to being high all day long. I used to feel "high" when I smoked, now I was just smoking to feel normal. Being sober felt weird, like something was off. Everything seemed to move so fast when I was sober, I couldn't concentrate or sit still at all and lost the ability to have fun. I hated not being able to smoke on certain days and would become angry and irritable at anyone for any little thing. I hated this feeling and knew that it was because I hadn't smoked. I would fiend for a bowl of anything just to feel high.

      Yes, marijuana is definitely a gateway drug and there is no doubt about that. I would have never tried adderall, ritalin, concerta, promethazine, xanax, cocaine, ecstasy, mdma powder, ghb, mescaline, ketamine, nos, codeine, vicodin, DMT, valium, LSD, psilocybin, percocets, salvia, tobacco, morphine, or amytal if i had never tried marijuana. I can say this with complete confidence because I always mistook my tolerance to daily marijuana usage as a sign that I could experiment with any drug I chose. I am grateful that I never became delusional enough to try heroin, meth, or opium because they had been offered to me and were readily available if I ever chose to do so. Im also gald that I didnt take a particular liking or addiction to a majority of the aforementioned drugs, the exceptions being cocaine, ritalin, and valium at different points I had a minor dependency/ desire to be under their effects.

      My blessing in disguise was running into an old friend who, after trying to converse with me for about 30 seconds asked WTF was wrong with me and what I was on. This is when reality slapped me across the face and sent me spiraling down back to earth. I had nothing to say so I walked away pretending to be mad while trying to hold back the tears. I was so ashamed of what I had become and the fact that a friend who I once considered a little dim witted called me out only added to that shame.

      I have tried and failed at quitting countless times. I have conned myself into "cutting down" and "occasional" usage only to pick up the slack later on. This time I have made a commitment to myself. I know I am stronger than any drug and that I can overcome any hurdle in my path, it's just up to me. Saying no is easy, not smoking is easy, but dealing with the repercussions from heavy usage is hell. But, I know that the ultimate feeling is that of being naturally happy and mentally keen which is why I must quit weed before it causes me to quit on myself.

    • profile image

      sonofrebel999en 5 years ago

      I've been smoking weed for the past year or so every night to get a good high. When I was alone for the entire day I would take a day out of work to be high all day. Granted I loved the feeling but I hate how I felt after (Groggy, couldn't go work out, play sports) I was just useless after I got high. It was just addicting the fact that it was so good and so easy to come by. It does cost a pretty penny but to me it was worth it. I would just take a few hits out of my bowl a night and then do some home work play some video games eat some food, and then head to bed. After I quit for a week I was waking up earlier getting to work earlier and I felt more alive at everything I was doing. I didn't have that "Groggy" feeling all day, and now I'm feeling much better. Granted I miss weed a lot, but I'll probably only smoke 1. When i'm very stressed out

      2. Once a month when I'm with a bunch of friends

      Besides that I'm going to try to quit.

    • profile image

      Concerned 6 years ago

      I have ended up on this blog somehow and so feel maybe it's where I should ask questions... My 13 year old niece has told me and a couple of other family members her mother (my sister-in-law) is a heavy pot user. The mother has kept this from her family, probably from fear of judgement which I hate to say may have some merit... She has a 1 year old which she is breastfeeding and I know thus is a bad situation... Even though a lot of you are defending pot, in this circumstance because getting and using the drug is more important than her children's needs regardless of whether she has physical health issues the psychological issues are undeniable and the impact on her relationships and especially on her children are a good enough reason for intervention... The baby is showing signs of dependence and I can't believe none of us realized the situation until the teen reached out for help... My problem is I want to help gnus woman but her immediate family want to stay out of it and let her ruin her life. If she didn't have children then I'd agree. She is at times very hostile and aggressive and has severe anxiety.. Which incidentally only began after the drug use. She is unstable and I am anxious about approaching her... I want to ask you all who have been caught up in using how I can best help her and what I can say or do so she doesn't think I'm criticizing... And get enraged and defensive.. My neice believes her partner could seriously hurt her due to domestic violence and I know she loves her kids so surely deep down she realizes she needs to change her circumstances. How can I best help her children and her?

    • profile image

      Anon 6 years ago

      @Anonymous from 2 weeks ago

      Best thing I have read on the Internet.

    • profile image

      Anon 6 years ago

      Anon from 2 weeks ago and evan great posts thank you for your honesty.

    • profile image

      rana 6 years ago

      bosss the main thing ios u wont b able to be urself if u be a weed addict...........

    • profile image

      rana 6 years ago

      bosss the main thing ios u wont b able to be urself if u be a weed addict...........

    • profile image

      time to dump mary jane 6 years ago

      Hi all, I am 19 years old and have been seeing mary jane 2 or 3 times a week since I turned 14 but this has turned into everyday during the past 6 months which seem to be a blur to me. Everyday just feels the same really. Wake up late morning/early afternoon, not do any thing important until the evening then I will go out and see mary jane at a mates house. Get home early in the morning. I last saw her last night and it is getting into an endless cycle.

      Seeing mary jane was very exciting at first and highly sociable as a lot of people in my town see her. I do like the benefits of her physically and socially but I have started to think to myself that I am missing out on life. I feel empty in a sense.

      Since leaving school the past couple of years have gone so quick and it feels like I should have tried harder with everything I did in life since.

      What made me realise this was when I went for a jog with a friend the other week. I was shocked with how out of breath I had become because I used to excercise regularly before I started seeing mary jane.

      It wasn't just my level of fitness that got me thinking about what mary jane had done to me.

      Mary jane has caused me to become unmotivated. I have a lot of college work to complete from the past year and a half. I will probably fail now.

      I was so lazy and boring I would see mary jane instead of my girlfriend, and when I did see my girlfriend I was still lazy and boring. I didnt treat her right or take her to nice places because of this and the fact that I spent all of my money on mary jane instead. Now she is my ex.

      My mind ALWAYS feels cloudy even when I havn't seen mary jane for a day or two and it is very hard to concentrate.

      My short term memory is very bad and I find it hard to remember the simplest of things like peoples names when I am introduced.

      I dont have much dollar and when I do it all goes on mary jane, leaving me with no money when it comes to the things that really matter. Im expecting some debt collectors sometime soon.

      Mary Jane used to be great because she made doing nothing exciting. But because she was exciting it made me want to do nothing. Now I have achieved nothing with myself seeing her.

      I think that mary jane is the best woman out there, she can make the world so beautiful and life seem so good when im with her. Too much of a good thing can be bad, and we all know it, too much chocolate can make us fat for example.

      She is so amazing that she makes the rest of life seem grey and boring when im not with her. This is what scares me. I dont want to have to see mary jane for life to be good.

      I am looking forward to being single and feeling better about myself, by improving my self esteem, my fitness, my education and the size of my wallet. I know that life will become more colourful in time when she is gone whether it takes 2 weeks or 2 years.

      I dumped mary jane as of last night. It will be hard as my friends still see her so im bound to bump into her again.

      I've written this to help me quit by getting my reasons for dumping her off of my mind. If I have helped anybody to do the same by posting this then thats a bonus. Do it for yourself not for your family or friends otherwise you'll never get rid of her. And remember she is a plant and not a woman, so dont feel bad about it! Peace out.

    • profile image

      Anon 6 years ago

      After 39 years of smoking marijuana, I quit 2 years ago today. WOW! I wasn't sure that I had what it took to quit such a habit. I have to admit that I'm very proud of myself!

    • profile image

      lee 6 years ago

      hello people, i started smoking when i was 15 and am now 32 and have not had a day with out weed for around 10 years.

      when i started smoking i used hash and smoked only now and then as being able to afford it a 15 was hard for me and i refused to steal or the like to buy it, when i think back it amazes me that a 8th would last months, now i can easily get through a oz of weed a week.

      i have take hardened drugs and for me this was a direct result of the group of friends i had all smoked weed and as they progressed on to harder things so did i, and vica versa. from coke to mdma to methadone, and some things to this day i dont know what they were. if it was their i took it and i have to be honest i loved it... but the good times cant last forever.

      for me the good times with harder drugs ended when a friend over dosed on heroin (one of the only things i didn't try) and died at 23 and that bought home the reality of what i was doing. if that can happen to him then i could be next and so i gave up the hard stuff. i would get a craving and light up a joint to get over it or pass out, whatever came first. now been clean of hard drugs for around 9 years.

      after i quit hard drugs i found that i could not go with out weed. i tried to stop but found i did not really want to and so went right on toking. i found my concentration at work getting worse, my social life has suffered as all i want to do is get stoned, my health is the worst it has been ever - doubt i could run 50 meters these days. my sex drive is non-existent, i get paranoid at the strangest things and i am just so damn dopey all the time. then theirs the financial cost which works out at roughly 5 grand a year, when i think of the cash and what i could have spent it on... that's 40,000 quid as least, damn.

      i have thought over the last year that i should give it up but have had no reason to stop, i was stuck in a rut.

      the thing that has really bought home to me that i need to stop getting stoned is a girl, the blond blue eyed babe who i work with. she had been hitting on me for a while and i didn't even realize just though... well i don't know that the hell i thought. until one night she said to me in plain and simple terms 'do you want to fu*k me?', well im a guy so of course i do. that started me thinking about where my life is going and what i have missed out on - if i didn't realize she was flirting with me then what else have i become oblivious to? don't get me wrong i love the stoned feeling but it has taken over my life.

      after a few long long talks with this lady giving me my wake up call and a lot of soul searching i have resolved to give it up.

      so thats my story so far.

      im hoping that some of you reading this find a reason to stop if thats what you want and if you want to keep smoking it up then cool to. my email is so if any of you want to mail me then maybe w can help each other quit.

      peace and love to you all


    • profile image

      Smoke WEED!!!!! 6 years ago


    • profile image

      No More 6 years ago

      The truth is that I needed to smoke almost constantly. I strove to connect with every dealer in town. I ignored common sense and avoided those that didn't share my world view. My universe was smoking pot. I couldn't function any more constantly blasted out of my mind. I was paranoid and I developed anxiety that I attempted to quell with more smoking. How's that for connecting with the universe?

    • profile image

      Brian 6 years ago

      All natural substances know to man have a purpose in our lives. We are the very fabric of the Universe. Weed is glorious if you know how to use it, along with other natural substances. Good rule of thumb, everything in life is about balance. If you eat too much, drink too much, think too much etc.. It's not good for anyone. Think of Choosing to quit, is telling yourself that you are in control. I've quit weed many time in my life, It's empowering, but somehow weed seems to find me.

      Focus on educating yourselves about the TRUTH, always have questions and don't believe everything you read, and for that matter, what you think.

      Strive to connect with this Universe on every and any level you can.

      I can guarantee you will see results on the way you feel and perceive this world we live in.

    • profile image

      Evan 6 years ago

      Don't try to scare people by saying pot is more hazardous than tobacco. You are liars, and you know it. Reference one test that backs up your claims. You can't and wont. You are right about a few things. Motivation, STML, but where is the study that proves it causes fetal injury? You know it doesn't exist. Don't mislead people to form them into what you think is right. That makes you wrong. The accessibility of it is what makes it the most used drug, and 90% of people who use it don't go on to harder drugs. It's not a gateway drug. If meth was as attainable, it would be the gateway drug, but meth doesn't grow from the Earth. Alcohol is legal, and pot is not. When you go out to have a good time, and some yahoo is falling all over and talking smack and wanting to fight, is he drunk or stoned? That's right, he's drunk. The stoned guy in the corner playing tetris on his phone wasn't the one who spilled three drinks, puked on the floor and punched your girlfriend's teeth out. There is also a huge medical cost gap between the two. If you use this site to inform people, you do them all a disservice by lying and intentionally misinforming them with disproved propaganda. Show references to gain validation. I'm trying to quit and came across your shrine of lies, very sad. Most people who come here will already know you're full of s#!t. Why mislead? Why lie?

    • profile image

      tom 6 years ago

      sigh, such ignorance.

    • profile image

      mg 6 years ago

      Hi everyone, ill try to keep this short but i just wanted to add my own opinion. Talking from personal experience and research for a paper i wrote in school, your health effects listed are 1000% incorrect. THERE ARE NO HEALTH EFFECT OR DEATHS ASSOCIATED WITH MARIJUANA USE...EVER. Also, the idea that marijuana use leads to trying other drugs is ridiculous. Its like saying drinking milk leads to drinking alcohol. In fact, 1 in 104 marijuana users go onto try cocaine and less that one go on to try heroin. It is also impossible to get addicted to marijuana. Despite the possible craving (similar to the craving to eat a cheeseburger, for example) there are no addicitve substances in marijuana. Once again, i am talking from the experience of trying it and quitting and from extensive research

    • profile image

      Twi$tedRedneck 6 years ago

      Another thing, for all the young people, don't give in to peer presure as the people pushing will most likely screw you over in the future and make you hate them anyway (so why make them smile?)If you decide to try weed, wait untill your older and can make your own decisions on if you like it or not (this will also help you control the youth drug ladder. i started off in grade 8 smokeing weed by peer presure (not one of the people who were my friends at the time still area) then i started drinking alot in grade 9 and doing ketamine on lunch break allmost daily. i got kicked out of that school with 6.5 credits completed. grade 10 i went to another school, i got kicked out 3rd day of grade 11 for beating up a kid who sold extacy to my g/f (because i wanted his drugs mostly) by this time i was addicted to coke, ketamine, drinking, extacy...etc. i went to another school and got kicked out and charged with assault causing bodily harm times 2 after 2 people tried to rob me. ( i was a coke dealer at the time) i did 6 months house arrest. By the time i was 18 i was addicted to coke, smokeing crack for free daily, doing pain killers, smokeing weed, doing extacy, ketamine, drinking...etc. i ended up getting picked up for dealing weed and some breaches of probation and did 8 months in ontario's super prison. I was in with killers and all the bad people you could think of. after i got out of jail i found out my g/f had slept with my best friend (who was also the guy who first passed me the joint) so i relapsed and went back to crack. I met a good girl, moved across the country and ditched all my apparent friends. 6 years l8er now and i have my own $164k house, 2 cars paid for and 1 very sexy sports car i am still paying for. I have my own masonry buisness which is doing very well. I do not have troubles with the law now that i do not do drugs, i even quit drinking (besides maybe a brew while i work on my rides) I do still smoke pot daily, that is the only way i keep my mind togeather, but you know what...if i never smoked pot in the first place, i would prob. not need it today nor never lived that life as a teen. Hope this helps, i am not against weed, but i understand that some of us can't control it when we are younger.

    • profile image

      Twi$tedRedneck 6 years ago

      pot is not an addiction, people who have are hard time quiting it are weak, just act like you never had tried it. Most people who smoke pot have addictive personalities, so make sure your not going to just turn to something else in replacement of pot. I smoke pot everyday, i know if i stopped i'd just start drinking or something else. It is not a bad thing to tolk everyday aslong as it does not effect your life, i'm a mason by trade so without weed i'd not beable to cope with the strain and pain of the job without pain killers or being a grump lol. if your going to quit smokeing weed i'd suggest talking to your doctor about aquiring apo-lorazipam for those stressfull moments. good luck to anyone who is trying to give up the green.

    • profile image

      Uk pot smoker 6 years ago

      When I found this forum I thought that it might give me the motivation to stop. I have been smoking pot for about a year only 1/2 joints a day or a few more on weekends. After reading this page it should make me want to quit but truthfully I just feel like smoking a doob!

    • profile image

      justin 6 years ago

      im 15 years old.. ive been smoking weed for probably a year 1/2 now and ive gotten to the point were nothing is fun unless im high nt only that but the money ive been spending is ridiculous considering i dont work.i must say its made some great times and when im high i have a whole diffrent outlook on life. other than that ive been in and out of trouble with my parents, robbed at gunpoint,and a slight drop in grades. id love to quit but when im not at school or high all i think about is smoking. so anyone reading this who hasnt smoke pot.. PLEASE never try it so you will never know how good it makes you feel.even though our society now is filled with music relating to pot(thats what got me) and other smokers,dont let it push you in. learn from my mistakes. thank you :)

    • profile image

      Manny 6 years ago

      I'm going to quit no matter bad habit it's costing me 400 a week, not to mention all the bad things this habit is doing 2 my health. I think that's more than inuff 2 motivate.

    • profile image

      Who are you again???? 6 years ago

      That's the most mean spirited post in some time...Congratulations!

    • profile image

      Anonymous 6 years ago

      I must say, I have seldom read a more misinformed article than this utter mockery of intelligent discussion. The author has clearly never done any research of the subject for themselves, and is merely quoting the various misconceptions about cannabis that have been perpetuated by the media. But alas, the author is only one of the vast majority of frightened and obedient idiots that too often call out hearsay from the safety of their comfort zones. There is no greater sin than the spread of misinformation, let alone doing it merely to impose your pathetic opinions onto a populous that wants nothing to do with you, just to feel your life has some shred of meaning. Well, I hate to break it to you, but your life has utterly no meaning on this planet, and the future of the human race would benefit from your suicide.

    • profile image

      Anon 6 years ago

      You come to a "How To Quit" site to declare your dedication to smoking weed. That's like bringing a case of beer to an AA meeting!

    • profile image

      LEGALIZE POT 6 years ago


    • profile image

      Not one of the idiots who believe this bull 6 years ago

      For one Everyone experiences weed differently except for the munchies part that seems to be universal, but yeah weed is not at all as bad for you as cigarettes and if they who the fuck cares they still sell cigarettes even to this day after all of these studies have been done but guess what? People are going to do what they damn well please and if im not mistaken which im not the The Constitution Of The United States of america which all military personnel take an oth to defend say that your body is yours to do as you wish with so if people want to smoke let them smoke WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU TO TELL THEM THAT THEY CAN'T!!!!!?

    • profile image

      Anon 6 years ago

      You people seem to think that the posters on here have no experience with smoking weed. I smoked it for 39 years. I have a wealth of experience. I smoked it because I simply liked it initially. As the years flipped by, my life started to change and evolve. I hid my habit as the years wore on and my original friends either gave it up or moved on in life. The accumulative effect of smoking pot as it becomes your crutch is unquestionable. Your tolerance increases and you begin to smoke huge amounts of weed. You smoke at inappropriate times and go great lengths to conceal it from your employers,kids, friends and slowly you start to insulate yourself from those that interfere with your habit You slowly become paranoid and panic attacks begin to occur. This drives you inward and you lose interest in meeting new people or maintaining existing friendships. The posts on this site are mostly helpful. The opening text and photographs are not endorsed by me. I don't care for their approach. I don't think photos of people enjoying huge blunts help anyone. If you come to this site, its because you're at least curious about quitting. Don't be deterred by the text above or those that smoke pot because its better than (fill in the blank here). Please understand the power of having a habit with marijuana will eventually have very negative effects on your life. I quit 23 months ago and the habit is gone from my life. I return to this site to try to help others that want help. Don't fool yourself with comments like Its better than alcohol or it makes me chill out and I don't bother anybody. Or it comes from "nature" man. Quit because its the smart and healthy thing to do for you, your family and friends.

    • profile image

      Jaime 6 years ago

      woah, what a bunch of retards

    • profile image

      lea 6 years ago

      OMG!! marijuana is scary. i PROMISE myself i will NEVER take these drugs unless for MEDICAL reasons, that is PRESCRIBED by my doctor. and im using this info for a health project. it helps. :D

      p.s. whoa!! there are so many comments it'll take me literally a day 2 read all of these comments.

    • profile image

      jeff 6 years ago

      i feel like the pictures of weed aren't very helpful. i just rolled a blunt because of you

    • profile image

      Me 6 years ago

      you people are retarded. period. if its so bad for you then why are doctors handing it out. those with cancer, anxiety, sleep deprivation.....and it doesnt kill you. i swear people will just believe anything any idiot posts online. how many people have you EVER overdosing on weed? how many ppl have you heard of being in a car wreck and killing someone in a vehicle over weed? (how many stories have you heard about ppl drinking and driving) how many times does someone get high and beat their wife? (how many stories have you heard of ppl getting drunk and beating their wife) there is no cancer in weed. and its as bad for you as cigarettes?!?!?!?! ahhh hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahahahahah omg thats funny! where did you get your information from? your great great great grand pappy who im sure was against weed too. Give me a break. Cigarettes cause cancer, alcohol causes alcoholics and weed causes munchies. How many people in the US are hospitalized over alcohol poisoning each year? how many ppl are hospitalized over "Marijuana" poisoning. i think you need to do some research before you spread ignorance hubpage. Otherwise keep your conservitive thoughts to yourself. And heart attacks? lol. thats called getting high and wigging out.

    • profile image

      blwme 6 years ago

      I love the advertisments for pot and pot accessories next to your article. Oh and also the great video of the Marijuana-logues promoting marijuana next to your article about quitting marijuana.

    • Stardard Info profile image

      Stardard Info 6 years ago


      There are mainly two categories of education broadly speaking in our World and which are : Material Science and the other one is Spiritual Science. I think, the present World is getting too much delve into Material Science and for that reason people now a days tries to solve their situation with external substances. On the other hand when you bring a balance and try to understand and spend some quality time and develop your other side, viz. other side of your understanding and knowledge you can vastly increase your efficiency. Quitting and getting rid of any habits is actually a matter of understanding and knowing you better. Knowing yourself from the inside. And you use the resources what you already have in you. You get high with the natural substance that you already have in you. Your body is the World's best pharmaceutical company, so try to understand it and try to make use of it. And in order to understand these kind of things you need to spend some time in doing the study of Spiritual Science.



    • profile image

      Crispy Critter 6 years ago

      I've been smoking for 36+ years. I smoke more than Tommy Chong and Snoop Dog combined. The only time I'm not high is 4 days a week, during working hours. I say 4 days because I'm actually still stoned 3/4 of the day on Mondays from the weekend. I believe there are MANY things worse than weed.

      I believe that I've inherited some compulsive gene based on the fact that most of my ancestors were alcoholics. Given a choice... I'd take weed any day.

      I must admit it's ruled my life though. I stay in a dead end job because I can't pass a drug test. Yes I know how to beat a piss test but more often than not places are doing hair follicle tests or blood work. I don't spend time with family because I'd rather be high. I feel life has passed me by. I'm still hanging with the same old friends who do the same old things. I've reconnected with old friends via Facebook & am envious because they've moved on & appear very successful.

      I have quit 2-3 times over the decades for my kids but have always returned.

      Anyone who thinks it doesn't affect their lungs or brain is probably naive.

      I just stopped again 3 days ago (which is why I'm here) and it seems tougher this time. All the listed side effects here for 3 years are TRUE! At least for heavy smokers. Yes there is a lot of B.S. posted here but what do you expect?

      I've never used another drug other than a tiny coke period. I knew right away THAT was a drug that could get out of hand, so I stopped. (still had my weed) Never smoked a fag, took a pill or even drank coffee. So the gateway thing is debatable.

      Like I said, in my case I blame compulsive behavior (excuse?)

      I guess at my age I don't wanna be a burned out stoner.

      I'm into my 3rd day of sobriety and I hate it! I keep rationalizing why I should be able to do what I want & have a puff. I just know I can't stop at a puff.

      My wife would rather I smoke than put up with my grouchiness. I'm on my own here. Religion is for the weak minded so that's not an option. I'm gonna ride this thing out hopefully... I have a ton of stress at work already, I hope this cold turkey approach doesn't make me snap-out at work and get fired. I'm a also a musician and wonder if my creativity might be compromised..? If I can stay clean, I'll pop back here & update my situation.

      I think it's kind of funny seeing all these little kids on here saying they know something about weed & how it's not a problem, as they're typing it in homeroom on their Iphones. Take it from a guy who smokes on average 21 grams of hydro indica a week... IT IS A DRUG AND "OVERALL" DRUGS ARE BAD, MMMMMKAY?

      I hope to return.... stay tuned!

    • Stardard Info profile image

      Stardard Info 6 years ago


      Its great to visit these sorts of blogs/sites every now and then as I like to share my own experiences and as I would like let people know how to deal with their smoking journey and more accurately with their quitting journey. I would like to see and match the endevour of quitting with a journey. Particularly during the first several months of quitting period. And after that its a real breeze, time goes thereafter very smoothly.But the million dollar question is : How can you deal with these first several months. By the way, quitting smoking any form of substances can be taken all the same as long as difficulty goes. So, whether you are trying to quit cigarette smoking or other stuff they are all the same.But since non-nicotine stuff ( or cigarette ) are smoked less vigorously, they are lot easier to quit.

      Anyway, my main thing here to write about is : How can you overcome your first several tough months during your quitting journey. After turning myself an ex-smoker since July 25, 2000 i have figured it out that the easiest way to turn oneself an ex-smoker is to learn raising self-consciousness higher. And the tricky part of this is : You have to learn and understand yourself more profoundly. You have bring your mind steady. After smoking grass your mind goes sort of mellow, but the bad thing is, its only for a certain period of time. Why do you think people who smoke grass want to smoke again. Because they were in their zone and they just love it, and they want to go their again. But when you raise your consciousness, you are going there naturally and without using any external substances and for that this natural way needs practice. I would like to share more about these stuff with you guys. You can see more related stuff inside my site. see you around.



    • profile image

      Smokeweedeveryday 6 years ago

      This is such bull shit. fight the fear and grab a blunt. The only way your going to know is if you try it your self.

    • profile image

      JACOB420 6 years ago

      Honestly there's people who let weed take over their life and there's people who know how to control it. If weed is so bad for me can you tell me why it opens the pathways in your brain and can increase brain cells. It is also used to TREAT cancer patients it doesn't fucking give you cancer you dumb asses. Want to give me an example of someone that has died from smoking pot ? Anyone ? Oh ya there hasn't been has there. I don't give a shit what you guys say if you can smoke pot without it affecting/damaging aspects of your life or even taking over it, then why quit ? It will never kill you, give you any diseases ESPECIALLY not cancer. I know lawyers that went to university and smoked the whole time and still do to this day. It's all about choosing your own path in life and finding your own route to happiness and success. Don't let someones choices and lifestyle bring you down it's your own you should be focused on. But of course that's what Christian people do. Like come on same people who think there's some magical guy floating in the clouds zapping people to life magically out of sand. If you haven't smoked weed then you really know fuck all about it no matter what you researched and read in your little books. If you smoked weed and let it take over your life that's your fault not some plants fault. Your blaming an inatimate object for your own self-control. That's all humans can do is blame anything an anyone but themselves. If you couldn't handle it that's YOUR fault leave it to the people who can. I made honor roll every year while baked as fuck in all my classes. You want to tell me it makes me less smart ? Id like to see you do math in your head like I can. You people need to mid your own fucking business if you don't like weed or the smell or the effects of it then simply don't smoke it. It's exactly like when you were in school everyone telling you pot will kill you and give you cancer and make you stupid, well guess what... no one has, no one will and it doesn't kill one brain cell. Why don't you start living your life how you want it and try your best to succeed in the end, despite what other people inhale. For anyone to care this much about how people are choosing their own life path is just ridiculous and if I ever saw you judging me or anyone who smokes pot I'd struggle to keep myself from knocking your teeth right out. Live your own fucking life and set your own path. Give your head a shake people it's not physically addictive. That's just stupid of you to say. Yes, it's very mentally addictive but again only if you let it get that way. If you quit, cool I respect your decision. You're choosing your route in life and aiming for a certain goal and that's really all life is about to me. Setting goals for yourself and accomplishing them while living your life how you want and not regretting a day that passes. Life is an experience greater then anything else, why waste it worrying about what other people are doing and by trying to impress the world. I'm open to hear what anyone has to say to me but if your going to say a bunch of negative garbage then have a nice day am go fuck yourself, as for the rest live the best life you can if your deciding to quit then I hope that works out for you. And for the rest who will never stop smoking pot till the day you die, this toke is for you.

      You Only Live Once.

    • profile image

      JJ 6 years ago

      Marry Jane This is a letter to you to let you know that I am breaking up with u, the past 10 years with you have affected my life in a negative way. I lost My first love of playing football because i failed multiple test that proved i was with u, I dropped out of college because hanging out with u was more important than doing homework. I have burnt up over $50,0000 by sparking up your musty flower. The past 10 years you were the fix i turned to, to deal with stress and problems but the problems were still there after our dates. You made doing nothing fun and u were always down to hit up Jack n the crack at the most random times. those random times are gone and now i am a man who wants to do something positive with his life. I will find friends who dont know you, i will reward my self with self respect instead of bloodshot eyes and cotton mouth. I will always remember our time together but I will never contact you to see how you r doing again. Thanks for nothing!

    • profile image

      Franck 6 years ago

      to Chase:

      STOP LYING MAN!!! Just see the truth: marijuana is physically addictive....EVERYBODY KNOWS THAT, those who don't agree make fool of them self. It is proven scientifically... Say marijuana is not addictive once again and im going to kill myself!

    • profile image

      Franck 6 years ago

      I just found out a way of not having withdrawal symptoms!! So i'd like to share it with everybody, as it still looks very "underknown" today..


      Here is a resumed list of what you'd need. First, let's talk about the FAAH inhibitors:

      - AM-404 (active metabolite of Paracetamol)

      - N-oleoylethanolamine and N-linoleoylethanolamine (found in chocolate)

      - Biochanin A (found in red clover, soy beans and peanuts).

      Then you'll need some supplements:

      - Arachidonic acid (omega-6 fatty acid)

      - Glycerol (sugar substitute)

      - N-arachidonoyl phosphatidylethanolamine (NAPE)

      - Pantothenic acid (vitamin B5)

      And another very important part of your smoking cessation should be EXERCISE as it increases Anandamine and 2-AG synthesis and release.

      Hope that helped ;)

      Here's the link:

    • profile image

      Name: 6 years ago

      Yea I agree wit you dude. Like its all bs... But after awhile weed gets boring, well for different people different trips different experiences. Some bad some good. Also... It sucks to be burnout n no more nuthin to smoke :p... PCE OUT MOFOS

    • profile image

      Chase 6 years ago

      I dont agree with near anything on this page. Now im not trying to just stomp on everything and the ppl trying to quit,its cool to quit, jist make sure you quit for the right reasons. Most of the information given on this page is false ingormation. Weed has cancer preventimg qualities in it and isnt anywhere near worse for yoi than cigaretts. Weed isnt a gateway drug either because if it was we would have more than 50% of the people who smoke pot to also use harder drugs. Studies show that around 12% if even, of the people who smoke pot move to harder drugs. For the ppl trying to quit, good for you!! Thats really great, but dont do it for the reasons these fake ass ppl are saying. Do it for yourself and whatever other reasons you have. Yes these ppls ideas on how to quit sounded like a good plan, but the only truth i saw in what they said throughout all the other BS was that pot isnt a physically addictive substance. Its all in your head.

    • profile image

      EBG 6 years ago

      Today is day 1!

    • profile image

      Name: 6 years ago

      I'm a pot smoker who's gonna try to quit too. Been smokin since 11 or 12 ? Dunno well almost 15 now, and I'm already getting bored of it... But I dunno how to tell my peers that. Juss say imma try to quit or tone down the smoking. Like from 5 a day to 4 and so on. Well I'm gonna quit sooner or later. I wanna see a change in me, and my family. I wanna be who I was before, and stay that way. Now just some druggie who's gonna drink and live on smoke for the rest of my life. I though smokin weed would be fun. Imma go back to me. PCE OUT WEED !! Also... That's a lot of fucking comments o.O pardon my French