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How to Re hydrate and Re fresh Weed?

Updated on December 13, 2010

So your nugs are dry...

No one likes dried out and crunchy weed, most likely caused by a long period of time uncovered. There is a simple and very easy way to rehydrate and refresh your bud; you no longer need to worry about any over drying.

To keep things simple you are going to need a clean glass jar with an airtight lid that can fit the amount of weed you have plus some extra air room (at least 4 inches).

The next step is strictly based on user preference; for re hydration with flavoring you can use orange peels or banana peels. For a flavorless re hydration use tortilla (either corn or flour) or lettuce.

Put the dry weed in the glass jar and then put a nice palm full of either the orange, banana, tortilla, or lettuce. (It is perfectly fine to experiment by using two, three, or all four of the hydrates) Tightly close the lid of the jar and store in a dry and dark place (closet, under mattress, attic, etc.) Once a day "Burp" the jar, or in other words open the lid and let the trapped gas and humidity out.

Depending on the amount of weed you have it may take anywhere from 1 to 5 days. This is a surefire way of re hydrating your marijuana.

Advice: The most efficient way to rehydrate your nugs is with the tortilla by my opinion. The weed re hydrates and the tortilla becomes rock-hard. The orange is second best but I personally do not like orange flavoring. The banana peels are third best but they become very mushy and wet after a short period of time... causing a mess if your weed touches the peels. The lettuce would be my last choice since it has an extremely high water content; it does the job but makes the jar too wet. Nobody likes weed that got wet!!


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