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Affordable Spinal Decompression Therapy Marketing

Updated on January 4, 2012

You need to market your spinal decompression services and educate your patients, but you don't need to spend a fortune doing it! We are your source for affordab

As healthcare providers who provide spinal decompression therapy, we know how effective spinal decompression can be. We know what a valuable non-surgical treatment option decompression is. The problem lies in convincing our patients. and the general public, of this value.

We all want to help as many back pain patients as possible avoid risky drugs, painful injections, or invasive surgery. We also want to make a living while doing so. To do this we have to market our spinal decompression services. Although far from a fun task, spinal decompression marketing doesn't have to be painful or ridiculously expensive.

You CAN market your spinal decompression services ethically and affordably. You don't have to settle for the generic marketing kit that was included with your decompression equipment. You don't even have to pay thousands of dollars for one of the many overpriced spinal decompression marketing kits available. At you can get a totally personalized spinal decompression marketing kit featuring photos of YOUR practice, YOUR spinal decompression table, and even YOU and YOUR staff. We provide customized spinal decompression marketing kits featuring DVDs, CDs, PowerPoint Presentations, Templates for: brochures, flyers, business cards, postcards and soooo much more. All of these featuring your photos. Do you want to know the most exciting part? Our kits are priced from $90-$300! If that's too much you can get some of our other spinal decompression marketing and patient education materials for less than $30! Check out our site at

Ok...enough of our sales pitch. Let's take a look at what you came here for in the first place. . . some FREE tips on spinal decompression marketing! Check out the handy information below. Be sure to check back often as we will be updating this lens frequently. For even more tips and articles check out our blog at:

FREE Spinal Decompression Marketing

Some of the best spinal decompression marketing is low cost or absolutely free!

Believe it or not, some of the most effective spinal decompression advertising is very low cost, or absolutely free! If you find that hard to believe then allow me to point out 4 ways you can market your spinal decompression services and your practice, for little to no cost!

1. Existing Patients

2. The Internet and Social Networking Sites

3. Press Releases

4. Free seminars and workshops

I'm sure you want to know more, so let me explain each item in greater detail.

1. Existing Patients

One of the best, and one of the most often overlooked, sources of new decompression patients are your existing patients. If you have a patient in your practice who isn't a decompression patient they could be in the future! Just as importantly, they might have a friend or family member who could benefit from spinal decompression now or in the future. You need to be educating these patients either passively or actively, about the benefits of spinal decompression therapy.

How can you do this for free? Talk to your patients! Talk about past success stories. Mention how a patient's sciatica went away after decompression. Talk about the factory worker with the herniated disc who is now pain free and back to work! Talk to everyone about what decompression is, how it works, and what it does!

To do this at a low cost you can have someone type a short informational sheet, brochures, or flyers about spinal decompression and hand them to patients. Nearly every practice now has a computer and nearly all computers have some sort of desktop publishing or word processing software. You can easily create patient education handouts. We have marketing kits where all this is done for you, you just print and go!

What better source of new decompression patients than a happy existing or past decompression patient? These patients who saw relief of pain and symptoms and success with spinal decompression are the most valuable resource. Who better to talk about decompression treatment than someone who has been through it?

Ask these patients if there is someone they know who could also benefit from decompression. Ask for that referral and you'll likely get it! Encourage these patients to share their excitement with the world. Another great idea is to ask for permission to use their story as a patient testimonial!

2. The Internet and Social Networking Sites

If you've found this article, then the odds are you familiar with the internet, but you may not be familiar with ALL of the marketing and networking tools available right there on your home or office computer!

Social Networking sites are HUGE. Sites such as Squidoo,Twitter, Facebook, Myspace,LinkedIn, YouTube, and many more are extremely popular. These sites are a free resource to allow you to reach potential patients and colleagues alike. They are fairly easy to learn to use for nearly anyone with basic computer skills. These sites allow you to gain free exposure for your practice and your services. Keep it professional and keep them up to date and these sites can really generate interest in your practice. The internet has much to offer beyond social networking sites.

Article submission, free web pages, and blogs are three other ways you can generate FREE advertising exposure. Write an article about spinal decompression marketing and submit it at one of the numerous free article submission sites. You can also create a basic web site online to promote your services. Writing and maintaining a free web log or ,"blog", is also a great way to market yourself and your services. Write a few blogs about spinal decompression or even various spinal conditions to help establish your credibility and knowledge. Try just a few of these free opportunities and you are sure to see an influx of new patients.

If you are willing to invest a small amount of money you can increase your presence on the internet exponentially. Professional Web hosting accounts and domain registration are now so affordable that any practice can afford to have a website. If you have basic computer skills and a little free time you can use a variety of free or low cost resources to help design your own basic web sites without hiring outside help.

Pay per click advertising, and directory listings are just two examples of low to moderate cost advertising that can be done via the internet. Take some time during your next lunch and research some of the tools the internet has to offer!

3. Press Releases

Press releases are a great way to get free media exposure. A press release is a quick and easy way to submit information about a newsworthy event to your local media outlet, such as your local newspaper. Tell the world (or at least your community) about the exciting non-surgical treatment alternative for back pain you are offering. Tell them about that special open house, or free spinal decompression lecture you are presenting. Whatever the newsworthy event submit a press release to get the word out!

You can submit a press release via fax, email, or hard copy to your local newspaper for little cost other than paper, ink, and postage. Simply do an internet search about how to write a press release and you'll come across free advice on how to format and submit your release. After you've submitted you just might get you and your practice featured in the newspaper, or on the TV or radio...for FREE! If you want to save even more time you can check out our spinal decompression marketing kits which have press release instructions, templates and sample press releases.

Regardless of how you learn about submitting press releases, you need to seize the opportunity! Smaller local community newspapers are often looking for a notable event to cover and help fill column space! Submit at least 3-4 press releases a year and take advantage of the opportunity for FREE marketing and publicity.

4. Free seminars and workshops

Another fantastic opportunity for free advertising and publicity is to hold a free seminar or workshop. These no, or low, cost activities allow you to speak to an audience that is already generally interested in the information you have to present. Providing a workshop or seminar on low back pain, disc disorders, or non-surgical treatment options for back pain can make you the unofficial back pain expert in your community.

You can provide opportunities for patients to schedule a free consultation at the end of your seminar or just send the attendees home with free information that invites them to schedule an appointment. Each and every seminar or workshop is sure to generate leads for new patients.

These seminars can often be held for free. Check around for a location that will allow you to use a space for a half hour for little cost. Local libraries, halls, community colleges etc are often a great start.

If you want to spend a little money you can offer attendees even more and increase the effectiveness of your efforts. If you've purchased one of our spinal decompression marketing kits you could offer those in attendance a gift bag with copies of a spinal decompression DVD and CD. You can also offer door prizes, free gifts, and prize drawings. If none of these sound appealing at least consider spending a little money to offer free healthy refreshments such as bottled water, and fresh fruit to keep your audience happy and comfortable.

Well there you go! We just ran down 4 easy ways to market your spinal decompression services and your practice for little cost other than time. Spend some time learning how to implement even half of the above suggestions and you will be rewarded with many new patients to help. If you need help with any of the above suggestions feel free to contact us. Our spinal decompression marketing kits have resources to help you carry out nearly all of the suggestions above. Even if you don't purchase anything from us, feel free to ask; we'd love to hear from you!


If you aren't telling people about spinal decompression, you need to start!

One of the best ways to promote your spinal decompression services is through free lectures or workshops. If you aren't holding regular lectures or workshops explaining spinal decompression you are missing many opportunities to explain the benefits of decompression to both existing and prospective patients. This may seem difficult but it's easy to "sell" your decompression services to those who need it in a non-confrontational manner. Here is one example.

Hold a free back pain healthcare class for your community. Line up a room at your local library or other community center and invite the public to learm more about back pain. In your lecture run through some tips on the types of back pain, how to avoid back pain, and the conservative treatment options. While you are discussing the conservative treatment options you can explain the numerous advantages of spinal decompression therapy. This allows you to promote your services to your targeted audience in a passive approach without an aggressive or pushy sales approach.

If you are dedicated to improving the quality of life of your community and to improving the financial security of your practice then you need to start speaking publicly about spinal decompression. If you already do all of these things then you need to ensure you are doing them correctly, otherwise it is a waste of time! Luckily we've got your back here at Be on the lookout for our upcoming series of articles which will be of great help to lecture rookies and veterans alike.

Check out our Very Affordable Spinal Decompression DVD Video

The Next Best Thing to FREE is AFFORDABLE!

You don't have to pay a lot for an effective spinal decompression patient education and waiting room DVD. Our spinal decompression DVD is living proof of this fact!

Our DVD now features 3 different spinal decompression video presentations on ONE DVD. Very Cool! What is even more exciting is that you can grab this DVD for less than $30. Ebay users can buy it at an even more affordable rate!

This DVD will be a valuable addition to your practice. Here are just some of what this DVD does:

- Explains what Spinal Decompression Therapy is.

- Describes the equipment and procedures used.

- Describes the three phases of care for spinal decompression.

- Encourages patient compliance

- Stresses the importance of preventative care beyond relief of pain.

- Describes why spinal decompression works.

- Lists studies and references that validate the effectiveness of spinal

decompression therapy.

- And Much More!

You get 3 different versions of our presentation on ONE DVD:

1. Our Silent Waiting Room Self-Looping decompression video. (~15 minutes in length)

2. Another Self-Looping WaitingRoom Decompression Video identical to the one above but featuring instrumental piano background music. (~15 minutes in length)

3. An ALL NEW Narrated "Consultation/Orientation" version of the presentation. This shorter version (A little over 10 minutes) makes it ideal for using as a consult/orientation video. It's absolutely perfect for playing for the patient to watch during their "first pull"!

You can check out some sample clips from the DVD by clicking the links below:

1. A short sample clip from the silent waiting room version:

2. Another longer sample clip from the silent waiting room version:

3. Here is a short sample clip from the narrated consultation version:

We also offer totally customized versions of the DVD on our website. You can have a custom copy of the DVD made featuring YOUR practice information along with photos of YOUR practice, staff,and equipment!

Look for more information about our spinal decompression DVD in a future Squidoo Lens. In the meantime feel free to get more information at the links below.

For more information or to purchase our spinal decompression DVD go to:

Spinal Decompression DVD

To save even more money on our products go check out our listings on ebay:

Check out our items currently on ebay. - Save even more of your hard earned cash!

Check out our items currently listed on ebay. Even though it costs us MORE to list and sell items on ebay we choose to price them at a significant savings for ebay. It might sound crazy, but we like to keep the spirit and concept of ebay alive. Ebay is always an exciting way to find a great deal on something you've been looking for! Your positive feedback left on ebay also helps us establish trust in other potential customers. We are honest and we want EVERYONE to know!

Check out of our Ebay feedback!

We satisfy our customers!

Check out some of our latest feedback received on ebay in the "talk bubbles" below. See a detailed breakdown of all our ebay feeback by clicking HERE!

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Your To Do List:

1. Educate patients about spinal decompression

2. Deliver outstanding care

3. Save $ while doing all of the above

4. Visit

5. Check us out on Ebay

6. Follow us on Twitter

7. Have a great day!

Sample Clip from our Spinal Decompression DVD - Silent sample clip from our spinal decompression dvd. Perfect for spinal decompression marketing and decompressi

Here is a sample clip from the silent version of our spinal decompression patient education DVD. The DVD features a longer (about 15 minutes) waiting room version which can be played silent or with the optional background music. The DVD also features a shorter (a little over 10 minutes) narrated patient orientation/consult version which is perfect for using as a consultation or patient orientation video! You get all of this for less than $30! We even offer customized spinal decompression videos and marketing kits featuring photos of YOUR equipment and practice. To buy the decompression DVD, chiropractic artwork or to learn more, check us out at: http:/

Spinal Decomrpession Products on Amazon

Amazon is a great source for Spinal Decompression reference and protocol texts and even spinal decompression equipment and supplies.

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    • BeginnersFriend65 profile image


      6 years ago

      The concept of spinal decompression is also the thinking behind inversion therapy. The idea that if you hang upside down, you can counter the effects of gravity.



      best inversion table reviews

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      6 years ago

      It is such a great news that there is a significant increase in chiropractic health services not only across the US but around the world. Many patients suffering with spinal paralysis are given hope to move around again.

      Nicholas Rogers

      Associate: NYC Back Pain Relief

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      7 years ago

      This is truly a great read and review about spinal decompression. It gave me a good knowledge about it. Good job!

      Lish Falcon

      tampa foreclosure lawyer

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      7 years ago

      Good info about spinal decompression. The DVD should be worth the price. I have some latest info on Herniated Disc Treatment Fort Lauderdale. Thanks!

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      7 years ago

      This is very good information, but you didn't write nothing about chiropractor salary. For more information about chiropractor salary visit site

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    • ClinicallySigni profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago

      @Heather426: Thanks! I'm really hooked on the new points format with Squidoo..Makes things much more enjoyable. I really loved your Top 1 Immune System Boosters lens. Great work!

    • Heather426 profile image

      Heather Burns 

      8 years ago from Wexford, Ireland

      thanks for visiting my ToP 10 Immune System Boosters lens! You have a good start in Squidoo.


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