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Who Enjoys Better Health Marrieds or Singles?

Updated on March 20, 2008

Should you marry or stay single for health?

Health and happiness have been demonstrated by researchers again and again as being inexorably linked to love, marriage, family, children and health, including lower blood pressure, contentment, and longer life.

Marriage is responsible for decreasing feelings of alienation and loneliness, while at the same time increasing a persons need to feel wanted, by both spouse and children. They feel more connected to the community.

Families, overall, enjoy less stress, though at times they might disagree. It's true that everyone experiences stress, but those in a closely nit family unit appear to handle stress in a more adaptive manner and have more resources available to deal with it.

Furthermore, they avoid many of the stresses that bring on crisis by handling things like bills in a more timely manner. It appears that in marriage at least, two heads are better than one.

From the standpoint of community outreach, spirituality, and values implicit in church activities, a sense of belonging and committing to higher power are inter-generational activities that contribute to overall happiness and good health.

If marriage is so healthy, why the high divorce rate? Detractors of marriage point to this seemingly damming statistic to show that marriage is not working at all and there is no good reason for marriage today. However, most men and women do remarry within a relatively short time after they divorce, giving rise to widespread acceptance of multiple marriage and the high incidence of blended families. Many children enjoy more than one mom or dad.

Like society, which banded together for mutual support, security, and need to be with others, families and marriage have similar beginnings with some added benefits of marriage. They include wide acceptance by society including religion, and the benefits of acquiring property and possessions through right of inheritance.

Most singles live a less healthy lifestyle, feel more alienation and loneliness than married counterparts, and contrary to popular belief, are less satisfied with sexual encounters. It is certain that men, for whatever reason, are buying more sexual stimulation or performance drugs than ever before. Researchers are working on this troubling statistic now and preliminary results should be available soon. It is known that younger, single men are buying these products in great numbers.

For those of you who already knew the healthy benefits of marriage, this will confirm what you already know. For you singles, maybe it's time to take the magic step that puts you in the same shoes as those healthy, happily singles who walked down the aisle to a lifetime of love, family, and good health.

Don't forget the jokes. As my daughter says, misery loves company! (she is happily married and content with three, beautiful children).


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    • ripplemaker profile image

      Michelle Simtoco 9 years ago from Cebu, Philippines

      Hi solarcaptain, I had to read this hub to understand why you said you didn't like the word "single" LOL Years ago, I would have cringed at the word too. But I realized that whatever state I am in, the important thing is to be whole from within...and to love and accept myself. This way I could enter into relationships with a better frame of mind. By relationships, this includes marriage, friendships, family and people we closely work with. :-)

      --michelle, ripplemaker