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Updated on August 16, 2016
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Superiorly average wife & mommy of 3 adorable, funny, & smart offspring, diabetic extraordinaire since 1982, and ninja wellness advocate.


My line of work is so awesome. I love the people I help on a daily basis. Some of them have been with me for months, some years, and some hours. I love them all. I always learn something from the person laying on my table. Massage Therapists call these people clients. I do not use that term. Clients are people you do business with. My people are patients. You take care of patients. I love my people and I take care of them. Remember, I always say that to be a part of another person's well-being is truly an honor. It is. That's exactly how I feel. Every body I get on my table gives me a chance to help them achieve wellness. Weather they got a gift certificate for a special occasion and just want to relax or weather they have MS and come in every two weeks and need the circulation benefits of massage, each person's end result is the same- they want to feel good. They want to feel better when they leave than they did when they came in. This is my goal and this is what motivates me. I hope I can continue to do this work for a very long time.

You don't have to be jealous of this squirrel, ya know.
You don't have to be jealous of this squirrel, ya know.

Massage and Cancer treatment

If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with Cancer, you know that there are so many hospitals and centers devoted just to you. Massage is climbing up the ranks as being one of the best ways to relax, remove toxins, and improve your quality of life.

When a Cancer patient has radiation, depending on where that radiation is centered around, it will kill your lymph nodes. Your lymph nodes are part of the lymphatic system which support your immune system. Lymph nodes are like filters for the body that help trap and contain bacteria and foreign cells such as Cancer cells. A fluid called lymph circulates through the body just like your blood travels through your veins and arteries. It grabs onto those harmful bacteria and cells and therefore helps the body fight off infection.

You have lymph nodes throughout your body which are central hubs for the lymph to flow through. You have lymph nodes in your chest, behind your knees, in your groin, in your neck, at your jaw, and other places deeper in like around your intestinal wall. You can't see a lymph node in it's normal state, but when they're swollen, you can see them plain as day. A swollen lymph node is easily drained by someone specially trained in that modality and is a very rewarding field to be in. I had the absolute honor to work on my dear father-in-law who was diagnosed with Laryngeal Cancer. Radiation killed the lymph nodes in his jaw and neck and therefore fluid would collect under his chin and throat making it difficult to breathe, swallow and talk. When the fluid would collect there, he looked like a bullfrog would look, very swollen in his neck. He was having his fluid manually drained into his next set of lymph nodes which would be the arm pits and those glands would work overtime trying to drain all of that fluid. It took about an hour and 20 minutes to completely drain, but when it was finished, he was happy to be able to feel normal again.

Massage is also good for Cancer patients who are nervous about treatment. Its calming effect allows the heart to beat steadily, allows you to breathe more slowly and rhythmically, and releases endorphins which is your internal happy drug. You really can't go wrong when you feel so good!

There is no other greater gift than the gift of wellness.

Oncology Massage

My hands are my gift.

Massage and Pregnancy

One of the many joys of pregnancy is the massage that you can receive after you've completed your first trimester. I know those first 12 weeks can be hard, especially if you're used to getting massaged on a regular basis. There is a good reason why you have to wait that period of time. When someone who isn't pregnant gets a massage, they could have built up toxins that, if the massage was deep enough or you didn't drink enough water afterwards, could make you feel sick. You could get nauseous, you could get cold like symptoms, or you could be very sore afterwards. Imagine what could happen to an expectant mother if she were to subject her unborn baby to those same toxins! Under 12 weeks the fetus has incomplete systems and cannot handle the toxic overload and this could result in miscarriage. Now, have women gotten massages during that time because they didn't know they were pregnant? Of course. But once you know you are, you want the very best for your growing child. So waiting until that 13th week is well worth it because now you can get all the massages you want up until the day you deliver!

The benefits of massage during pregnancy are great. Better circulation, better lymph drainage, it acts as a great pain management for your low back when you start to get bigger and your body is stretching. Plus, again, there's those magical little endorphins that make you feel so good, and make your baby content and happy.

Please don't deprive yourself of this!


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