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Here is a visual aid for a massage candle of BsaB. Things one shouldn’t do with his or her candle.

Updated on February 25, 2016
massage candle of BsaB
massage candle of BsaB

Hello, everybody! The bright sun shines outdoors; a coming of spring is almost felt in the air and even a yesterday incident which spoiled one of my favorite scented candle candles Deep Summer of BsaB hasn’t influenced my perfect mood.) But I would like to tell you what exactly happened yesterday.

First of all, it would be better to start with short information about BasB. That is a famous company which specializes in 100 % environmentally-friendly and organic products. Its assortment consists of aroma diffusers, room sprays, but I am more interested in scented candles and organic beeswax which are used for a massage.

I have never had a massage candle before, so I made up my mind to try it. I ordered it online, but it was not so easy. There were so many types such as candles in a form of a boat, candles in mat and usual glass case etc. A candle in a porcelain egg tickled my fancy. Speaking about a fragrance, I chose Deep Summer, because it was the brightest one (judging by its description). In truth a fragrance appeared to be slightly noticeable, but deep. That was the very first evidence that this product was natural and there were no artificial components which could enhance its aroma. That’s why I wouldn’t recommend this candle people who like strong aromas which fill every corner of a house.

Speaking about skin care qualities of a BsaB massage candle, I should admit that it surpassed all my expectations! I have a dry type of skin that’s why that candle became an irreplaceable helper for me and a perfect substitute to a usual lotion. Its wax nourished and softened skin perfectly well, making it pleasant to touch. If you dream about gentle baby skin, try it!) When you put wax on a body, fragrance became stronger. I can feel grassy notes which remind of a summer garden. In such a way, I can surely claim that this massage candle doesn’t only have a relaxing effect; it is also a perfect aphrodisiac. What can be better for a night?

So what has happened to my precious massage candle? The reason is that my boyfriend is also fond of fragrances and likes wax candles. Everything would be fine if he wasn’t so impatient.) Wax of the massage candle of BsaB melts quite quickly, but still one should wait for a while. My boyfriend had no wish to wait and he started tilting the candle in order to speed up a process. That led to damage of the porcelain egg. You can it in the photo.

Has something similar ever happened to you? Maybe you know a way to restore my poor scented candle, don’t you? Please, share your experience with me!)


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