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Massage Cupping for Pain Relief and Detoxification

Updated on October 17, 2013

Why You Should Consider Cupping Treatment?

For those who suffer with pain in a specific area consideration of Cupping Treatment could be worthwhile. Acupuncturists use cupping therapy in combination with acupuncture and also as an alternative treatment.

Ancient History of Massage Cupping

With over 2000 years of history suction cupping has been applied by Chinese doctors. Now widely recognized.

Even naturopathic doctors are using it to treat their patients.

Originally cupping therapy was known as horn therapy in ancient China. Multiple variations of this therapy have been utilized throughout the world.

It is considered in wealthy countries to be a staple home health remedy.

Massage Cupping
Massage Cupping

Want To Get Suction Cupping Treatment?

What Equipment Is Needed?

The cups are usually of plastic or rounded glass construction. The cups can be placed on the body with a pump attached to the cup which pumps air out of the cup forming a vacuum. Another popular method for applying the cups is by using a burning taper to heat the glass cup.

How Does Massage Cupping Treatment Work?

The cups are placed on the skin and using a pump to remove the air or heat to remove the air and suction is formed attaching the cups to the skin. The skin and flesh are pulled up into the cup with the vacuum. This stimulates the blood circulation for the skin and musculature underneath. It also loosens the underlying tissues provide increased flexibility.

As the air is removed from the cup the suction formed by the vacuum withdraws the stagnant black blood out of the puncture spot into the cup.

After the old blood is removed fresh blood fills the painful spot. The fresh blood cleans away debris that has prevented the flow of it to the area.

Usually patients have found relief from the pain with this type of cupping treatment.

In the old days fire cupping was used, but nowadays you can use the air suction cupping. No fire involved, so very safe.

What Health Issues Can Massage Cupping Help?

· Vertigo

· Gastric Disorders

· Constipation

· Diarrhea

· Intercostal Neuralgia

· Intestinal Disorders

· Hemorrhoids

· Sciatica

· Stiff Shoulders

· High blood Pressure, stroke and arteriosclerosis

· Bronchial asthma

· Gynecological Disorders

· Kidney Disorders (including frequent/urgent urination)

· Liver Disorders, Gallbladder Disorders

· High Fever

· Dermatological Disorders

· Back pain

Don't Worry About Bruises After The Treatment

Due to specific contraindications it is best for the cupping treatment to be provided by an acupuncturist or other qualified provider. Cupping is hard to attach to hairy areas. Following the procedure there will be a round bruise which can last about a week.

This is also redness on the skin following therapy which will fade away.

Suction Cupping
Suction Cupping

How Does Massage Cupping Treatment Feel?

Cupping Treatment is usually painless. Following treatment patients experience flexibility in the area that was previously painful and express a feeling of lightness.

If you have a health condition that has not responded to traditional medicine you might consider cupping treatment. If you don't like needles but would like to get the benefits of acupuncture this could be a needleless choice for you to consider.

Take control of pain visit where you will find great health products including suction cup sets.

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      chiactiv 6 years ago

      is cupping good for body detoxification?

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      BigDropShip 6 years ago

      l like cupping therapy