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Master Cleanser Fast

Updated on July 16, 2017

Using The Master Cleanser Fast To Revitalize Your Body

The master cleanser fast is a liquid diet that helps to flush toxins from the body. It consists of drinking a mixture of fresh lemon juice (or sometimes lime is substituted), cayenne pepper and maple syrup.

The individual components of the lemon drink each have many benefits, which combine together to make the Master Cleanse more effective.

Fresh-squeezed lemon juice helps to loosen and break up mucus. Some mucus is a good thing because the body uses it to protect against things like disease and infection, but, over time, mucus can build up and stick to the walls of the colon, which causes it to become blocked. Lemons also contain cationic and anionic minerals, which aren't found in other fruits or vegetables.

Lemon skin can be beneficial too, as it contains many vitamins and can help to prevent unwanted blood clotting. However, when purchasing lemons, be aware that many commercial lemons can contain dyes and pesticides. If you can't find organic lemons, you should peel all your lemons before using them to make your lemon drink.

Another very important part of the Master Cleanse is the use of cayenne pepper. It breaks up mucus, while cleaning out the body's major systems. The warmth of cayenne pepper also helps to open up blood vessels and allow more rapid distribution of both the cayenne itself and other ingredients that it is mixed with. This allows the lemon Master Cleanse drink to be distributed quickly to all areas of the body.

The final major ingredient, maple syrup, is an excellent source of sugars (energy) and minerals, if the right form is obtained.

There are three grades (types) of maple syrup. Grade B is the best choice for this diet because it contains more minerals than Grade A and it also has a better flavor. Grade C can be used in the Master Cleanse drink. It does contain the most minerals of the three, but it has a much stronger taste that many people find unpleasant.

Although those are the only ingredients to the Master Cleanse drink itself, many people choose to use other techniques with the Master Cleanser Diet.

Fiber helps to stimulate the movement of the colon. While the Master Cleanse drink does serve to loosen mucus and toxins from the colon walls, the drink contains no fiber. For that reason, many people also use the herbal tea as a laxative while on the Master Cleanse. In that way, the mucus and toxins can be both loosened, and flushed.

Some people do not use a laxative tea, but instead they use a saltwater flush. Saltwater is a natural substance that the body can easily take in without any problems. The only problem with a saltwater flush is that most people find the taste of saltwater unpleasant. However, if a person can get past the taste, the benefits are wonderful.

Also, some people choose to use the tea at night to further loosen things up and then use the saltwater rinse in the morning to completely flush things out.

No matter which steps a person chooses, there are many wonderful benefits to the master cleanser fast.


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    • profile image

      tammy 7 years ago

      I want to try this but also want to keep the weight off afterwards. Is this possible if i eat right ect after?

    • profile image

      Linda 7 years ago

      I am on day 3, and feeling good thusfar. My only problem is that I take a high blood pressure pill, that is partly water and I am having accidents on myself! (No control of my bladders!)

    • profile image

      PP 8 years ago

      On my 6th day and have lost 10 lbs :D. And i have so much energy. Really recommend this, but don't just give it a try finish it try. It's so worth it :)

    • profile image

      lemon juice cleanse 9 years ago

      revitalyze your body

    • profile image

      Ebony 9 years ago

      I am on day three. I am so proud of myself because I resisted the urge of eating. My mother-in-law lives right next to us and she cooks everyday. She cooks the nice spanish rice, with stewed beans, and some type of poultry. We were even able to get her start cooking more veggie stuff. So all weekend, I smelled the nice food, but I stood firm. I am impressed with the results thus far. So far for the day, two persons have told me that I look smaller. I smiled, but did not share the recipe for the success. Not just yet anyways, because I do intend to enlighten others. But I basically don't want to hear in negativity right now. One of the person that noticed was my Husband. He smiled and I smiled. My children are proud of me as well. But by far, I am pleased that my body is getting rid of all the toxins and that I can start afresh. I have already equipped my self with the right foods, like brown rice, vegetables, and lots of fruits and nuts. Overall, I am pleased. I am only going to the five days and then introduced orange juice for the next day, then soup broth for the next 4 days. I am excited of the results I am seeing. Good Luck to All!

    • profile image

      Michele 10 years ago

      Today is day one!!!! Wish me luck!

    • mastercleanse profile image

      mastercleanse 10 years ago

      Great summary. The master cleanse is an awesome detox. And the weight loss isn't a bad side-benefit!

    • profile image

      Joan 10 years ago

      Heads up lol........I've completed 5 straight days on the master cleanse and I've lost 8lbs must say it makes a difference in my life. Guys please give it a shot it worth trying.

    • profile image

      Joan Ramoon 10 years ago

      I have started the lemon master claenser diet yesterday, and I must say the first day was very hard but thanks be to god I overcome it, it was very tempting to eat especially in the evening after work but I solve the problem by getting out the house go for a light walk and then back so by 8 o'clock I was falling asleep. Well am on my second day and so far its ok