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Matthew McConaughey's Workout and Diet

Updated on July 16, 2011

J.K. Livin ... McConaughey Stays in Amazing Physical Condition Year Round WIthout Fancy Machines or Equipment

Skateboarding, surfing, hiking, it really doesn't matter. The Texas native keeps in shape by living an active lifestyle
Skateboarding, surfing, hiking, it really doesn't matter. The Texas native keeps in shape by living an active lifestyle

Just Keep Livin' - For A Killer Physique, "Break A Sweat"

Who says a gym membership is a prerequisite for attaining a killer physique? Definitely not Matthew McConaughey. While many guys insist that pumping iron in the gym is the only place where top notch results can be achieved, actor Matthew McConaughey believes far the opposite. Unless the Texas native has to gain mass quickly for a specific role, McConaughey lives by his motto of "J.K. Livin"(Just Keep Livin').

The motto is kind of McConaughey's self-fulfilling prophecy. His active lifestyle is what keep him in shape - not bench presses or squats. Nope, pretty much all McConaughey needs is his own body weight and maybe a surfboard or two to stay in incredible shape all year.

How McConaughey maintains his lean physique, no gym required
"Break at least one sweat a day," is something McConaughey has quoted. Some of his hobbies include surfing, calisthenics, cycling with his buddy Lance Armstrong, and hill climbs. Check out more of his favorite activities here.

These are great words to live by and I really admire McConaughey's fitness mentality. It makes you realize that living life to the fullest and enjoying your favorite active activities can not only be fun, but physically rewarding as well. This works well for the "Hollywood Look" where lean and toned are king.

Instead of depriving yourself of your favorite outdoor activities, know you can embrace them and achieve a high level of fitness while doing so. In fact, most sports require muscle movements that most gym equipment can't offer - and it's real world type mechanics, which is even more useful.

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Matthew McConaughey in "Fool's Gold" Trailer

McConaughey's Underrated Unconventional Diet

McConaughey's Healthy Diet Also Attributes to his Lean Physique
Matthew McConaughey is a big fan of the Paleo Diet - but also splurges from time to time on foods that are considered "forbidden foods." The key is basing the foundation of your diet around quality protein sources, healthy fats, and well timed carbohydrates. The cheat meals should fill in the gaps, not make up the majority of one's diet.

Because he is so active all day, McConaughey may not have the chance to eat until after the day is done. This style of eating is often known as the Warrior Diet, a form of Intermittent Fasting. While convential wisdom tells us to eat a ton of small meals per day, this is something that has been perpetuated by the media and is a much overly hyped topic.

The truth is that many people have attained great results from the one-meal-per-day approach and other sporadic eating methods. Don't be fooled into thinking that your metabolism will slow down if you skip a meal or two - it's simply untrue. Does McConaughey appear to have a slow metabolism? I didn't think so.

The Take Home
Since McConaughey doesn't have a real structure to his fitness regimen, it's hard to outline an exact routine or plan. But as you can see, by staying active and eating properly, you can achieve amazing results in a very simplistic manner. It also seems to be the most fun approach to staying in shape!

I think everyone should use Matthew McConaughey's active lifestyle as an example, and try to incorporate more activity into their own lives. Not only will you work on your fitness, but you'll get to live life to the fullest while doing so!


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