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Shocking Medical Misinformation; Partly To Blame For The Soaring Cancer Mortality Rate?

Updated on August 25, 2015

Orthodox cancer treatments such as chemotherapy, radio therapy & even the newer cancer drugs becoming more widely available have a pitifully low success rate, but is there more to these poor survival statistics than the treatments themselves?

When diagnosed with any form of cancer, most people will follow the advise given to them by their oncologist or the hospital nurses to the letter, but could this advice play a big role in the low survival rates for cancer? For anyone who has read some of my other hubs on medical cancer treatment options, or who knows some of the very much hidden facts & statistics on these forms of treatment, would think that this was bad enough & yet just to add fuel to the fire, it gets worse...

Many of us will be well aware of the general opinion of doctors & in fact pretty much all medical professionals on alternative & natural methods of treating illness & disease. Basically they just do not want to know & will most likely refuse to answer any questions a patient may have on this subject or specifically advise against such a course of action. One could almost consider this as ‘fair enough,’ I mean they are an expert in a specific field of disease & medical treatments related to this disease, we do not have to accept their opinion or any form of medical treatment as our chosen path, especially as there is so much information now widely available online, in books or through choosing to work with say a herbalist or other type of alternative practitioner. I am by no means saying that I agree with the ignorance of doctors on this subject, I definitely do not agree with the forms of cancer treatment that the medical industry provide & I am well aware that such unnecessary, purely money making methods of treatment do not end with cancer, but yet there is another big concern I have with regards to information being passed down to patients & where this information actually comes from?

The advice to given to all patients, be it from your GP, oncologist, nurse, is always changing & being updated. They are told what to say to people, according to 'new guidelines,' or whatever & that is what they tell them; whatever they are told to. The sad thing, especially where the hospital nurses are concerned, is that they actually believe what they are telling people to be the truth. I mean they do not really understand, clearly, why certain advice may be completely wrong, harmful & damaging to a person's health, but they say it anyway because they do not know any better.

So what exactly am I talking about here..?

Well, let's put it this way; if I was able to learn (without ever attending a day at medical school) about the behaviour of cancer cells (without any information being handed to me in a text book or otherwise) enough to be able to interpret this into a protocol for my Dad which would see him have one of the deadliest cancers in remission in just 4 months, when the doctors told him he would not be able to climb the stairs by this time, then what the hell are they teaching these doctors!!? Baring in mind they have to study for 5 years to get to where they are, I learnt this in a month or so!

Anyway, back to the point! You would think that the basic behavior of cancer cells within the body would be covered in the first week of their course at medical school & if not then what about the people who design these courses & who are behind the advice handed down to doctors/ nurses which is what they are to present to patients? Surely this is where the millions of pounds designated to cancer research is spent? On the research behind that information which is handed out to cancer patients & the treatments provided, of course!?


The Basic Behaviour Of Cancer Cells

Before I go on, I feel it is important to give a brief outline on the behaviour of cancer cells, in order to understand the point I am making here.

In 1931, Otto Heinrich Warburg, won Nobel Peace Prize for his discovery that cancer cells are anaerobic. Here is the medical definition for the term anaerobic; "living, active, or occurring in the absence of free oxygen heavy exercise anaerobic respiration occurs, pyruvic acid acts as a hydrogen acceptor, and lactic acid builds up in the tissues." So, if cancer cells do not require oxygen for respiration, as healthy cells do, then what do they require? The acidic conditions mentioned above are one requirement of cancer cells, but they also happen to have 15 times more insulin receptors than normally functioning cells. Insulin is a hormone which causes cells within the body to take up & store glucose from the blood. It is obvious from this that cancer cells must need glucose for their survival, they simply would not have these extra insulin receptors otherwise.

All natural methods to beating cancer, which we are hearing more & more about in terms of their success rate for people with all types of cancer, begin with cutting sugar out of the diet, along with acidic foods & other types of unhealthy foods. Anyone interested enough to research into this further will soon discover that much of the food content we know to be bad for us, is in fact good for cancer cells, be it directly or in terms of hindering the ability of the immune system's functioning. Therefore analysing our foods in terms of their nutritional or harmful content is the logical way to begin boosting our immune system, starving the cancer cells of what they crave & feeding & improving the functioning of our healthy cells so that they remain strong & protected against the cancer so they may not be taken over.

Now bare in mind that natural, alternative treatment methods (although there are many) have an overall success rate of around 80%, compared with orthodox or medical treatments, for which the success rate is just over 2%! (The medical industry consider the treatment to be a success if the cancer does not return with in 5 years, the figures above are taken across the remaining lifetime of a person, whereby they never die of cancer or through the treatment itself or the side effects.)

Surely People Deserve the Best Chance?

It is a well known fact that chemotherapy, especially, damages the immune system & through repeated courses, along with other orthodox treatments or drugs it can pretty much completely destroy it, leaving the patient so vulnerable they usually die from something such as a common cold.

Now you would think that the medical recommendations to patients undergoing chemotherapy, or any other of their treatments, would be focused around the strengthening of the immune system & supplementing the body with vitamins, minerals & nutrients which will be sapped away as a result of these treatments. All drugs drain the body of essential nutrients, cancer drugs are particularly nasty & leave the body extremely depleted, fact. I mean the people are there choosing to have the treatment so surely they deserve the best chance of surviving it, the drug companies are already making their money through these people so why not give them the vey best advice they can?

I do not know the answer to this question. Maybe they are trying to steer people as far as they can away from alternative treatments in the fear that more people are in fact choosing them & of course; the more that do equals big losses in profit from cancer drugs.

Standard Practice For Advice Given To Cancer Patients

Following this information being almost insisted upon for my Dad to follow, I have since looked it up & it would appear to be now standard practice.

So what are they telling us to do?

"Go home & ensure to eat as much 'fattening' food as possible. This should include things such as cake, biscuits, crisps, cream, ice-cream, chocolate & basically anything stodgy!"

This course of action for any cancer patient WILL KILL THEM!

The reason given for following such advice: To prevent weight loss!

Of course it is a bad idea to lose too much weight when undergoing cancer treatment of any form, but there are ways to keep your weight up without killing yourself. Consuming good quality oils & lots of them, such as extra virgin olive oil, nut oils, coconut oil etc. are a good way to do this. These oils contain 'good fats' which are essential to good health. Why not recommend this? Those who make the rules on what is to be told to cancer patients must know that what they are saying is not only wrong but lethal advice be given, as I mentioned earlier; where does all the millions donated to cancer research go if this is the best advice the health care system can come up with?

Someone else I know of was given the following advice;

"Whatever you do, do not go home & look anything up on the internet to do with this as almost all information you will find is a load of rubbish & can only do more harm than good!"

This is clearly aimed at scaring people into following only the advice given to them at the hospital & the treatments they recommend, eliminating any possibility of them choosing an alternative method of treatment before they even discover them.

The sad thing is that people listen & do as they are told because they believe the advice are given is from the true experts, who know what they are talking about & how to give them the best possible chance of recovery.

Supplement Recommendations

Pines Wheat Grass Powder, 3.5 oz.
Pines Wheat Grass Powder, 3.5 oz.

A rich source of chlorophyll, contains over 200 enzymes not found in other foods, 20 amino acids, complete protein & is packed with vitamins, minerals & many other important nutrients. Aids cell oxygenation, protects healthy cells, builds immune system & is extremely alkaline!


What Advice Should People Follow To Improve Their Chances Of Beating Cancer?

Here are some very basic points which will increase your chances of beating cancer:

  • Follow a 'cancer diet' - even for those who choose to have chemotherapy, it's effectiveness will be vastly increased if they follow a suitable cancer diet.
  • Increase the effectiveness of your cancer diet by supplementing with additional vitamins & minerals - please see my cancer protocol for specific recommendations.
  • Exercise - even just a short walk each day will keep up your physical fitness, important for a stronger, healthier body. The fresh air will do you good too.
  • Use natural products - toxic ingredients in household cleaning as well as beauty & skincare products are known to be carcinogenic. Use natural alternatives instead containing plant based ingredients.
  • Stress - try to eliminate all stressful situations from your daily life. Stress is very harmful, especially when your health is already compromised.
  • Sleep - aim for as near to 9 hours sleep per night as you can, in complete darkness.
  • Get as much sunlight as possible - exposure of the skin to sunlight triggers the formation of vitamin D in the body.

Some Of The Strongest Cancer Killing Products Available

Certain Energetic Elixirs when used as a combo. are currently the most powerful cancer fighting products 'anywhere.'

You can however opt for the Most Vital Single Product to boost your protocol to a whole new level & add on extra products as you wish.

Details of these supplements & how they work within the body, including which work the best together, are featured on my website, please see links below.

All Comments & Opinions Welcome

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    • keepitnatural profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from Yorkshire, UK

      Hi Karen, I am truly sorry to hear of your current circumstances. I believe that from what you have said that you should definitely look at getting a cancer diet in place, as at least then you are in fact treating the cancer, whether the doctors like it or not!

      It seems like this is another reason too for us all to realise that we must make our own decisions where our health & possibly lives are concerned!

      I hope you manage to find, perhaps an alternative line of treatment, be it just the cancer diet or additional methods also. You say that medications don't agree with you, so there must be a drug-free method of treatment which is just right for you somewhere... I hope you find it & pull through this, please let us know of your progress?


    • profile image


      7 years ago

      i refused chemo an radiation, due to the fact i cannot even tolerate many medications an they havent even cured me of my balance issues, drs. were mad... i have stage 3 lung cancer ,had a lobectomy upper right lung, still dizzy ect. drs. told me to stay away from an drs. office ..i reported two of them an now my record shows some type of mental which i am fighting this as best i can to get this off my record... i was also told to stay off computer , because of advice from others...

    • keepitnatural profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from Yorkshire, UK

      Aw, this is such a sad story, Tebo, especially as it would appear that the healthy diet was working untill your husband was given this ridiculous advice.

      I agree entirely also with your view on the cancer cells themselves causing cravings for the wrong foods, in fact I am convinced this exactly what happens, so your poor husband would have felt such relief to be told by a dietician that he should eat these foods rather than fight the desire for them.

      I agree that 46 is very young, even for a smoker, to die of lung cancer, you just never know as my Dad was misdiagnosed twice before they discovered what was actually wrong with him.

      - - -

      b4u2, thankyou also for your comments. I have heard of simillar instances of people being shut down just because they were having such a good success rate. It is all very wrong & I guess we just need to keep trying to raise awareness in as many people as we can untill there are enough of us to make a strong stand against what is going on.

      It sounds like you are doing well & making all the best choices in your own battle against cancer & I really do wish you all the best with this into the future.

    • tebo profile image


      7 years ago from New Zealand

      This is a great hub. When my husband had lung cancer and had lost lots of weight, the dietician gave him the same advice. Eat cakes and all the rubbish under the sun. When else would a dietician suggest such utterly unhealthy eating? My husband had been following the healthy eating diet, but was happy when they told him to eat rubbish, because that's what he felt like, probably the cancer making him crave such foods. His cancer was quite advanced at the time, but the x- ray before his first round of chemo was better than the next one. I believe this was due to his diet. It was also better than the original x ray. I was so angry with those at the hospital for their eating suggestions. My husband only lasted two months. I suggested to the doctors they should include what each patient is doing themselves to help their outcome, be it diet, supplements etc when recording information for survival rates, otherwise their information is not completely accurate. Their eyes just glazed over. Interestingly my husbands father died of mesothelioma, and although my husband was a smoker I often wonder whether he at some time inhaled some asbestos when his mother shook out the overalls. He was 46 when he passed which is quite young even for a smoker, but not unheard of I know.

    • b4u2 profile image

      wtf u cannoT D0 a damThing here!!!??? 

      7 years ago from 22 f u!

      Hello everyone,Doctors outside of this Country know our doctors are wrong.I knew this 4 also know what cures cancer.They shut that doc who had the cure down!Iseen it on a bio channal about 20years ago.I did not do any of the things they suggested,such as radiation,chemo,why would I?I didn't need MORE TOXINS and POISON and my body after getting a peiace of colon cut out!This has been 6tears ago~I will be back here i think this maybe my new home.I am on another A&Q link,I must have answered over 2000,quetions there in 5months time.That's is when i 1st taught myself how to use the computer.I came here to hub(i 4-got i joined)2 try and fined help on this true short story i am working on.I don't know much about doing this on my own.I don't get much or any help in the other forurm im in.They are a bunch of jelous hethlins who won't/don't give a shit about anyone but thereself.I see theirs no spell i hope their isn't any self rightest asswiped who jugde me here.I took the long way around everything i do,i have to learn from shcrath & teach mtself mostlt all i do.I won't proof read this either,to much time~

    • keepitnatural profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from Yorkshire, UK

      Thanks, Austinstar, it just makes you wonder though if the doctors actually are aware of the truth or if they really believe in their methods they use & advice they give!? Somebody somewhere, no doubt, tells them what to say as guidelines change etc. & someone down the line must know how wrong it all is!

      It's great to know that there are people out there among those in the medical field giving good advice to cancer patients, it must be tough when the doctors tell you to say things you know are perhaps not really in the patients best interest!

    • Austinstar profile image


      7 years ago from Somewhere near the center of Texas

      Well researched. I would recommend this advice to my patients.

      I mainly treat cancer patients after they have become anemic. (I am an Immunohematologist) Cancer treatments tend to make many people anemic with mal-funtioning bone marrow depending on the type and severity of their cancer. Platelet replacement is vital to stabilize loss of blood. Replacement red blood cells are needed to carry oxygen. I always choose fresh blood for cancer patients.

      At any rate, I certainly agree that a sugar free diet can only be beneficial to everyone and especially for cancer patients. Good that you mention replacing lost calories with healthy nuts and oils.

      I'm not familiar with the elixirs you mention or the Azovin. I will do some research on these.

      In defense of the medical field, they know what they are taught and they are taught to NEVER question a doctor's orders. Of course, the doctor is wrong a great deal of the time, but we are not allowed to question it. The most we can do is try to educate the patients as best we can. Find a good doctor, check out his/her credentials and question everything! If something works, then continue with it. If something makes you worse off, then find a new doctor!

    • keepitnatural profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from Yorkshire, UK

      Thankyou so much for your support, tnvrstar!

    • tnvrstar profile image


      7 years ago from doha, qatar

      wow! great article , thanks for sharing

    • keepitnatural profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from Yorkshire, UK

      Well my Dad did have chemotherapy, although it was completely ineffective & so they decided against carrying on with it. It was a few weeks after this when he started his cancer diet & alternative treatment plan & this was when his tumour began to shrink rapidly.

      I do know others who have opted out of chemotherapy & beaten cancer purely through through diet & supplements (one was a lady with breast cancer) & a couple more who are winning their battle at this time.

    • Ingenira profile image


      7 years ago

      Very informative hub.

      Have you encountered many cancer survivors who did not go through chemotherapy ?


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