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medicine, politics, another failed health plan

Updated on July 23, 2009

Nightmare of Healthcare reform

There is no system of health care for the poor, disabled, working poor, or anyone else in the U.S., unless you are a congress-Person or a federal or other government worker. The republican party has decided again, that individuals should create their own health plan and not have to depend on Congress and the citizens of this capitalist country to do it for them.

In reality,, the tax payers do pay for a kind of health care plan in which sick or injured go to the nearest emergency room and apply for treatment. By law, no matter their employment status or how much money they have in the bank, they must be treated. the bill for emergency care in the staggering. is inefficient , it is the most costly way to deliver health care, and many suffering patients sometimes do not get follow-up care, and end up worse off at some other emergency room, x-rays and expensive procedures are repeated, or they go home or back to the streets where they die.

Bills get mailed for this type of care, but quite often the mail is returned for lack of a correct or working address. Often these patients use different names when they register and are assigned a different doctor whoknows little of their medical history. Mistakes are made. Waiting time in emergency rooms is increasing. Patients get angry and combative, creating a need for more emergency room personnel and increased costs.

Instead of preventative care, which most other countries have adoppted as the most efficient and humane model, the U.S. has a "fee for service" type of payment method.  No procedure, no payment. the result is, of course, spiraling, out -of -control health care costs that are reducing the country to third world status. We can't afford the system we have but it is the most lucrative for the special interest groups who will fight tooth and nail to keep it.

The behind China in pre-natal care and family planning., Public funds are practically zero in many counties for pre-natal care or family planning. A woman may already have six chilren at the age of 25, but she will receive no family planning information and will show up at a county hospital for delivery of the child. she will have had no pre-natal education for her and the baby, and thedoctory will know practically nothing about her medical history.

Again, the complications may cost the hospital a fortune, and under these circumstances, the chances of complication are very high and it is the taxpayer who is expected to pay. the procedures that are preformed on this woman may include a C-secttion, operating room time, a likelihood of infection, with a course of newly prescribed anti-biotic medications which may be overwhelmed anyway, and the patient will die.

Everyone should visit an emergency room and just observe the interaction between medical personnel and those who bring them in. Patients who must wait sometimes for hours for an empty treatment room where they may be seen by a doctor feel they are being ignored and go off on someone and end up in handcuffs. In South Los Angeles,  just last moth a woman with a perforated bowel died on the waiting room floor because the staff ignored her pleas for help. These were not mean or uncaring people.

In such an environment, patients get lost, and sometimes are ignored and die. Priority are the shootings, stabbings, heart attacks, strokes, car acciidents,, work injuries, near-drownings, and drownings, asphyxiations, poisonings, food born illness,falls, beatings, fake injuries to get drugs, burns, scaldings, spider, snake and dog bites, and the assorted mental pathologies and paraphilias, incest, child abuse, and assorted drug and alcohol overdoses, a freaked out manic depressive, who decides he no longer needs his meds. There is dental trauma, such as a tooth forced through soft tissue of the cheek..Heroic efforts save many seriously ill and injured patients. The finest equipment and specialists are called in who know how to use it.  No expense is spared, even for the alcoholic, drug ridden, street people who live by their wits on skid row,  the elderly, homeless and disoriented, the overdosing teen-agers.

This is the best we can do, there just isn't any money, besides it isn't up to society to pay for a private citizen's medical care. Any payer other than through anindividual's work is Communist. It can't be done. We won't do it.

Yet, nine of ten respondants to a poll on public paid health insurance say they want a system that will pay for their care when they are sick or injured. Obama was elected on it. But the politicians, always know what's best and will attempt to vote down any health bill. Of course, it's not Communism when the wealthy get hefty tax breaks, receive grants for job training, and even employment. Who has the  finest parks, community centers, roads, landscaping, and sound suppression? 

Those who live in the fancy neighborhoods where two or three people may share a 20,000 square-foot "pad." Compare that to the family of five, living in a 700 square foot hovel and paying over half their meager income on rent. Even with both parents working, there is no insurance against childhood diseases or accident.  Will the rich grant their favorable treatment to spare this family?

The only answer now is to tell these people to get a good job with health insurance, a luxury not even a better educated person now enjoys. Companies are dumping healthcare plans because they can.

We know that the removal of regulations and ignoring what other control if any was exerted over the bankers and large stock brokers that could of helped to avoid the fraud and theft that caused the economic collapse of the U.S. But, sure enough. there are the Republicans whining about too much government regulation.

Today, we learn of more mortage lending corruption that will cost over two billion dollars. People have lost faith in the institutions of government. Societies' originally formed for the protection of the weak and those uable to fight off the bullies.  It was an economic advantage to form markets in towns to service the population.

Mostly, these days we hardly know who makes the food we eat, the clothes we wear, and who is behind the machinery keeping the infrastructure together and functioning. It's getting that way with medicine.  An insujrance company decides who the doctor will see that day, and how many he will see..

Men with guns order him to prescribe or not to prescribe certain drugs, even though it's his specialty to know what drugs to use or not use. The insurance company decides for him what drugs(after the guys with badges are through) they will pay for, how long the patient may stay in the hospital, and even if the patient may go to the hospital at all. A record of every patients' drug use is kept in a giant, government computer, presumably, for the use of any law enforcement person to use as they see fit.

The doctor has a company computer which has the other protocol the doctor must follow in order to get a patient treated, and of course so that he may receive his pay check.  Almost every single movement, procedure, and method utilized in the office is proscribed down to the minute.  Mechanics  and body repair men have used this method for years.  what's the problem?

 Meanwhile, non-related companies are still at it.  Qual-Com has been fined by a South Korean Company for violating the terms of the agreement.  Q-com is liable for millions. Who pays?  the shareholders, who are honest, hard-working people, trying to set up a decent retirement plan for themselves.

Companies scammed the pension plans. The author lost his $40.000 pension plan in one company to raiders we moved in, drained the cash, and moved on. Has government set up protection for workers in cases like this?  I got $700; less taxes when the government stepped in.  Six months later the company "reorganized" and, fresh with the scammed funds, started all over again. In fact, new ways were developed to scam the employees out of their money. Part of the problems with the economy today were caused by these unscrupulous bastards who laughed about stealing from old ladies and orphans, went to "jail" for a year or two and are already making big money on the lecture circuit.  In fact, whole companies lost so much to crooks, the employees lost everything, including their job when the company went under.

All right, we bailed out the banks. Who are they loaning to?  Only the best, most worthy, highest numerically credit rated, blue chip, A1 neighborhood customers may expect to get loans.  Despite most of the money comng from the ordinary tax payer, have they been able to get a loan or a mortgage? 

Buffet loans Goldman a few billion,  and in return gets back 40%  interest on his money.  The U.S. taxpayer got back 23% on the billions it loaned Goldman.  Buffett is called a genius and laughs all the way to the bank (presumably Goldman-Sachs). No one asks if it's legal or ethical.  All laugh like it's a tremendous joke.   The government got suckered by Buffett and Goldman, but aren't the laughers forgetting something?  The government are us.  The joke is on us. 

The last  so-called health care plan gave the pharmaceutical companies a huge windfall.  Even they couldn't believe it.  Across the border, cheaper drugs were the U.S.  Those suffering long-term illness were required to cough up more of the co-pay. 

The drug companies routinely asked for and got name brand (more expensive and profitable for the drug company) p;rescriptions rather than the generic.  HMO"s received  a tremendous infusion in cash, so much that they were offering free spa use and reduced co-pays to enrollees,  as more and more providers squeezed in and tried to get a piece of the golden pie.

Now, they want more time before a drug they develop goes generic(they lose the patent). Will the drug companies step up in this great time of need for the U.S.?

Will the wealthy step up now, paying back a small portion of the advantage tjhey enjoy over the majority of the population?  The advantage of a hugh tax-cut signed almost eight years ago by a president that never saw a special interest he didn't like. A president who reached the status of "beloved" by his party and constituints while he was lying so that he coujld drag the U.S. into a quagmire in Iraq..

Granting that the doctors have to have a lot of education, (though medical schools get public funding), will the doctors making over a million dollars come forward and sacrafice a little of their hard earned cash to help the system recover?


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    • solarcaptain profile imageAUTHOR

      mike king 

      9 years ago from california

      Alas-I err, which is human but unforgivable. In the last paragraph I say; Society is set up for the protection of the weak.

      Actually the paragrah should say; society was originally a band of individuals who needed protection from their bigger and meaner neighbors. These individuals formed a group or tribe to protect one another, including the feeble, the young and the elderly.


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