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Meditation For Anger

Updated on March 20, 2013

Managing Anger Through Meditation

Meditation for anger is designed to help you control one of the more powerful emotions. Anger is one of those emotions that often arises from a good place, one where we want to be respected and thought valuable to others, but then gets filtered incorrectly and anger ensues. Most people would say that they do not get angry for "no reason" but instead will point to some outward situation or person and say that "That things made me angry." Starting from that point we will use meditation to bring a more holistic approach to understanding anger control.

Getting Control Over Your Emotions

The first thing we look at is that no thing or person has the power to make you angry. They may do things that you assign your anger to, but that is the choice you make yourself. This is self empowerment. As soon as you know your are responsible for your own anger, you can begin to control it. Of course, this most likely will not be the easiest thing to do, but probably one of the most beneficial.

Understanding Other Points of View

One of the best examples to understand the inconsistency of anger is to take an instance of road rage. Say you are driving along and all of a sudden someone cuts you off, you spill some of your coffee and your adrenaline starts to race. Maybe cuss words start to fly out of your mouth and that particular driver, whether they can hear you or not, they are probably being called all sorts of stupids and morons, and other not so savory mentions. We have all been there.

Now think to the time when you were late, driving to work or an important event and you cut someone off. What would you want that person you cut off to do... would you want them to know that you are running late and cut you some slack... of course! The first step is putting yourself in the other person's shoes and assuming the best.

Your Meditation for Anger

Meditation for anger starts the same as our other meditations. Think about and then write down in a meditation journal all the situations where you find yourself most angry. After getting these down start to think about them as you relax your mind and body. Now at the beginning of the meditation process think of scenarios where you would be not be angry if you knew the reason behind someone's action. Maybe the person driving had a wife in labor, maybe the person who yelled at you on the subway just got fired from their jobs. Then relax your mind more fully and filter these thoughts through your heart. Let the brain do its work now to rewire these situations so that you find peace instead of anger, rewiring your path through your heart and through love instead of pure emotion.

Whether or not you get angry is totally up to you and meditation for anger allows you to observe and understand the situations that most likely are to cause you grief. Allowing you to build up mental and spiritual habits to filter your anger through your heart chakra.

Get Help With Your Meditation Experience

Modern Chakra Meditation Guide: 7 Days to a Clearer Mind

Meditation for Anger Mantras

I control my anger

I do not let the small things bother me

Life is too short to be angry

I filter my anger through love

My heart chakra guides me through anger

Modern Chakra Meditation Guide: 7 Days To A Clearer Mind

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    • meditationhowto1 profile image

      meditationhowto1 4 years ago

      Sound advice and a very pleasant mantra, nice.

    • shewins profile image

      shewins 5 years ago

      It seems like a lot of people need this advice. Why is everyone so angry?

    • Zhana21 profile image

      Zhana 5 years ago

      If you are feeling angry, it means you are experiencing unmet needs - that's what we say in Nonviolent Communication (NVC). Once I learned this method, my meditation practice greatly improved.

    • ksktika profile image

      ksktika 5 years ago

      The purpose of meditation is control or train your mind. That could control you anger.