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Meditation for Anxiety - Letting go of Fear

Updated on March 20, 2013

Calming Your Fears Through Meditation

Meditation for anxiety is designed to address the fact that everyone has stress in their lives from time to time that leads to anxious feelings or anxious situations. There are those that actually suffer from diagnosable anxiety disorders. This manifests itself often as social anxiety, as dealing with other people leads to a stressful situation, or even stress just thinking about a situation. You may be worried that others are thinking negatively about you, or that you might say the wrong words. And this is only one type of anxiety!

Before You Start Your Meditation

Prepare yourself for anxiety meditation by taking 5 minutes to go over those things in your life you fear the most. Are you afraid of failure? of speaking in front of people? taking tests? Go over this list mentally but make sure to then write it out as well. This first step prepares your mind to help you release these fears as meditation for anxiety is designed to do. Once you see them on paper your mind knows that as powerful as these fears are they are not you. Again, you are not your fears!

Relaxing Your Body and Mind

Start the meditation process as you would any other. Relaxing your body, part by part, and finally getting to the mind. Since right before you started the meditation your mind was focused on your anxiety, images and feelings will start to arise in response to your meditation warmup. The key here now is to observe, as we do in all meditation, just observe the fears, the images that these anxious situations provide. Notice that you can be on the outside looking in, once you start to distance yourself from the fears, the meditation helps your anxiety to dissipate, becomes no more or less important than other things in your life if you so choose.

You Can Control Your Anxiety!

Believe in Yourself

The key here is to know that as real as the anxiety is, you control your response. Going through this meditation process will help you to become more aware the next time an anxiety attacks start to present itself, or you have a fear of going out enjoying the world in any way. As the anxiety wells up take a step back mentally, which meditation will train you to do, and observe that there is nothing to fear.

As with all worthwhile endeavors, this will take some time to for meditation to release your anxiety, but to your delight you will notice some results right away and over time controlling your anxiety becomes easier and easier to do.

Be Guided Through Your Meditation Journey

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Mantras For Anxiety Meditation

I am not my fears

Anxiety does not control my life

Meditation helps control my anxiety

Controlling my anxiety is becoming easier and easier

Love is greater than my fear

Everyday in every way I am becoming better and healthier

Modern Chakra Meditation Guide: 7 Days to Clearer Mind

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    • suepogson profile image

      suepogson 4 years ago

      It is lovely to have this expressed so clearly and simply. Thank you for an insightful and helpful lens

    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      Helpful Lens thanks :) I need this very much