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Meditation for Depression

Updated on March 20, 2013

There is Light Hiding in the Darkness, Meditation Shows the Way!

Meditation for depression is designed to help you lift your spirits in those dark times in your life when your passion disappears and the world seems gloomy. Everyone goes through this state of mind at one point or another, not everyone feels depression the same way or is as affected as another may be. You know best when you are feeling down and looking for a reminder of the beauty in the world. Take some time to read through this meditation for depression and find the light around you.

Depression often manifests itself in making you feeling like life has no meaning. The passion for a job or hobby, or even a loved one, seems to have lost its luster. The things that made us happiest do not seem to be making us happy anymore, it is a very difficult state to be in no doubt. Some people trudge along and get through these low points and learn to avoid them in the future. Meditation for depression relies on using your inner energy to fuel the rest of your body and mind out of the funk.

Get Into the SUN!!!

First thing to think about is how much sunlight you have been getting. So much of our modern lives are spent indoors that we miss out on the very important sunlight. It fuels production of different vitamins in our bodies, it encourages healthy eyesight, and also regulates our sleeping patterns. If you are suffering from seasonal depression it may help to get a sun lamp. Doing this meditation out in the sun would be of the most benefit, but anywhere will do.

Sit down and start to think about the sun and light. Do not judge these thoughts, just picture a dark room and how it becomes alive when light bounces off of different objects. Our life energy emits energy just like light and helps create the world around you. The brighter your inner light the crisper and more fulfilling life will seem. Concentrate on your heart chakra and your crown chakra to open your mind, body, and spirit to the energy of the universe and let your heart chakra radiate it outward.

Meditation Guide: 7 Days to a Clearer Mind!

Modern Chakra Meditation Guide: 7 Days to a Clearer Mind

Write it all down... then just BE!

Sit down before your meditation and write those things that most make you happy, maybe not at the moment, but those things you know you enjoyed in the past. Look at the list as you relax your body and think about a strong light shining upon these experiences, these joyful things in your life. Let the energy around you enter through your crown chakra and give you the extra energy you have been missing. You can tap into this at any time. Picture the flow of a glowing healthy light entering through the top of your skull, this will help open the chakras. Imagine yourself glowing with light, it is really happening. Sit in this light...

Meditation for Depression Mantras

It is always darkest before the light

The beauty is all around me if I open my heart

I shine like the sun

Might light is a positive light

I will not give up

Share Your Meditation Experience Here!

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    • blestman lm profile image

      blestman lm 

      6 years ago

      The biggest thing for me was getting more sunlight. Meditating outside finally broke my deep depression.


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