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Meditation For Focus

Updated on March 20, 2013

Using Meditation to Get On Task & Stay on Task!

This meditation for focus is meant to introduce you to using the meditative state to prepare for a concentrated, or focused effort. By giving your mind intention before working on a project or activity you can increase your attention on that task. What you are doing is giving your mind the required framework in which to work and then allowing yourself to be more mindful during that task instead of over thinking any particular idea. This means that when you sit down to write a report for example whether for work or school, and you start writing only to find your mind starting to wander. The task at hand gets lost among the noise.

Meditation for focus takes a few minutes to prep your mind with a nice arena in which to work, one in which the task that you are about to perform is given the center stage. From this you can be in an optimal mindset. This is what real focus relies on, keeping your mind fully centered on a particular subject and allowing it to roam freely within this scaffolding.

Setting the Concentration Framework

To start a meditation for focus take 5-10 minutes to sit in front of a piece of paper and write the main topics that will make up your upcoming project or activity. If you need to read a book or preparation and need to focus on the material, take 15 minutes before you read to go through this focus meditation. During the first 5 minutes relax your mind and body, and look over the table of contents of the book (report or topic), think about the main topics and write these in front of you with a few phrases of what you intend to get from the reading. Things like "I will read this to understand green energy concepts" "I will understand this company's objective" whatever topic you are about to learn, give yourself 5 minutes of written out intention.

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During the Meditation

For the following 10 minutes let those topics bounce around your mind picking up any relation you may already have. Do not think any thought too absurd, do not judge what association you make. Your mind is taking this time to form a framework to fit this upcoming topic into your world. The subconscious is doing the work of laying the foundation, you will have an easier time filling it later. Let yourself come out of meditative state as you go ahead and start your work or project.

Meditation for Focus Mantras

I understand new concepts easily

My mind is ready to focus

Concentration is becoming easier and easier

I enjoy preparing

My focus is laser sharp

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