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Meditation for Happiness

Updated on March 20, 2013

Elevating Your Happiness With Meditation

Meditation for happiness could really seem to be a bit redundant! Meditation in and of itself will help bring about balance, which is really what happiness is all about. Not a moment of joy, we can find those dotted throughout our lives. But a overall sense of happiness that accompanies you throughout the day. When everything seems to fall in place nicely, even those moments that seem negative begin to become learning experiences instead of moments of grief.

That being said you can use meditation time to help bring about a happier feeling even in the moment, or in anticipation of an event. Like going to see family, sometimes it is amazing and sometime it is quite stressful. By giving time to meditation for happiness you are more likely to go into a scenario and leave with a positive feeling. This applies for any social situation or stressful times in your life.

Starting Your Happiness Meditation

Take out your meditation journal, if you do not have one, that is totally fine. Get yourself a piece of paper and pen and start one! Similarly to the depression meditation, start to think about those things in your life that bring you the most joy, finishing a project, friends and family. Do not worry if you miss something or someone just go with the moment. The second part here is to then write down the things in the world that you think would make other people happy... things like health care, love, freedom, a feeling of worth. Write those down next to the other things that make you happiest.

Modern Chakra Meditation Guide

7 Days to a Clearer Mind

Moving Through Your Meditation

What you have done with the above exercise is given your mind and spirit the framework to not only find happiness in your world but to help give it to others as well. The beautiful thing is that it will come back to you 10 fold over the long run. The better you are to others AND to yourself the more the universe will reward you. The more the balance takes hold.

Bring yourself down to a meditative state, observing the thoughts about these concepts you have written down. Picture a happy planet, a happy work place, let your mind show you what a well balanced and happy world look like. Coming out of the meditation write down two things to bring about this happiness... one for yourself and one for another person. If you can not think of something particularly no problem at all, just give yourself special awareness to find a moment during your day to bring joy to your life or someone else's. Such as paying for the person behind you line’s coffee, or giving yourself a nice 5 minutes break to enjoy an iced coffee.

Modern Chakra Meditation Guide: Clearing Your Mind Through Meditation

Modern Chakra Meditation Guide: 7 Days to a Clearer Mind
Modern Chakra Meditation Guide: 7 Days to a Clearer Mind

A Meditation Guide for the Western Lifestyle!


Meditation for Happiness Mantras!

A balanced life is a happy life

Happiness for others is happiness for myself


I find joy in all things

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