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Meditation for Jealousy

Updated on March 20, 2013

Using Meditation to Work on your Envy

Participating in a meditation for jealousy will allow you to find a peaceful balance between striving toward specific goals and living in the now, enjoying where you currently are in life. When you appreciate where you are in terms of family, friends, occupation, money, and all these other worldly things, then jealously will tend to not rear its ugly head. But when you start to see the good fortune of others and match it up against your own through a meditation for jealousy you will get you back to the positive flow of life.

Gratitude Through your Meditation

Once you realize that when others receive good fortune, amazing opportunities, and positive things in their lives that it will reflect back to you in your own, you can combat any envy you may have for another's life or possessions and begin to use meditation as a tool to this balance.

Other meditations here on the site have you write down things that you are grateful for and meditate on those particular things to find appreciation. Here you can combat jealousy by meditating on those things that you feel jealous about instead of the things you have. When you allow for your subconscious and unconscious mind to process what the actual meaning is behind the jealousy then this jealousy meditation will free you to pursue those goals with positive intent.

Modern Chakra Meditation Guide

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Start Your Meditation for Jealousy Here

First get yourself comfortable and take out your meditation notebook, or any paper and pen you have handy. Start to analyze those things that you feel jealous about. Does one of your friends constantly talk about the wonderful vacations they take. Or maybe a coworker got a promotion for which you were really trying. Take these all down in front of you and and write a way that you can feel this same joy in your own life that you see in others.

If it is more money that you would like, simply write that down:

I am jealous of my neighbor's new car, they seem to have much more money than I do.

Write down the things you would buy with this extra money, or the difference you would make in your promotion. Now let it all go. Tell yourself that you are now very happy for the person you are jealous of because your own life is filled with abundance. Relax your body, take 15 minutes to just sit there in the stillness and allow your mind to process the abundance and appreciation in your own life, but allow yourself to show gratitude for the other individual whom you were jealous. They are showing you areas in your own life you would like to improve!

Meditation for Jealousy Mantras

Other’s good fortune is my good fortune

What goes around comes around

I have a wonderful life that I can continue to grow

I have everything I need but will continue to work toward the future.

Get Your Meditation Guide Here

Modern Chakra Meditation Guide: 7 Days to a Clearer Mind
Modern Chakra Meditation Guide: 7 Days to a Clearer Mind

Achieve Balance in Your Life focusing on your chakras,


How Has Meditation Changed Your Life

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    • Gypzeerose profile image

      Rose Jones 4 years ago

      Meditation is good that is for sure, and jealousy is painful. Still, look at what the jealousy is teaching you before you work on eliminating it. For instance, I was envious of my ex-husband's lifestyle and then I realized I could work to insure that the elements that I was envious of - travel particularly - could be something I aspired for.

    • LiteraryMind profile image

      Ellen Gregory 4 years ago from Connecticut, USA

      I used to meditate and it helped me to overcome anxiety and lower my stress. I should really do more. I never thought of using it to overcome jealousy.

    • shewins profile image

      shewins 4 years ago

      Beautiful lens. Jealousy is something that can poison our relationship with others and blind us to our own good fortune.