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Meditation for Joy - Appreciating Existence

Updated on March 20, 2013

Meditation Can Be Used to Appreciate and Find Joy In Your Life!

This meditation for joy is an exercise for the individual that aims at bringing about a complete and fantastic appreciation for all of life and for all of existence. A true feeling of joy comes about when the playfulness of life starts to become understood as a very important concept of your daily routine. Being playful, that is approaching things through a child's eyes will bring about an automatic appreciation and therefore joy.

Many of us begin to lose the appreciation for life as the sands of time and the days of experience start to stack up behind. Constant bombardment by the news and media of negativity help fuel an approach of suspicion instead of an approach of wonder. The small, but wonderful things in life now are overlooked, or become a burden. Meditation for joy brings you back to the moment, back to your now, and widens the eyes of curiosity and appreciation.

What To Do!?!?

Take out your meditation notebook, if you do not have one now is a great time to start! But before you write anything down, start to just calm down, and repeat 7 times “Joy is in the appreciation of all experience.” After you repeat this, basically preparing your mind to find peace in this meditation for joy, write down 5 tasks that you perform daily... like brushing your teeth, taking kids to practice, or a work task. Next to each of these five items write down how you think your child-self would have approached these tasks for the first time and where joy could be found.


Brushing Teeth - A wonderful task that allows me to eat sweets but still keep my teeth and mouth healthy.

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Moving Forward in Your Meditation for Joy

Bring yourself into a relaxed state as you imagine your muscles, one by one, melting away. Work up your body starting with your feet and making your way to your mind. Relax. As you drift into deeper meditation picture yourself performing the task you had written above but with appreciation and joy in your heart to why you do these particular things. Imagine driving to work, and instead of it being a hassle of a commute, imagine seeing new buildings or sites each time you drive. There are new things to discover in these everyday occurrences that hold a treasure of personal joy.

Continue to use this meditation everyday as you grow a child-like approach to all things you do, but with the experience you have spent a lifetime gathering.

Meditation for Joy Mantras

Life is full of wonder

I appreciate all of existence

Approach life through the eyes of a child

Take time to notice

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