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Meditation For Letting Go

Updated on March 20, 2013

Using Meditation to Let Go of the Past

This meditation for letting go is designed to help an individual get through rough times in life. Maybe you are sitting still, overthinking the past, unable to continue your normal life because of something that happened to you. These things are very real, these thoughts can take over your brain and life causing discomfort and depression, as well as keeping you from your true self. Letting go means being able to move on from something or somethings in your life. When you let go you appreciate the life you have been given and allow yourself to grow.

Approaching Your Meditation

In any meditation for letting go it is important to realize that you are not your past. That the current “now” is all that exists and more importantly you have control over your future. Are you going to sit there and just stay stuck on one event, or are you going to go out there and live!? (Yes you are!) Well you know that it is healthier and better to enjoy your life and be in control of your happiness than sit still and get deeper into your rut.

“Circular thought, like swirling water, gets deeper and darker but never moves forward.”

This is a quote here from Modern Chakra that gives a very simple but powerful analogy to those thoughts that you just can not let go of. Use this meditation for letting go to ease your way out of this deep water and onto the waves, moving you forward.

Meditation Making You Smile!
Meditation Making You Smile!

Moving Forward in Your Life

Sit down and take out your meditation journal, or a piece of paper and a pen. Here is where you write down the thought, or event, that has been keeping you from moving forward. Maybe you have had a recent (or not so recent) breakup that you cannot shake. Or perhaps a decision in the past has you questioning yourself and your future. Maybe you think you made the wrong choice. Write this down beginning with the following "I am getting over ___________" fill in your issue. (Quick note: Everything is a learning experience, you do not make wrong or bad choices, you have learned what you would and would not do in a similar situation going forward.)

After writing down the issue that you are going to be releasing write a sentence or two about the positives you can take from the experience or choice. It may be hard but fake it if you have to, sometimes you may be quite depressed, or your rut deep, and you feel nothing positive from the experience. But write something anyways, as they are true whether you believe it at first or not. That is why you are here taking the first step...YOU CAN DO IT! Letting go is not impossible but it does take a bit of work and time through meditation.

Get Your Own Meditation Guide Here

Modern Chakra Meditation Guide: 7 Days to a Clearer Mind

Example of Turning Negative Into a Positive

Here is an example:

Consider the following:

“I am getting over a bad breakup.”

Now let's take a positive spin: I had many wonderful times with my past partner that I will cherish, but what I have learned from the relationship is what enables me to grow, and looking to the past will not change a thing. I am thankful for this experience to help me learn. I know what I value in a relationship and what I value in myself. Going forward I only use this experience as a reference and not let it dictate my life!

You have prepped not only your mind but your spiritual self to value everything you have learned.

Now You are Ready to Apply this to Meditation

Begin to relax your body in a comfortable meditation position, whether that be sitting or laying down. Let your muscles relax, imagining this happening in your minds eye. Repeat 7 times outloud "I am letting go of past issues and moving forward with a happy and healthy life." Tell this to yourself and listen. Continue to relax your body. Now relax your mind as your body is now still. Let your thoughts just flow through like watching water flow down a river. Do not judge or dismiss these thoughts, let them happen, as if you are an observer. Your mind and spirit will begin to make the necessary changes, subconsciously and unconsciously, to help you let go. Do this exercise as often as you can, daily for bigger issues, or as needed.

Each time you do this you will let go more and more, as a meditation for letting go is designed to do. You can also take 5 minutes after your meditation to write about your experience and after you write yourself this personal note finish it by writing down and saying out loud "Letting go feels good and it is becoming easier and easier to live a healthy and happy life." (Repeat this phrase throughout the day for an added boost!)

Meditation for Letting Go Mantras

Letting go of the past frees me to enjoy the now and plan for my future

I am more than my thoughts

Every experience is a learning experience helping me to find my way

Life teaches me lessons and I love to learn!

Share Your Meditation Experience Here!

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    • bluelily lm profile image

      bluelily lm 

      6 years ago

      Very true! meditation is the real solution to all problems created by thoughts.

    • meditationhowto1 profile image


      6 years ago

      Great lens! Really lovely approach here, I work with mindfulness on a daily basis to let things go. I find it amazing that it took me so long to actually realise that letting go of all that baggage was the right thing to do, after I finally did I was amazed by the improvements I felt in my life. I do urge people to do this if they have never tried anything like it before, you will love the difference!

    • CornellMarCom LM profile image

      CornellMarCom LM 

      6 years ago

      as a meditation addict I love the lens. When you let go of the past you have room to move forward.


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