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Melted Memories

Updated on October 21, 2014

The Memories We Keep

Our lives are defined by our memories. What we take from them, our experiences & our goals we hope to attain. Our memories melt out of us as we age. For, as long as we remember, our past will stay illuminated.

Here are some memories & thoughts, I have, of melting situations.......I really hope you enjoy reading through all of these colorfully worded observations, feelings & memories! I really like how it turned out.

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Melting Situations

When I think of the past, there are a lot of memories that stick out.....memories that have to deal with things melting. Ice cream, Birthday candles & even a movie about foolish Nazi's seeking an ark of power to unleash.

Also in my memory banks are some of my favorite past times that have always helped to melt my worries away. Video games, movies, name it. There are plenty of fun times to be had in this world & everyone has something they do to relieve themselves of stress.

Ice Cream - My favorite stress relieving food

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I eat Ice Cream even when I'm not stressful. It's just so darn good! Did you know, that we are the only species on this planet that don't drink our own milk, other than during childbirth. Cows taste good, sounds gross. lol My favorite Ice Cream is Chocolate. There are these stores/shops here in New York called Stewart's. They're basically gas station type stores. Some of their stores don't have gas station hooks up, they're like little convenience stores. They make their own brand of Ice Cream & I Love It!

I was hooked on a different brand, one that's big in the Ice Cream industry. No, not Ben & Jerry's. It rhymes with Breyer's, lol. The supermarket was out of my flavor in their brand and so I went with Stewart's and oh baby was it good! Then when I tried the other brand again, oh man was it nasty! It had an after taste! Wow, how did this happen..... Well no reason to question it. My new Ice Cream venture has been about 7 or 8 years strong. So get yourself some Ice Cream & cool off this Summer or Winter, Yum!

Do You Eat Ice Cream To Relieve Stress?

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Melt Away Your Cares & Worries!

Stress, tense muscles! We need to unwind sometimes. Let the air out of your stuffy head & take a breather. Do what makes you happy. Watch your favorite show or movie, listen to your favorite songs, play that video game that consumes your spirit as the world falls away. Don't take that trip to Heart Attack City, it's not a well paved road. It's been traveled much to many and has its share of potholes. "Stop & smell the roses" they say, but also greet the bees and mind the ants. Write about your life, poetry, something you love. Do what it is, that makes you happy.

Video Games

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Video Games can be stressful, but not if it's one you love. It's a different kind of stress, frustration is more like it! You shot the bad guy like 20 times and he still won't enemy comes out of nowhere and hits you twice & your dead! Come On!!! At least it's not a world weighing stress. The game isn't going to effect your job unless you call in sick because you were playing the game too late or want to beat the next level.

I love playing video games and I'm pretty decent at them. My brother is the best gamer I know. He was born in '76(I was born in 83), so he's been playing games since all the systems & games came out, pretty much. I can still remember him playing the first Zelda game on the Nintendo when I was really young. I wasn't fully capable of playing the games good enough, I wasn't awake enough yet, mentally. I played the basic Super Mario Bros. and couldn't get that far at that age. Even further down the road I can remember him playing hardcore games and being loud because it wasn't working out for him lol. My friends would be over and laugh because my mom wouldn't yell at him to be quiet like their strict moms would. It was pretty funny! It's passionate gameplay, like someone rooting for their favorite sports teams. If you tell them to shut up you're most likely going to get yourself shut up with a knuckle sandwich.

So play some great video games and pass the days away. Summer's a good time to play, you don't have to worry about being up for school(unless you're grown up of course). Although your parents will still complain about you needing to get up and do more than play your games all day, cooped up inside etc. Just try not to go overboard and live underground too long. If your eyes start hurting when you venture into the light and you start wearing shades to adjust, then you have a problem! :oP

Do You Like Playing Video Games To Relax?

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Video Games

Video games aren't just for kids, and furthermore, they aren't just for boys or men. They make games for every age group, every gender and for every type person. So whether you want to solve puzzles, blow stuff up or be someone else for a little while, video games are for you!

Video Games & Consoles

To really try out some games you can go on eBay and find a lot sale, consisting of video gaming systems and games, all in one auction. That way when you own it you can pick and choose from all the different games, whichever one you like better - more choices!


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Lose yourself in a movie and let the world & your problems melt away for a little while! "Laughter is the best medicine" as they say. Comedies would be a good place to start. Maybe basque yourself in a romance or fantasy movie and fill the air with an essence of intrigue. Join the fights with an action movie full of explosions and hardcore funny one liners.

How's about an Indiana Jones adventure movie. Speaking of melting, were you semi-horrified at the melting Nazi at the end of "Indiana Jones & The Raiders of The Lost Ark"? Did you start to close your eyes too but knew it was just a movie or did curiosity just kept them open. What a great set of movies those Indiana Jones movies are. Harrison Ford nailed it! He's one of the all time best actors, in my book. Whether he's framed by a one armed man or blasting Darth Vader out of the way so Luke Skywalker can blow up the Death Star, his movies will always rock all that is holy!

Do You Relieve Stress By Watching TV Shows Or Movies?

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Movie Ideas

Movies will never stop being made, until that is, the planet is completely destroyed(which might not be too far off!), so buy a movie, watch it and melt your cares away!


Reading a book is a great stress reliever. Writing is as well! So read a book, write a book or even listen to an audiobook. Reading can make you tired so in turn, sleeping is also a great stress reliever. There's no sense in going through the genres. They fall into the same types of categories as the movies I mentioned. Write about anything, make an article on Squidoo, keep a diary, Tweet or Facebook something. Use the internet for fun. There's always something to do. Throw stress and boredom out the door. Open the window and let in the air of carefree.

Do You Like Writing or Reading To Relieve Stress & Tension?

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Search For Some Book Ideas

Lose yourself in a book! Maybe there's one you've been putting off or have been wanting to buy but didn't have the money or the time! Make the time! The first step is getting the book, if you don't have it already! The next step is to find the time. Everyone needs their alone time.


Keep your mind & memories from completely melting away from you. Do puzzles, word searches, word jumbles, math problems or even play the kids memory games. Keep your wits about you, read mysteries & watch movie mysteries. Find some problem solving topics. Go to an online question website and try to answer someones questions.

It's important to keep your brain functioning so you're not forgetful and don't forget the people & things you love. It's so hard to see & deal with someone that has no memory or recollection of you.....when you've known them your whole they pass in and out of mental consciousness with their random ideas flowing through their brains, criss crossing memories. The nostalgic & meaningless little whims alike. It's sad! So just keep your mind sharp and learn to relax and not overextend your worry threshold with too much on your plate. Don't be afraid to ask for help!

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Do You Keep Your Mind Sharp With Puzzles & Games?

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Puzzles For Your Brain!

It's absolutely imperative to strengthen your mind. Why go through life without learning more? Don't you want to be able to take part in more discussions? Maybe you just want to play mind/brain games to keep sharp?

Birthdays & Future Wishes!

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The same day, every year since we were born..... friends & family gather around us as we make a wish amidst the candles melting. Some of us make big wishes, but the size of the wish depends on the meaning of it. Wishing for material objects, love interests to come into fruition or generally just a victory in certain sections of our life. We try to look to the future with bright prospects, grand designs of what our circle is to be. What we hope to accomplish & make for ourselves......

I've always loved the smell of candles blown out. When the aroma is in the air it smells like magic. Knowing that somewhere, someone is wishing for something that doesn't come easy. I can't help but wonder if everyone wished for the same thing, at the same time..... whether or not it would come true. Do we possess the power to make it so if we all wish it. One thing is for certain, that if everyone wanted the same goals it would probably be a boring robotic emotion filled world of similar tastes, with the same conquests. If we all wanted the same thing then it would surely be mass produced by corporations who seek monetary gain.

I never received what I wished for & never really got the cool item I would've liked for my Birthday. Ultimately it doesn't matter, because there's nothing that can be done. It's the thought that counts & on your Birthday you do feel special because everyone's focus is on you. It's special the way your loved ones start up their singing, as they enter the room, carrying a torched confection. What other day do your loved ones light something on fire or sing to celebrate you? Singing out loud, after all that practicing in their cars, to their favorite songs or in the perfectly echoing shower. lol (they probably shouldn't try out for American Idol and better leave some money to replace the windows they broke)

So when the cake is just about gone, the house is adorned with precariously dropped party hats & streamers and your friends & family have since're left wondering about this life you live & what the point is. No matter how you slice it, it's a beautiful & wonderful world we live in, full of quests. Find your slice of heaven and fight for it. Keep your light shining bright & look to the future with promise and hope.

Do something nice for someone out of the blue. Send your grandmother, your mom, your sister, your girlfriend/wife some flowers and a card or get them something that will make them smile. Get your father, brother or friend a cool electronic or something that they're big on. It's the little things that matter. Price & want are outweighed by lighthearted sentiment & need. Tell someone you're thinking about them today in a special way. You'll melt their heart!

Have You Done Something Special For Someone Lately?

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Make Someone's Heart Melt Today!

Special Cards

Send someone you appreciate, a card. You can either buy one you think is perfect or make your own! Making your own goes a long way. You can get really creative and it's also good for your brain! I think they'll love it either way you decide to go.

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    • SusanDeppner profile image

      Susan Deppner 5 years ago from Arkansas USA

      This was a great read. It's easy to tell that you really take in everything around you. Thanks for sharing your observations and thoughts!

    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      Nice lens, Marc! You brought back some nice memories for me!

    • profile image

      AngryBaker 5 years ago

      The candle smell.. you're right... it evokes strong memories of birthdays past

    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      Really appreciate your article, you made me stop and think about things. Best wishes to you. :)

    • IMKZRNU2 profile image

      IMKZRNU2 5 years ago from Pacific Northwest

      You made a very beautiful lens. I enjoyed reading it and answering your questions because it made me think. Thanks for sharing!

    • MarcStorm LM profile image

      MarcStorm LM 5 years ago

      @lclchors: Thank you, good ole feelings, without them or thoughts we might as well be mindless machines. :oP Thanks!

    • lclchors profile image

      lclchors 5 years ago

      nice lens I enjoyed it