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Updated on February 5, 2013

Funeral Arrangements!

Death is something that we all must deal with and when a loved one passes away there is not a lot of time to make the proper arrangements. We will do our best to make selecting the right memorials as effortless as possible.

You can click on any of the links to view selections of monuments and memorials. We'll be adding more monuments and prices on this page shortly.


Pet Memorial Marker

Let this classically engraved pet memorial help pay tribute to a faithful pet. Sandblasted, painted lettering can include up to 12 characters on each of 2 lines. Please specify cat or dog image on black granite. Allow 2-4 weeks for delivery. Black: 10"L x 6"W x 2"D. 14 lbs. Gray: 7"W x 2"D x 4"H. 8 lbs.Ground shipping only. Please allow 4 weeks for delivery. VERY IMPORTANT! Please specify your monogramming information in the comments box on your 'Billing Information' page when checking out. Please be sure to specify either cat or dog image for the black granite stone as well as your personalization in the comments box on your 'Billing Information' page when checking out.

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Jerry's Place!

Angel Pet Monument For Your Cat!

Honor four-legged friends with our customized Angel Pet Monument.. Monuments to pets in Europe are quite common. This beautiful angel marker instantly brought to mind those we've seen there honoring four-legged friends past and present. Our solid cast aluminum marker is finished in black with gold antiquing and can be customized with up to 7 letters/spaces on the top line and 9 on the bottom. 12"Wx13"H.

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Check Here For Funeral Urns And More To Help When You Need It Most!

There is never a good time to have the need for funeral urns, memorials and the other things needed when a loved one passes away and we offer this link as a way to make your search as short as possible: Funeral Urns And More!

How to Make an Online Memorial Tribute

from wikiHow - The How to Manual That You Can Edit

If you have lost a loved one, dealing with the grief can be a difficult process, not only for you, but for each person whose life was touched by your dearly departed. Creating an on-line memorial Website for him or her can be the most appropriate and enduring tribute you can make to the life of the deceased, helping you and a close circle of family and friends deal with the loss.

With a memorial Web site, you can express your love, allowing family and friends to share memories from anywhere in the world. An online tribute provides a central place for even strangers to express sympathy and share in your grieving.

Over time as people contribute their messages, photos and poetry it becomes a wonderful source of cherished memories for everyone to reflect upon at any time. So no matter where you are in the world or age, you can always ensure your loved one is remembered and honored.


  1. Include biographical data, such as birth date, death date, full name and places associated with life events. With an on-line memorial Web site, you can fully document, celebrate and cherish the life of a dearly departed. The biography can contain as little or as much information as you like. You can always update or add more at a later date.

  2. Add a portrait or picture of the departed. A well-chosen photo of the departed paints a thousand words and offers a more personal connection with visitors to the memorial. If you don't have an digital photo, you'll have to digitize a conventional photo. To do this, you will need access to a scanner for copying a photo onto your computer. If you don't have a scanner, it's very likely that a friend or family member does and are willing to help you. Also, most print shops and office supply stores will be happy to scan photos onto a CD for a small fee.

  3. Take time for the tribute text, which is the essence of your memorial. It can be the funeral eulogy, a poem or your own thoughts and memories. It's your memorial, so please take time to reflect, remember and share how you felt, or feel, about your loved one. Telling a story which stands out in your mind about the deceased is always a good start.

  4. Consider adding multimedia (video, audio, photo albums) - not all people have access to video or audio clips of their loved one. If you do and are willing to include them, they allow a full multi-media experience for visitors to the memorial. It is advisable to keep the size of the video to a minimum for quick and convenient download by visitors.

  5. Decide on a Web site host. You may prefer to register your own domain to fully reflect the person being remembered, or you may like to use the services of an on-line memorial website host. With these services, you usually get a unique URL and an account for customizing your Website. You will need to find an on-line memorial service provider that suits your needs, budget and expectations.

  6. Invite family and friends to visit and share their memories or sympathy. Have ready a list of emails you would like to send on-line invites to.

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