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Men's Yoga Clothing and Apparel

Updated on January 8, 2016


Choosing Proper Yoga Clothing For Men

The importance of wearing proper clothing during your yoga sessions is something that both men and women should seriously consider. Thankfully though, the recent rise in popularity of yoga has resulted in an increased amount of stores offering yoga-specific clothing. You can choose from men's yoga clothing and apparel, as well as purchase yoga accessories and other handy tools you might need during practice.

The reason for choosing the right clothes to wear for yoga is plainly obvious. It provides your body with the freedom to move around without holding you back. Thus, you can maximize the stretching action of each yoga pose and ultimately boost the benefits you can enjoy as well.

Men's Yoga Clothes

Mens yoga pants

Essential Tips For Shopping

Men are not often good at shopping and tend to become too hasty. But if you want to make the most of your yoga practice, you need to learn patience in shopping for yoga gears and clothing that you will use. Avoid focusing on style since what you need for now is something that is functional.

Loose-fitting type of clothes is the ideal choice for men to wear during yoga sessions. Not only will this enable your skin to breathe, but you can also freely move your arms and legs around to execute some basic stretches without your clothes getting in the way. Another consideration would be the material or fabric used for making the yoga clothes because comfort is an important feature of your yoga practice. Although cotton is the most favorable choice for you, materials like hemp and lycra also make wonderful alternatives.

The color of your yoga-specific clothing must also be considered as an important factor when choosing. The reason for this is not trivial at all, since brightly-colored clothing can distract you and others who are engaged in the class with you during meditation as these colors attract attention. The best choices of color for yoga clothes would be white or pastel since they are comfortable and soothing to the eyes.

For the lower body, options for men's yoga clothing and apparel include yoga pants and shorts. Again, you can use your own personal standards for choosing between the two but experts recommend you use two basic guidelines for choosing. First, it must not obstruct in your performance of yoga, and second, it must not cause harm to the body.

Cute Yoga Pants

Yoga Pants

Yoga pants is the most common choice of clothing for male yogis. But there are three golden rules that you have to remember when buying or wearing pants during yoga practice:

*It has to be comfortable enough and fit nicely to avoid chaffing your skin during practice. Thus, you can focus all your attention into doing yoga poses instead of trying to consistently re-adjust your pants.
*It has to facilitate in a fluid movement of your arms and legs instead of causing restriction.
*It must be made out of quick-drying and sweat-absorbent materials since intense yoga practice can induce a lot of sweating.

Prana Sutra Pants

Yoga experts believe this is the best choice of pants for men, especially for those who are attuned to their stylish side. And the best part is that prana sutra pants are made out of eco-friendly materials such as hemp and recycled pop bottles. Hence, you can protect your own health and facilitate in the environmental preservation. There are also a few prana sutra pants made of lycra for optimum comfort when worn.

It is also equipped with a drawstring waist and inseam gusset such that you will feel ultimately comfortable. It is great in producing a wide range of motion for your legs for a full stretch. But because these pants are stylish enough to be worn for everyday use, this purchase makes a great value as its use is not restricted within the yoga studio.

Pookie Yoga Pants

The fact that pookie yoga pants are created from 100% pure cotton, it is a great option for yogis that place high value on comfort. The fabric used therefore creates a natural feel against your skin and yet it is comparably cheaper than other yoga pants for men that are sold in the market. And with comfort, it provides one confidence during execution of yoga poses since nothing is placing limits on your movements.

Hyde Yoga Pants

This particular yoga pants for men is suitable for those who have a specific taste for style and the ability to execute movements with extreme precision. This type of yoga pants is made out of woven cotton that enables you to stretch it to a maximum while retaining its crisp look. Therefore, you can precisely execute your yoga poses without having to compromise your own level of comfort.

As with the prana sutra pants, it comes with drawstring waist such that it is easily adjustable. Its legs are also straight-cut for a snug fit. With this type of pants for male yogis, it should be easy to master even advanced yoga poses.

Tips on Yoga Tops For Men

Men could spend as much time deciding on the best pair of pants to use for yoga but it will all be for nothing unless you have an equally comfortable top to pair it with. Your upper body serves a lot of function during yoga performance, such that choosing the right male tops can also affect your overall performance.

Regular t-shirt is a common option for men but make sure that it is loose enough to allow your arms to move around in full range of motion without any restriction. Meanwhile, you can also go for shirts with short sleeves or even tank tops will do.

Where to Shop for Men's Yoga Clothing

As much as there are a lot of possible choices for women to shop for their yoga clothing, you can also find a lot of stores, whether online or offline, that offer men's yoga clothing and apparel. Of course, your best choice would be to visit a nearby yoga specialty store so you get the opportunity to examine the clothes' fabric and try them out to determine how comfortable it feels. But if you can't find any, you can always go online and search through wide selection of yoga clothing for men.


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