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Updated on November 27, 2011

Power yoga-Power with Stamina

Yoga is the conventional Indian based workout plan for the body, mind and soul. This yoga, due to its various health boosting aspects, has taken its roots among the western countries as well as in the American society. Power yoga has been in vogue in America for more than 2 decades now and the academies and schools have been opened who are imparting the yoga education and training to the interested people.

Power yoga

Basically, yoga was training related to the yogis who had lean bodily structure but now the west has changed the meaning of yoga and has given new meaning of strengthening the body through yoga, hence the term power yoga. Now, the various other exercises have been amalgamated into the yoga so that to give more strength to the body while allowing the person to eat evermore.

Basic Theory of Yoga

The exercise plans have been intensified but still the basic theory of yoga ‘to give relief to body, mind and soul’ has been left intact. The best thing is that the core and soul of the workout plan has not been disturbed. This has given a respect to the yoga people as they are thought not only the people with well toned body and physique but also the individuals with pure minds and clear conscience.

Types of Yoga

Power Yoga, as taught by various teachers in their training centers, has developed various forms and types. Some of its types are Asana, Prana, Power, Denver, Core power, etc. These types of yoga give strength to the body and increase the stamina of the person. All these types have been a bit away from the conventional Indian yoga and they are closer to the strength training workouts of the common gyms.

Yoga and Fat

Power Yoga and fat around belly are (rivals) foes to each other. A yoga working out person will never develop a round tummy or apple shaped belly. Flat body will be accompanied by him and he will enjoy a fat free body. No fat around muscles, belly, love handles, hips, and so on.


The major gifts of yoga are the stamina, fat-free body and the flexibility of the body. Yoga makes the body so much flexible that the working out person would simply feel his body just like the gymnasts provided he starts this exercise from childhood and really struggles to get the same.

Thus, power yoga provides you with the power and stamina; it also gives your body another cool way to do exercises.


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      Aleeza Butt 5 years ago from Gujranwala, Pakistan

      Thanks for the compliments.

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      Ron 5 years ago

      This is very interesting post, I like your fantastic hub!

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