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Best Skin Care Products for Men

Updated on September 26, 2014

Delight Your Manly Face with Quality Products

Using the best men skin care products are essential for a man who wants great looking skin, no matter what age.

Men also like to feel and look good, but that doesn't mean we have to waste hours in the bathroom or spend tons of cash on men skin care products.

Shaving does a lot of damage to your facial skin, but with the right products and skin tips for men you can protect your skin and prevent wrinkles without surgery.

Below is more information on the best skin care products for men for different skin types such as oily skin, sensitive skin, dry skin and more.

men skin care products
men skin care products

The Best Men Skin Care Products of 2014

The sooner you start using the right skin care products the sooner you will start to enjoy healthy skin that gives you a better appearance and you will also prevent signs of aging (and for many a confidence boost).

Below you will find a selection of the best skin care products for men found on Amazon. These products are split up, according to the different skin types that men have. These are recommendations based on personal reviews and consumer ratings, however feel free to click on the links to learn more about the product or surf around for other products.

It is highly recommended that you use a product that is formulated for your type of skin. If you don't know what skin type you have then opt for products made for sensitive skin, just to be on the safe side.

Aside from men skin care products, buying shaving products made for your skin type will also help you get the prefect shave which means no razor burn or ingrown hairs.

Your face is the first things that most people look at when they great you or talk to you. Investing in personal grooming definitely pays off because having great looking skin will help you feel more confident as well.

Do You Know What Skin Type You Have?

What type of skin do I have? This is a common question men may ponder about when learning about men skin care. There are different skin types and knowing which type of skin you have helps when it comes to picking a men skin care product or method of taking care of your skin.

For example, most men have sensitive skin and there are products designed for men with sensitive skin to help you get a better shave and better appearance. Some guys may have oily skin and using a matte moisturizer or face wash can help control this. The main skin types are:

  • Normal Skin
  • Sensitive Skin
  • Oily Skin
  • Dry Skin

If you don't know what skin type you have then be sure to take some time to figure this out before buying men skin care products. If you suffer from a mild or sever skin problem then it is best to consult with a dermatologist before using any products.

Men, what type of skin do you have?

See results

Skin Care Products for Men with Normal Skin

NORMAL Skin Care for Men

If your skin doesn't get too dry or too oily, then you most likely have normal skin.

Pimples are rare and pores are small. Normal skin has an even tone, smooth and firm. If this is you then... Congratulations!

You've got it easy as far as skin care goes. All you have to do is use a daily facial cleanser, use a face scrub every other day or as needed, dab on some toner and finish with a moisturizer on your face and you're done. Face products for men with normal skin are abundant but here is a recommended list for your skin care routine.

Face Wash for Men with Normal Skin

Men with normal skin can pretty much use any product preferred. The important step is to maintain your healthy skin. Normal skin means you have no allergies or bad reactions to chemicals, but you can also try natural face washes for an organic experience. A face wash is used daily, you can use it in the morning, at night or both! It's basically soap for your face, but not just any soap, face cleansers for men contain essential ingredients to cleanse your face while not over drying it or leaving it oily either.

Face Scrub for Men with Normal Skin

If you have overall healthy skin but tend to get a bit oily faced now and then then a face scrub can come in handy. Most likely during the summer when more sweating takes place. During the summer you may want to use a face scrub 2-3 times a week, but during the winter maybe only once or none at all. Basically, only use a face scrub when you start to notice a bit of an oily increase on your face.This product will also last you a very long time!

Moisturizers for Men with Normal Skin

Moisturizing your face is very important no matter what skin type you have. It helps keep your skin looking young and many moisturizers also include sunscreen which helps prevent wrinkles.

Skin Care Products for Men with Sensitive Skin

SENSITIVE Skin Care for Men

Most men know when they have sensitive skin. Your skin punishes you for being out in the sun and wind.

Cheap shaving creams, perfumes, alcohol based products and such causes sever skin reactions, sting and itchy feeling... torture.

If this is you then make sure you choose your skin care products carefully.

When you have use gels instead of creams. Then put on some aftershave balm with a bit of sun protection.

Use glycerin soap, no fragrance type soaps. If any redness occurs after using a product stop using it and move on to the next, don't worry the chosen one will come along sooner or later.

Face Wash for Men with Sensitive Skin

A gentle face wash is important for men with sensitive skin. This will leave your skin well hydrated without a harsh cleansing formula that other face washes have.

Face Scrub for Men with Sensitive Skin

Men with sensitive skin do not need to use a face scrub but if you notice that your skin gets really dirty then you can use an exfoliate once or twice a week.

Moisturizers for Men with Sensitive Skin

Men with sensitive skin should also use a moisturizer daily but it is important to use one that is made for this skin type and oil free as well.

Skin Care Products for Men with Oily Skin

Man Oily Skin
Man Oily Skin

OILY Skin Care for Men

When a guy has oily skin, the skin is usually thicker and firmer than others. Following men oily skin care tips and using the right products can help control oily skin effectively.

Your pores can me medium to large sized which causes them to get filled up with "blackheads" or blemishes.

So if you glow like the morning sun, then get some man skin care products designed for oily skin and get rid of the greasy stuff on your face.

Men skin care products for oily skin is usually oil free, so make sure you get something like that and not only for your face but for your body too!

And do not get close to body moisturizers or cheap soaps.

Combination Skin

This is when you have a combo of two types on your face. Some people usually refer to it as having a T zone (forehead, nose and chin) and the part out of the T zone are the cheeks and eye area.

Your T zone can be dry and have greasy cheeks and eye areas or vice versa. So the solution here is simple, use what is needed for the area.

If you T zone is greasy use skin care products for greasy skin in that area and so on.

Face Wash for Men with Oily Skin

Using a face wash DAILY is a must for men with oily skin. This will help control the oil and shine, giving you a matte and fresh look.

Face Scrub for Men with Oily Skin

Face scrub (also known as an exfoliate) is another essential skin care product that men with oily skin should use because it plays a major role in reducing the oil as well as getting rid of dead skin cells and dirt. It should be used everyday for men with really oily skin or at least 3-4 days a week for men who don't have extremely oily skin.

Toner for Men with Oily Skin

Men with oily skin will most likely benefit from using a toner then any other skin type. It also contains ingredients to bring down the grease and close up your pores.

Moisturizers for Men with Oily Skin

Men with oily skin may think that a moisturizer is not something that should be used but it is still important to moisturize all skin types, however in this case it is crucial to use a matte moisturizer that is quickly absorbed and doesn't leave you with greasy skin.

Skin Care Products for Men with Dry Skin

DRY Skin Care for Men

Dry skin can be itchy, flaky and a pain in the... If you have dry skin then your skin tends to feel tight and by the constant amount of flakes you can dust of your face it seems like it's always snowing around you.

Dry skin can get irritated very easily. Use products for dry skin but if you have a severe dry skin problem it's best to see a dermatologist asap.

Face Wash for Men with Dry Skin

Men with dry skin need to use a face wash that gently cleanses and moisturizes the skin without leaving it over dried.

Moisturizers for Men with Dry Skin

Moisturizing is very important for dry skin because it will help keep it hydrated throughout the day and prevent further dryness, without leaving it greasy.

Men Skin Care Routine and Tips

how to wash your face
how to wash your face

How To Wash Your Face

Men Skin Care Routine

Most modern men have not been taught how to wash their face with men skin care products. Following a daily skin care routine will help you maintain your skin healthy and young.

First you must find the right products for your skin. Fortunately there are many men skin care products and you can view them below, just search under your skin type for suggested products. However keep in mind that all men react differently to each product and it also depends on the shaving tool you use (razor, safetey razor, straight razor etc.) and your technique.

In your skin care routine you can use the following:

Face Cleanser for Men (also known as face wash for men)

Exfoliater for Men (also known as face scrub for men)

Toner for Men

Moisturizer for Men

Face Wash for Men : Choose a skin care product for your specific skin type --- dry, oily, combination or normal. Wash in a circular motion with lukewarm water to retain the skin's moisture.

Exfoliator for Men : Granular products are best for this procedure to help scrub off all of the dead skin cells, allowing for maximum skin moisturizing. Good exfoliating procedures will also help smooth any rough areas of the skin.

Toner for Men : A toner will help tighten skin and remove any remaining dirt or cleanser residue. You can also opt for a facial mask, but refrain from doing this daily --- once a week is most effective. However, for most men a toner is not necessary.

Moisturize for Men : After completing the toning process, pat your skin dry with a towel. Do not dry up all of the moisturizer for men on your face; pat softly. Apply a moisturizer (preferably with sunscreen) to keep skin your from getting dry. If you have oily skin, opt for a moisturizer that has a matte finish.

How to Exfoliate Like a Man

Exfoliating? It's not the regular thing for guys to start talking about exfoliating their faces during the football game commercial.

But that doesn't mean it's not important. What other better place to learn about exfoliating for men then the Internet!

First off, let's get clear on what exfoliation actually means. Exfoliating is basically the act of removing dead skin from your face and therefore letting you show off your healthy facial skin below.

Capiche? Now to the next step, why should guys exfoliate?

Why Do REAL Men Exfoliate?

Men would actually benefit more from exfoliating than women!

This is because it is a known fact that men have thicker skin than women. So exfoliation helps men reveal softer, smoother and even toned facial skin.

In a nutshell, exfoliation wipes off all the dead skin on your face. Plus, if it's that good for our faces it can do the same for our body so be sure to try exfoliation body soaps too.

When Should Men Exfoliate?

Always before shaving, unless the directions specify to use it after shaving. And of course you should exfoliate daily.

So now you know why and how men should exfoliate and the benefits you will get from exfoliating daily.

Healthier looking skin and overall a better appearance, because your face is what everyone sees first!

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      Good run down of Men's skin care products. Men have such different requirements than women, I'm surprised it's taken so long for Men's products to catch on.

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      Focusing on your specific skin type in advance is a brilliant idea, and the recommendations you provided for each are incredibly useful and authentic.

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      Great lens here. Nice job

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      Love the random poll! Also, I have oily skin but I've been told that I shouldn't exfoliate every day because it'll remove too much healthy skin and expose it. What face cleansing products do you recommend for oily skin?

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      Hey - Great lens

      Found a website this week offer mascara and foundation for men, and the correct way of applying it without being to obvious. As far as skin care is concerned - men should take care of their skin, but foundation and make-up - I think that is taking it a bit far

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      You asked if men wear make-up. Sure they do. At least many of my friends do. Then again, most of them are drag queens. Does that count? Love the lense.

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      Very nice lense on men's skin care tips you've put together.

      You've obviously put a lot of time and care into it, thank you! 5* from me.

      How to Get Rid of Dark Circles Under the Eyes.

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      I would also take a chance in sharing with you about skin care products which is useful for all.

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