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What Are The Causes Migraine?

Updated on July 25, 2011

Migraine is a painful and very uncomfortable condition. When we experience it, we can't concentrate with our work and the pain makes us irritable. It is important to identify what its causes in order to avoid experiencing it.

According to, this kind of headache results from a combination of the body's releasing of chemicals from the nerve fibers that coil around blood vessels as well as enlargement of these blood vessels. At this time, the artery that is located on the outside of the skull which is just under the skin of the temple (temporary artery) enlarges. When a person experiences migraine, the sympathetic nervous systems respond with feelings of diarrhea, nausea and at times vomiting.

Migraine headache
Migraine headache

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One of its most common triggers is physical and emotional stress. When faced with a very disturbing situation, most people usually panic or have to think about the problem deeply. The mind and body undergo a lot of stress. In most cases, this results to a painful headache.

A person also get it when exposed to the heat of the sun for long hours,
cigarette smoke or any other kinds of smoke, alcohol, bright lights, loud and disturbing noise, a strong body odor, other strong odors and perfumes. Almost all those who skip meals or fast also suffer from this condition.

This health condition is unpredictable. We usually wake up feeling great in the morning but only to experience it later in the afternoon. Avoiding the above triggers will help a lot to avoid this health problem.

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