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2 Law of Attraction exercises you can perform while driving

Updated on January 12, 2016


While I could list a hundred different ways of making better use of one's time during the commute, the following 2 exercises are great for keeping your mind and spirit positive and keeping you in the present, i.e. being mindful. If done right, these exercises will also help you produce a powerful vibration that syncs with "Source Energy".

Exercise 1 - Spotting Gratitude

This exercise is meant to be very simple, but it might take a bit of getting used to in the beginning.

Step 1 - Spotting

While you're driving, spot something around you and be mindful of it. It could be a sports car that drives past you, a mother and daughter walking in the park, a group of trees with their branches leaning over the road, and so on. What you focus on doesn't really matter as much as what emotion it brings you, which I'll explain shortly.

Step 2 - Identify the Emotion

So, you've spotted a jogger with her pet dog running alongside her. The next thing to do is identify the emotion it creates within you. As long as it's not a negative emotion, you're ready to move to the the final step.

Step 3 - Express Gratitude

This might sound a bit weird, but what I want to you do once you've identified the emotion as anything but negative, is thank the Universe for bringing the moment into your life.

So, as an example: If I'm driving and I spot a jogger with her pet dog, I would say the following (either in my mind or out loud if possible):

"Thank you Universe for showing me a perfect example of man's best friend. It's great to see owner and pet working side by side to stay healthy and keep fit."

That's it. Nothing else to it. So for your next trip, try and spot as many of these positive occurrences as possible, and when you do, show gratitude by thanking the Universe and remember to give a short reason why you're grateful.

Exercise 2 - Rampage of Appreciation


I learned about this exercise from an audio book I listened to a while back called "Ask and it is Given - by Esther and Jerry Hicks". It was really a "wow" moment for me as I finally understood the power of positive thoughts and process applied by the mind of chaining these thoughts together.

Have you ever focused on a thought long enough, whether positive or negative, that you suddenly have this chain effect occur in your mind, where different thoughts start appearing that seem to produce a similar emotion to the original thought?

Well, there are 2 powerful factors at play here:

  1. If you focus on a positive thought for at least 17 seconds...that there's no sign of negative emotion within you during this time, it produces a powerful vibration with "Source Energy" or "The Universe". Note, this is only the case with positive thoughts and emotions. Negative emotions don't produce a powerful vibration, but instead cause a lack of vibration with the Universe.
  2. When you focus on a thought, your mind starts chaining together other thoughts that are similar to what you're focused on. This is really great news if what you're focused on is a good thought that's resulting in a positive emotion.

We'll be using these 2 methods explained above in this exercise.

Step 1 - Wait for a thought to occur

While you're driving in your car or sitting in the bus, be aware of whatever thought pops into your mind. You don't want to be purposely creating a thought, but rather be mindful of what your mind brings to the fore.

Step 2 - Positive Thought? Hold on to it.

Once you have a thought wandering about, check to see if producing a positive emotion:

If not, then chuck it aside and pay no attention to it. It's important to disregard the thought as soon as possible. Remember, the more you focus on a thought, the more power you give it.

If it does produce a positive emotion, focus on the thought and hold on to it for as long as possible. Try to spend at least 17 seconds focusing on the thought (Yes, it's tough to pull this off in the beginning, but practice makes perfect).

Step 3 - The Chain Effect

If you manage to focus on a positive thought long enough, your mind should automatically start sending you thoughts that produce similar emotions, maybe even stronger emotions. The point is, if you achieve this...Congratulations!!! I can't begin to tell you the power that lies in focusing on positive thoughts and for chaining to occur.

All you need to do once chaining has occurred is to apply focus on every positive thought that's presented to you. Continue the chain for as long as possible and keep all your thoughts free from negative emotions.


Thank you very much for reading this article. I trust you enjoyed reading it as much as I am proud authoring it.

Remember to be mindful of the present and appreciate every moment in your life, whether for the lesson it taught you, the experience it brought you or the joy it caused you.

Till next time :)


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