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The Pilates Mini Stability Ball aka The Bender Ball

Updated on September 7, 2009

Looking for a new piece of at home exercise? Most of us who sit at home doing excerise video's already have the large yoga ball. What not everyone has is the mini stability ball. Also called the Bender ball, this smaller version of the larger flexible workout ball is great for toning and provides another way to work different muscle groups in your abdomon, back, and more.

The mini stability ball excersises are easy to do, can be done by women and men of all fitness levels and do not require any additional bulky equipment. Unlike many other pieces of at home exercise equipment, the bender ball is easy to take traveling on business trips, vacation, or anywhere. Your entire workout can fit in a backpack with your mini stability ball, workout clothes, and handweights or whatever you choose.

Does The Mini Pilates Ball Work?

Some people are always expecting that the next newest piece of home workout equipment is going to magically make them skinny or have big muscles. Real life doesn't work that way. So the question, does the Pilates Mini-Ball work? The answer is yes. With regular use the mini pilates ball lives up to its claims as being a great way to work out core muscle groups and tone your abdomen and back among others.

The stability mini-ball brings a more intense workout compared to what you are normally doing. Instead of crunches on the ground where you can only move forward, this little pilates ball will give you a bigger, tougher crunch allowing you to start farther back then with a traditional crunch. This extension provides and even tougher workout, but one that provides even better results.

The Bender Ball brand of mini stablitiy balls claims to be 408% more effective then the standard crunch based on intensity of the workout. This means that your going to get a better workout and better results faster, but not overnight and don't expect miracles.

See Many Different Mini Pilates Mini-Ball Exercises

A Variety Mini Stability Ball Exercises

The mini ball is not just for working out abdominal muscles and back strengthening exercises. There are a variety of exercises that the mini-ball can be used for to work out many more of your muscle groups. While a well rounded workout will include the use of exercises without the ball, and may include other equipment. The pilates mini-ball is an awesome way to add intensity to your workout and make it even just a little bit more fun and interesting after the traditional methods have become boring.

The video at the upper right will show you a variety of mini-ball exercises you can do once you get your own.


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