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Mission: Get in Shape! Week 5 and 6

Updated on June 18, 2013

Back in The Game!

After a few weeks of falling off the wagon I was very pleased with the progress during the last two weeks. Measurements have shown that I am back to where I started and even improvement in some areas! It was very depressing looking at the chart and seeing an increase from one week to the next but I have started taking steps so that never happens again!

Back on Track!

Start 05/26/12
177 lbs
181 lbs
Right Arm
13 Inches
13 Inches
12.5 Inches
12 Inches
Left Arm
13 Inches
12.5 Inches
12 Inches
12 Inches
Right Thigh
25 Inches
25.5 inches
25.5 Inches
25 Inches
Left Thigh
25 Inches
25.5 Inches
25.5 Inches
25 inches
47 Inches
46 Inches
45 3/4 Inches
45 Inches
42 Inches
43 Inches
42.5 Inches
42 Inches
Right Calf
14.5 Inches
15.5 Inches
15 inches
15 Inches
Left Calf
14.5 Inches
15 1/4 Inches
15 Inches
15 Inches
43.5 Inches
46 Inches
45 Inches
44 Inches

What Happened to The Weight Measurement?!?!

Good of you to notice that the last two weeks "weight" sections are blank. It has come to my attention that manipulating a scale is actually very easy and not at all healthy so I am only going to weigh myself once a month. Besides, muscle weighs more than fat so with all the strength training I am doing it is going to take a little while before the pounds start to reflect anything useful anyway. How is weight easy to manipulate? I am so glad you asked that! Did you know that a person can lose up to 10 lbs of "intestinal weight" just by fasting. A person has 25-30 ft of intestines that hold a lot of weight in them. Not eating for an extended period of time will cause the intestines to empty but it's not an accurate measure of true weight loss. Once you eat again, the pounds will pack right back on.

New Game Plan

My sister is FINALLY on board with starting a program. After all, this is HER wedding that we need to get ready for. So, every day before work in the morning we are both going to get up together and do an exercise routine. There are several programs to chose from so we wont have to worry about getting bored or muscle memory. I'm pretty sure we could do a different routine every day for at least a month before having to repeat.

Saying your going to do something is not always enough, so we have devised rewards and consequences for hitting benchmarks and not working out.

Rewards - We have three outfits set aside at different sizes to measure the benchmark. For each benchmark hit we are allowing ourselves to buy an accessory to go with that outfit (shoes, jewelry, etc)

Consequences - A couple of years ago my sister was laid off from work because the company she worked for closed her branch. For a long while I was paying pretty much everything and as a result she now owes me a decent sum of money. If she fails to exercise, for each day a set amount gets added to her debt to me. If I fail to exercise I will forgive that same amount from her debt. It's a perfect motivator because she can't afford to pay me any more than she already owes and I can't afford to not get paid what she owes.

Find Your Motivation

Everyone is different and what motivates us is going to vary greatly. Some might not need an incentive to get up at the crack of dawn to do a grueling workout while others might need a firm kick in the behind to get out of bed. Whatever your motivation is find it an use it.

So far we have been on this plan for two days and it has been going well. Hopefully next week I will be able to report that the plan is still successful and more progress is being made.

First Benchmark

My first Benchmark outfit is actually a cocktail dress that I NEED to be able to fit into by the 15th because I have do go to a dinner. To fit in it I will have to lose about 2 inches in my chest and back and an inch in my waist, which is completely doable as long as I stick to the plan. The alternative is buying a new dress and I can't really afford that right now so there is a lot of motivation.


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    • Michelle Taylor profile imageAUTHOR

      Michelle Taylor 

      6 years ago from New Jersey

      Thank you Angela! It's only been four days now into the workout program and I already feel soo much better!

    • Angela Brummer profile image

      Angela Brummer 

      6 years ago from Lincoln, Nebraska

      You are doing well! Finding your motivation is key! Shared!


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