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How to Motivate Yourself

Updated on November 15, 2014

How To Motivate Yourself

Motivation is something that we need everyday.

Some of you may have ever felt like when you're losing. things seem to be harder than before, losing hope, losing faith to try again, losing the believe that you can do almost anything. So, in order to prevent something like that to happen, we need to motivate ourselves. There are many kind of motivation to motivate us.

Here i share with you, ways to motivate yourself. I make some tips for your motivation and ways to motivate yourself which is: motivational songs, motivational book, motivational wallpapers, and motivation story.

6 Tips For Your Confidence

  1. Be Grateful On What You Have Now.
  2. Always Optimistic Positive Thinking When Dealing with Problems
  3. Self-evaluation of your own, what is making you feel not confident
  4. Don't judge yourself just because of small mistakes you do, just think you are learning in order to achieve the best step.
  5. Take advantage of all things that You Do
  6. Appreciate your Yourself and Others, because every human being has their own strengths

Motivational Cheap Chart Six Pack

Motivational Cheap Chart Six Pack
Motivational Cheap Chart Six Pack
Posters are one of the most great way to motivate yourself. because you can just stick in on the wall and you can see it everyday.

Motivate Yourself

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Motivational Songs

One of the ways to motivate yourself is by listening to motivational songs. because nowadays almost everybody loves to listen to music, some of them said that music is their life. Besides, music could help us feeling better, because we enjoy listening to them.

Motivational Songs

It can let you keep moving if you truly understand about the songs. Each song has its own motivation, some about dreams and goals, some about letting go of all the problems, some about your life and many more.

Below is the link of 10 Motivational songs to keep you moving.

10 Best Motivation About Life

  1. In this life, I am filled with gratitude for every moment in my life. My mind was filled with thoughts full of faith and gratitude. I thank you for everything in my life. Since I always have a mind full of gratitude. I have a good relationship with many people and it continues to produce the good life.
  2. I am a patient person. When it's time to wait, I wait, when the time is ACTION, I ACTION boldly, sure, and confident. I provide time to reflect on my vision with deep gratitude and assured that it will become a reality. I am calm and firm in what I believe in, to my destination, the destination for both families and the people I love.
  3. Now, I have everything I want. All of this i will use to improve my life and the lives of others. I have a great mind and dream high. I now have everything I want and I will use for a life of usefulness for many. In order for our lives to be better and more meaningful.
  4. In this life, I always try to give more than I receive. I am running a new value for others in this life relationships. My life is going well according to the improvement that I want for myself and others.
  5. I am an advanced character and I give advancements in each person I meet. I provide benefits to people around me. Every ACTION, my voice, and my appearance to express that I am a confident person.
  6. In this life I have always tried to give people a great use value. Because I always inject a big plus for the lives of others. I do business increased rapidly. I made the larger businesses that make the benefits that I give too much bigger. I am a servant leader. I am happy to give. I contribute to other people's lives through sincere service I provide. What I want for myself, I want also to each person.
  7. In this life, I now have a clear mental picture of what I want. I moved quickly toward what I want. I am now prepared to accept any thing that I want to give to others what they want. I now combine my thoughts and ACTION to create prosperity for me and others.
  8. Each acquaintance, I remember the names of people with ease. I encourage others to talk about him and I listen attentively. and when I talk to other people, I focus on what of his interest. When I need someone to do something, I'll make her feel good to do it by emphasizing the benefits to be obtained. I sincerely recognize the strengths of each person I met and kept in touch with him.
  9. What I get is a result of ACTION which I did, and thanks to the support of the Almighty. I also do not easily satisfied. I learned from people many things, about family, about business, about life.
  10. I am very thankful for everything that's in my life now. Filled me with deep gratitude and great for all our blessings that have been bestowed in my life. I now seized with limitless abundance. My strong sense of gratitude. This constant gratitude keep me always connected with God.

Motivational Books

Another way of getting motivated is by reading motivational books. why? because motivational books are really good to help us understand about the true meaning of motivation and how you use it in your daily life. Motivational books are really great. The author of the books must have really experience them just like, for instance about dreams and goals. In order for an author to write a book about dreams or goals, he or she must have to understand about what is dreams and goals and he or she must know a way to achieve his or her dreams. So, most writer write their motivational books based on their experience, so i think it's worth to read a motivational books about that. cause you can know how a person achieve his or her dream and goals.

But not all of the books was written based on their experience. some of them maybe from their knowledge of motivation, so if you wanna know the best motivational books. here is the link below.

10 Top Motivational Quotes

  1. Mark Twain

    "Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover."

  2. Luigi Pirandello

    "In bed my real love has always been the sleep that rescued me by allowing me to dream."

  3. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

    "Take the first step in faith. You don't have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step."

  4. Zig Ziglar

    "People often say that motivation doesn't last. Well, neither does bathing - that's why we recommend it daily."

  5. T. S. Elliot

    "Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go."

  6. Buddha

    "All that we are is the result of what we have thought."

  7. Ralph Waldo Emerson

    "Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail."

  8. Peter F. Drucker

    "We know nothing about motivation. All we can do is write books about it."

  9. Nora Roberts

    "If you don't go after what you want, you'll never have it. If you don't ask, the answer is always no. If you don't step forward, you're always in the same place."

  10. Stephen Covey

    "Begin with the end in mind."

Motivational Wallpapers

Some other way of getting us motivated is by wallpapers. We use laptop, iphone, android, blackberry, windows phone and etc almost everyday. so how do we get motivated just by these small wallpapers. well, actually it's quite simple. You just need to set one of these wallpapers as your desktop wallpaper in your laptop, computer, iphone and etc.

That way, you will get motivated just by seeing that quotes everyday. For instance, me myself. i always use motivational wallpapers on my phone and my laptop which says that "everything is fine, something good is going to happen" well, actually it helps me a lot. Now i'm a positive thinking type of person and something good is really happening to me. why?

Because we are what we think we are. everything start from our thinking. if we think and believe that we're rich, then we are.. we are strong as our faith, we are weak as our fear and so on. So, in order to help you get motivated. below is the link of motivational wallpapers

6 Ways To Motivate Yourself

Do you find it difficult to achieve your life goals, even when you know the purpose of it is worth it? Perhaps you've tried to push yourself forward with all their efforts, but have not achieved anyway.

Instead of using the power of desire, you need motivation from yourself. That way, you will not run out of energy and you'll probably feel better to enjoy life again.

Here's how you can do to motivate yourself:

  1. Make time for the things you love

    If you could choose the things you will do, whether it's work you will do or majors that you will take in college, choose something that you will like and enjoy. By choosing a job that gives a higher salary or a really wow major will not get you motivated. instead just choose something you like.

  2. Pride in the work undertaken

    Some activities may seem futile. Maybe you are just a small part in the great work and it is difficult for people to know whether we work or not significant. But in reality it makes a difference, your company may not be hiring you first if you did not set necessary existence.

    It is easier to motivate yourself when you take pride in what we do and you do it with the best of your ability. Did you clean the house or dealing with customers, you can consciously decide to do the best.

  3. think about the result

    In an ideal world, every job is a reward in itself. Of course, it's not always the case. You may have a lot of work on your list that are less interesting or exciting but you want to keep doing it because the jobs that will bring you closer to your goal.

    Trying to focus on the results, it will make us more excited. For example when you have difficulty working of thesis, you can imagine the joy on the faces of parents occurred when we can pass and the Independent. or imagine the money you'll get for working so long, you can buy something that you really wanted. such as homes, vehicles or objects, it is not only shaped but it can be abstract satisfaction as an excursion, travel to new places with family and loved ones.

  4. Be careful to use your rewards

    Some people motivate themselves in return: "After I finish this report, I would reward myself with a bar of chocolate". This can help if you have to push yourself to complete the task but if you do it too often, you will be relying on benefits than your natural motivations.

    Think about the benefits inherent in the work itself: "After I finish this report, I feel better" or "after finish this report, it will make person who reads it happy." Instead of looking at the work as a collection of loads in our daily agenda, why not think about the impact real to you and others?

  5. Learn something new

    We are all natural learners. That is how humans survive. "Learning" is not just for young children and students in schools. Learning is something we have always done throughout life. If you've ever struggled to design a new software and meet inspiring moments, you'll know how much fun can continue to learn something new.

    If there is a specific area in life that make us less motivated, it's more because we are not confident in doing so. Maybe you hate to cook, write, exercise or other work because you know you are struggling to do it well. Be patient in the study, and it can make a higher motivation.

  6. Keep motivated while working

    You may be motivated to start a new job but if your attention dispersed after 5 minutes, you will struggle to keep the existence of motivation. Every time you switch to something else (such as Facebook or your phone), you're disturbing the concentration of yourself.

    Stay focused on one thing at a time even if it means you have to disconnect your Internet connection and blocked websites distraction. If you continue to delay to start, it will give the impression that the job will haunt you forever.

Motivation Story

Another way to let you keep motivated is by reading some short motivation stories. some stories make us laughing when we're reading it, some of them make us cry because it's a really sad stories, some make us get spirited because it is really inspired.

Motivation stories are not only with a story that can make you spirited. some of them can make you cry and laugh but it is motivated. By reading a story you'll learn about its own lesson, just like movies. Every movies tell you about its lesson to be learned. For instance, just like disney movies. Each of its movie teach a great lesson about life

Below i share the link of motivation story.

6 Tips To Motivate Ourselves To Become Successful

  1. Create a desire in your own personal attitude, to realize the future plans, the necessity of motivation to help you support your plan. Just remember the goals and dreams that we have to pursue every day. You should never stop to give a boost to the desire to make it happen.
  2. Connecting The curiosity more about the new things about the work that we are doing.
  3. Create a Daily Planner, talk every day about our business or group upline network. Write down what is our desires and what we will do.
  4. Have A Courage to face any challenges that will be faced in every business step by step. Remove the energy that exists in our souls intention to provide more energy as self-motivation to critical success.
  5. Create a mental balance, because it is usually very difficult to find identity within ourselves how to combat the turmoil at the moment we lose the passion in this business. Especially when we're down mentally and lose confidence because of the impact of the business was slow.
  6. Take The Right Actions, immediately to perform an action in developing a plan that has been compiled before. Stay away from ourselves from feeling disappointed by the things that are not important.

How To Get Motivated

Way To Motivate Yourself

Which Ways You Prefer To Use In Order For You To Get Motivated?

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Which Step Have You Reached Today?

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