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When everything is bleak, be strong!!!

Updated on May 18, 2016

Life after Brain Injury

An in-depth look at brain injury from the inside-out

Follow the on-going insights of a severe brain injury victim who has against all odds turned his life around to once again lead a life worth living

A look at how he has got where he is today and despite on-going problems continues to move forward


Following an unprovoked assault on my way home from a night out celebrating my 20th birthday I was in a coma for two weeks with 4 skull fractures a fractured cheek and broken nose. My Brain was damaged in multiple areas, the right side of the frontal lobes being the worst affected area. Frontal lobes are the area of your brain that controls you emotions, problem solving, memory, language judgement and sexual behaviour.

Brain frontal lobe
Brain frontal lobe

Brain Injury and You

Do you yourself have a brain injury?

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The Human Brain

The Human Brain is extremely complicated, it is the organ that controls every thing about you.

Over the past few years through personal experience I have found out that attitude has a very big effect on your life.

I have also learned that your outlook on life can make a big difference on your day to day life and your mental health.

My life changed dramatically!

Before this injury was thrust upon me I was working as a film editor and a cameraman. I worked full time or usually more than. My job was my life, I genuinely loved it! Despite my young years I was making great forward steps in my career. At the age of 19 I edited a feature film that ended up at cannes film festival. The morning before the night it happened I signed a contract to edit a documentary that was scheduled for BBC 1. It was called Avalanche and showed in 2010.

The way my job was before I was always thinking about my work. Something that, especially with the long hours needed, I am not capable of at the moment. This has been put to the back of my mind now. However in recent years it caused me great upset which often presented itself in angry outbursts.

Having woken up unable to walk and talk causing me to have to learn everything again. I have experienced many ups and downs, more downs that ups especially in the more acute stages. Despite all that I am here today, loving my wife and our life. My life is different, at first I couldn't accept it. But now I have learned to take what I've got and learn to like it.

How did it feel???

Everything I have been through, how did it feel? At first it didn't! I had no emotion whatsoever as my conscious mind started to wake up. Then over time my emotions were erratic, sometimes I was angry, other times sad; depressed. But sometimes I was emotionally flat. So over time I have had what feels like infinite time to think about everything and honestly I have felt every emotion about. But at the end of the day it is in the past and everything I have been through has brought me to where I am today.

I now wake up to this...
I now wake up to this...

MY Life!

This is my life, after feeling like everything was out of my control and I mean Everything! Over time through sheer determination I have managed to make this life mine again. Despite on-going problems and the fact that some days are harder than others I am motivated and building a fantastic life. Here I will share this as I continue to get better and improve my life.

So this is my life

So this is my life today, I still need to take medication every day; however my life is enjoyable! Things are not always easy but I am mentally in a good place so I feel quite capable when things get tough. Many people take positive thinking with a pinch of salt, although I feel that I am living proof that there is some worth to it. After everything I have been through, I am here loving my life once again!

Keep upto date with my blog to read my ongoing musings on my ups and downs and how I continue to make a better life for myself.

Latest steps forward

Finally after over 6 years of had work, emotional turmoil and trial and error I finally have a regular job again. It's nice to finally have a routine work-wise that is not taking too much out of me. Previously I would try work or work related activity and i would suffer what can only be compared to as a severe hangover which often lasted days of even weeks.

So here I am working as an English teacher at an English school here in Brazil, some of the earlier classes which I have to speak in Portuguese with. Something I could never seen myself doing never mind managing a few years ago.

Things are looking good, my wife and I have recently moved into a new house, I am coping with a solid gym routine and I now have my new job. As time goes on I am constantly getting new perspectives on things I have been through...hiensight is a such wonderful thing. Thats not to mention I'm constantly using and contriving new coping mechanisms to deal with ongoing problems.

Stay Positive and thanks for reading! Keep posted for new blog updates! :)

Check my page about Motivation


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