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Using the Power of That Mirror, Mirror on Your Wall

Updated on January 30, 2018

Mirrors have fascinated mankind since their origin; the images they project seemed magical to those who had been forced to go to a stream to see their appearance. Mirrors really are magical. They are an innate object capable of creating and sustaining movement. Why are we riveted to them? Because they do move us... they move energy.

We are moving energy throughout our lives. The innate or smart body that surrounds all living creatures contains the energy of the individual. Each time it connects with another their energy is bonded, or a swath to separate them is cut through the energy field if either is uncomfortable with the bonding of energy. We exist in a sea of moving energy.

Ah, but what about those mirrors? What can they accomplish? Stare into a mirror when you are really angry and stare at your reflection. You may have noticed that humans are rarely drawn to their reflections when they are angry. Why is this true? Because your innate is aware of the energy movement; whatever is before the mirror will be cast back.

Do you wonder if your anger really has energy? Stand in the middle of two animals who are preparing to fight and you will feel the sensations so strongly the hair on your arms will rise as if in defense. Anger is the mask that fear wears in all living things. Fear is the most powerful energy force, equaled only by unconditional love. Your innate knows it is harmful to stare into a mirror that will reflect such powerfully negative energy back into your own aura.

How can you use this to your advantage?

Move the Chi through your home by placing a mirror in a prominent spot facing the way you want the traffic to move. If you have an entry area, place it midway down the entry, past the door and facing the area where you entertain those you invite in to avoid moving the energy of unwelcome intruders into the energy field of your home.

If you have an area of your home that is congested or always seems to be the center point of contention, place a mirror that directs traffic to a more neutral spot; the area where things are typically ironed out.

Place mirrors in the bedroom above the bed or on walls that do not face the bed. A mirror facing the bed is redirecting all the energy released as you sleep right back into the subconscious. It interferes with sleep and prevents releasing the energy of events or people no longer desired right back into the energy field; returning what was discarded.

Mirrors in your dining area should be placed on the wall at the back of the table or a wall that does not face a window or door; the preparation and sharing of food is the root of abundance in the home. Don't direct this positive energy back outside.

If the space above your kitchen stove is restricted by a microwave, leaving only a small area for energy to escape, place a mirror in the center of the open space to direct it into the kitchen and allow the energy of abundance to fill your home.

If you live on a high traffic street or in an area where you may not feel secure as you sleep, place a mirror on the wall opposing the street or the area where you feel vulnerable. This will direct the energy and intentions back to the point of origin.

Having trouble with neighbors? Place a mirror facing the window that faces their property and redirect their own intentions or emotions back to them. This is equally effective when you have great neighbors who project warm and loving energy. Place a mirror that projects their energy into your space.

Mirrors that face a wall or solid surface will force the energy to be contained there; facing windows, doors or hallways and other rooms will force the energy reflected to move in the direction the mirror is facing.

Fairytales were written about magical mirrors that could determine the fairest of them all in the kingdom. Someone, long, long ago, was aware of the power within the mirror, mirror on the wall. They are all magical and will render a final decision about where the energy around them will flow or stop. Energy is infinite and knowledge is powerful! Use it to your best advantage.


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