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Treat Back Pain and Muscle Knots Naturally

Updated on September 30, 2017

Muscle knots in the back are often responsible for severe back pain and muscle spasms. There are several home based treatment options to manage back pain along with diet and supplements to treat painful muscle knot symptoms. This article provides information about management of back pain and muscle knots using simple home remedies and natural treatment options.

What are Muscle Knots?

A muscle knot or a myo-fascial trigger point (as it is medically known) is an abnormal spot within the muscle which causes pain.

In fact, muscle knots can be very distressing and seem to appear out of nowhere. There are a host of effective back pain remedies and natural muscle relaxants that alleviate the back pain successfully.

What Causes Muscle Knots?

When a muscle works, it contracts, nonetheless, the contraction tends to pass off within sometime. In case the contraction continues for a prolonged period of time, muscle overload occurs, and consequently muscle knots develop.

Basically, a muscle knot develops when the muscle contracts without releasing. Occasionally, a muscle knot occurs after a muscle spasm. Muscles are active, and then they relax. A muscle knot develops in a muscle that is active and stays that way for a long time.

Treat Spasms in the Back at Home

Here are some simple home based treatments, that can be used effectively in management of muscle pain due to muscle knots in the back,

  • Heat application: affords rapid relief. Massage the painful area with warm sesame oil or use a heating pad. Muscle knots dissolve quickly.
  • Alternate heat and cold therapy: is effective as well. Heat relaxes the muscle; whilst ice tightens it. Alternate heat and cold therapy remodels the muscle to its original form and functioning.
  • Frequent stretching: stretch your muscles from time to time. Stretching augments blood flow, perks up oxygen supply, and wards off discomfort and pain.

Natural Remedies for Back Pain

Here are some simple supplements and home based therapies that can be used to effective management of back pain and muscle knots,

  • Stay very well hydrated: drink 2 liters of water daily. Water flushes your system clean; a buildup of toxins affects muscle functioning.
  • Potassium: consume plenty of bananas, plums, apricots, peaches, and apples. Potassium is vital to prevent sustained muscle cramps and to battle muscle fatigue.
  • Calcium: inadequate calcium intake triggers the development of muscle knots. Step up your intake of milk, yogurt and fish. A calcium supplement is advocated as well.

Increase your Intake of Calcium Rich Foods - Milk, Yogurt, Cheese and Eggs

Have Plenty of Bananas, Peaches and Apples - They are Loaded with Potassium

Techniques to Allay Back Discomfort

Here are some natural treatment options for management of muscle knots and back pain.

  1. Massage with Essential Aromatherapy Oils: Massage eases muscle knots, spasms, cramps, sustained contractions and tension areas with great effectiveness. Combining aromatherapy proffers better and speedier relief. Essential oils that have been tried and tested for muscle spasms and pains are: Nutmeg oil, Clove oil and Lavender oil; they ease cramps; stave off pain and improvement flexibility. Booking yourself for a weekly massage is greatly recommended. Massage helps do away with physical as well as mental stress; and leaves you feeling rejuvenated.
  2. Acupressure: Acupressure therapy is another effective alternative therapy. It is very easy to learn the acupressure-reflexology points that are specifically for back pain relief. Daily treatment for 10 minutes will promise excellent results.
  3. Yoga: Yoga poses and postures have a free flowing and fluid movements, which make you feel refreshed and revitalized. Yoga postures work on your body-mind-soul complex; they will allay pain and unease, pep up energy levels, improve endurance and also instill peace and calmness.

Relieving Back Pain - At A Glance


Tai Chi





Calcium Supplements and Foods

Potassium Supplements and Foods


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