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My Favorite Simple Daily Pleasures

Updated on December 17, 2017
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Ben is a semi-retired sixty something, having spent 30 years working within the UK Utility industry. A father of 3 boys and grandad of 3.

They May Be Simple - But They Make My Day

Welcome to my article on My Favourite Simple Daily Pleasures.

It is the little things that mean the most - how often have you heard this said?

Well, I thought I would put together an article that describes the little things that make my day. You may find them inconsequential, or just plain daft! However it may be that you also share that little bit of in-explainable joy that these events bring to my day.

I hope that you will find this article fun and entertaining.

Simple Pleasures - Just Enjoy Today
Simple Pleasures - Just Enjoy Today

"I never in my life argued with a piece of cake or a bowl of ice cream.”

— Ray Bradbury, Farewell Summer

At the fuel pump

I have something of a challenge every time I fill my car with fuel. It started sometime ago when my wife scolded me for daring to put £30.01 worth of diesel into my car and then offer the young garage assistant 2 x £20 notes from which to painfully extract the change from the till. Quite an innocuous little incident you might think... but ever since then, I have found myself striving to always achieve at least a full pound's worth of fuel at each refuelling of my car. I don't always succeed, and I can't tell you the number of times that I have stayed at the pump eking out another few drops of fuel attempting to avoid the humiliation of being unable to avoid the garage assistant having to count out 99 pence in change.

Heaven or Hell?

The Challenge of the Fuel Pump
The Challenge of the Fuel Pump

Being greeted each morning by our pet dog - Caeser

What's so special about this - some may ask. But for me, being greeted each morning with such enthusiasm and joy is such a lovely way to start any day. Caeser is our pet Chihuahua and he has been with us for just over 5 years. He is something of an intense and energetic little dog with boundless enthusiasm for the things he enjoys. He gives us so much and all he asks for in return is our company - and feeding - and walks - and belly scratches.

Caeser is pictured opposite. Don't let the calm looking disposition fool you. Inside he is a bubbling volcano waiting to erupt - he simply thinks he has spotted that elusive treat waiting to be thrown his way.

Caeser - my pet Chihuahau
Caeser - my pet Chihuahau | Source

Do you share any of my simple daily pleasures?

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"Only those of us who have patience to do simple things perfectly ever acquire the skill to do difficult things easily".

— James J. Corbett, American Athlete - 1866 to 1903

Parking my car in the car space I want

I hate, I mean I really hate, being forced to park my car in a parking space that simply doesn't "feel right". Now please tell me that it's not just something peculiar to me. We all have to park at times in the only car parking place left - and surely, you must have parked the car only to feel really uncomfortable with your choice and have had the urge to move?

Anyhow, I NEED to feel that I have selected the correct parking space. It needs to feel right. The other cars surrounding me need to somehow "compliment" my car. They need to have been parked by their respective owners with due care and attention and with a healthy respect for the white lines that separate each space. When this is achieved, I get out of my vehicle with a great sense of correctness and quite happily stride away to the supermarket or high street. I can always tell when I clearly have made an effort to find the "perfect" space - my wife always remarks: "Does that make you feel happy" - "You've left all those other spaces that are much closer to where we are going." I usually just smile - it does make me happy, it really does...

Spoilt For Choice - Car Parking

An endless choice - but which one is the right one?
An endless choice - but which one is the right one?

Tea and biscuit

Its a simple pleasure I know - but I love that quiet moment at the beginning of each day when I can just sit peacefully for a few minutes with a freshly brewed cup of tea and a ginger biscuit.

Comforting Tea

A Warming Cup of Tea
A Warming Cup of Tea

I hope that you have enjoyed your visit.

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    • Ben Reed profile image

      Ben Reed 4 years ago from Redcar

      @georgepmoola2: Thank you.

    • georgepmoola2 profile image

      georgepmoola2 4 years ago

      Nice ideas!