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My husband journey with heart disease and smoking

Updated on May 5, 2016
love2travel2000 profile image

My passion is travelling, I will write about anything in life, like adventure, personal experiences, and cooking.

I have been married to my husband around 12 years, I remember the day he came and proposed, he was still a smoker, and so was I, but for me I wasn’t heavy smoker, I knew that I could quit smoking any time I want to, and I did, but for my husband he smoked two packs a day, and sometimes more, depending on the situation, if he was under stress from work, or with friends, or just setting at night thinking, all these were opportunities for him to smoke even more.

One evening 11 years ago, on a thanks giving day, I was pregnant seven months with our first child, when it happened, we were setting in the living room with our friend in the evening, my husband started complaining that it’s hard for him to breath, got pale as ghost, and he was sweating like crazy, I was so terrified, the only thing crossed my mind that my husband is having a heart attack, I shock this thought off, and started to think clear, that my husband needs ER now.

We reached the ER, and let the staff do what they best do , saving my husband life, the doctor diagnosed him with A-fib (irregular heartbeats), with high blood pressure and accelerated heart rate and end up staying at the hospital. Doctor tried to regulate my husband heart through medication ,but no use, so he had to use conversion therapy on my husband, what that means , they will give him med to stop his heart then they shock his heart to restart it. When I signed that consigned for this procedure, I didn’t know how dangerous it was, till the doctor explained it to me. After conversion, my husband heart went back to becoming regular, heart beat in the normal range 70-80 bpm, and now I can breathe and be happy that my husband will live, and my unborn child will have a dad.

The doctor explained to my husband his condition and why it happened, and added two majors topics: he has to stay on heart medication for the rest of his life, (the heart regulator medication and blood pressure medication), and he has to quit smoking to increase his life spam.

A person think that after what happened with my husband, that he will do exactly like the doctor asked him to do , will guess again, he kept smoking , drinking coffee, stressing more about work , for the next four years he ended in the hospital three times for the same condition, one time converted his heart by medication and another two time with conversion therapy(shocking the heart), doctor told him again he has to quit smoking decrease stress, and less caffeine, and if my husband comes back with same condition, he will not shock his heart again, instead he will be admitted to a major heart surgery .

We went home after my husband got discharged from the hospital, with silence between us, then I looked at him and told him,” if you want to make me a widow and you child an orphan, then keep your habits the same, but I don’t think that you will ever forgive yourself if that happened not even after death.” My husband looked at me, tears in his eyes, and there was a look on his face I never seen before, like my words sank deep into his thoughts, realizing the deep impact of what will happen to me and our child if he dies, then I heard the most beautiful word , music to my ears , he told me“ I will never do this to you guys, am willing to quit smoking, just to live for you both, but it will take me time, six months to a year to do that”, my answer was “honey take your time, am here to support you all the way”.

The next day my husband told me his plan, how he will quit smoking, with no patches, gum, medications, or the pain of addiction to smoking. Every week he will smoke one cigarette less, like a Rehab, at first I wasn’t convince that is a good plan, but I kept my thoughts to myself, I promised him that I will support him all the way and that’s what I will do, every week he showed me how much he smoked, and he did exactly what he told me, every week I saw him smoking one cigarette less, it was hard, sometimes he wanted to rebound and smoke more, but I encouraged him all the way, he started buying baby carrots, every time he thought that he wants to smoke more than what is calculated for that week , he started eating the carrots, week after week , month after month passed, and am watching my husband cutting of cigarettes, until that week, six years ago, I saw only one cigarette in his hand, he looked at me and said” I don’t even feel like I want to smoke this one, I think am done, I really don’t want to smell cigarettes for the rest of my life”, truly it was one of my best moments in my life, I ran to him and hugged him, he didn’t smell like smoke , just the smell of my husband perfume, I couldn’t be more proud of my husband, he did it, he really quit smoking.

From that day, he never touched a cigarette; we didn’t have to go to the hospital for any heart conversion, kept his Dr Appointments, lab tests, started tasting food better, he hates the smell of cigarettes now, this is not a fiction story, it is real and happened with my family, I know smoking is addiction, and hard to quit, but when there is a well there is a way, thank you for hearing my story.

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    • love2travel2000 profile image

      love2travel2000 14 months ago

      Am so sorry for your loss, i am hoping that others read this article and just plant hope in their heart that they can quit, i really do hope this article will help people, again i am truely sorry for your loss.

    • moonlake profile image

      moonlake 14 months ago from America

      Glad your husband quit smoking. Mine died from lung cancer and was never able to stop smoking except when he was diagnosed with cancer. By that time it was to late. Maybe your hub will help someone else realize they need to stop.