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Get a MAN or get a DOG!

Updated on October 24, 2015

Get a man or get a dog..........

My doctor recently told me I either needed to find a man quick or get a dog....that wasn't a tough choice.......a DOG! Yes, a dog's breath probably stinks worse than any man's, he'll pant and snore and nothing is worse than wet dog smell but I still chose the dog option over a guy. On the positive side, my dog will already be house trained, the toilet seat will always be down, I'll always know where my dog is and more importantly, it'll be a diabetic alert dog (DAD). My DAD will allow me to feel free again and not worry about my inability to sense that my glucose is low. My DAD will be my angel that watches over me (well, sniffs me to be exact) and she'll change my life forever. My DAD will allow me to have the freedom and security to live my life to the fullest and avoid an untimely death.

Diabetic Alert Service Dogs, a prevention against an untimely "dead in bed syndrome".........

When my doctor first told me I was in danger of the "dead in bed syndrome" I wondered which of my friends ratted out my abysmal dating life. He explained that due to being single and hypoglycemic unaware, I was in danger of dying in my sleep or the "dead in bed syndrome". I've had T1 diabetes for 42+ years and never considered it anything other than an expensive annoyance for me and my insurance. I wake up early to exercise, work a full time job, am a single mom and live a pretty full life. I'd never stopped to ponder that one day those "close calls" I've had would eventually reach the next level. I wear an insulin pump (which is a HUGE attraction for blind dates - haha) and love the control and freedom it provides. However, CGM didn't work well for me. So, the only other option is a diabetic alert dog.

Dogs olfactory senses are extremely sensitive in comparison to our own. Just like a drug or bomb sniffing dog, a DAD is trained to smell the minute chemical changes in scent my core body puts off when my blood sugar is too low or too high. This will save me from the danger of death due to low sugars and the frustration and long term complications of high sugars. I had no idea service animals aren't covered by insurances or any other organizations. The intense training ranges from $20,000 - $30,000! Lucy, my DAD, cost $20,000+ - I hope by reading my page and sharing this with others, we can create awareness and a non-profit entity (Diabetic Alert Dog Alliance) that provides grants for DADs just like seeing eye dogs have. Please SPREAD the WORD!!

An aspiring DAD, Hugo and I after the photo shoot

Hugo came down for a photo shoot. Check out SUGAR LAND MAGAZINE's APRIL issue for the article on DADs!!! He's not my DAD but our focus was awareness so he stepped up to the plate!

A Predators Paradise........

Even with as much as I have learned over the years and my volunteer experiences, it's easy to be taken advantage of by trainers who are either fraudulent or only providing BASIC level trained DADs. My personal story includes a trainer in VA who stole $10,000 and Brooks Service Dogs in Dallas who only knows how to train BASIC LEVEL Service Dogs so I lost $25,000 with them. It's been 4+ years since I've started my quest and I encourage EVERYONE to learn as much as you can, research, contract the Diabetic Alert Dog Alliance and be vigilant!!!

Why is the FRAUD possible?

Diabetic Alert Dogs are new to the service dog segment, there are plenty of "trainers" out there who don't provide a legitimately trained DAD. Many have created "puppy mills" claiming to provide "imprinted puppies" to trainers who lack the knowledge and skill to train a service dog of any kind, much less one that is so unique. I advise anyone exploring this avenue to verify trainers are part of a service dog training group, have references, a firm price and contract as well as a dog specifically selected for the diabetic not just any dog available. There are many lawsuits in process due to these predators who sadly literally prey on those in a potential life and death situation. These "trainers" prey on our desperation to keep ourselves and our children safe

Future Diabetic Alert Dogs

Puppies in action
Puppies in action

As Diabetic Alert Dogs have to demonstrate the aptitude and mesh with their diabetic, it takes a little time to know for sure which one of those great dogs will be a future DAD. Either way - they're all ADORABLE!!!

Diabetic Alert Dog in Training - Hugo after training at Children's Hospital in Dallas, TX

My good friend Kristi helped arrange a special training for Hugo at Dallas Children's Laboratory. His nose was working overtime!!!!

A SDIT during a drive


Thanks for helping fund the DADA (Diabetic Alert Dog Alliance):

Aboon Books; Al Danto;

Angella Olive: Anonymous Friends from MD;

Bob & Karen Duarte TWICE!!!! Brandon Dubrock;

Brian Egan; Buzz & Darcy Covington;

Dan Jupiter; Donna Cosmato; Don Lehoski; Falcone Family in MD;

Jason Runyon; Jesus Tirso with Decca Photography;

Joel Steudler; Jonathan Walker;

Dee & Greg Jordan; Josefine Evans:

Katherine McNeilly; Linda Titus; Lisa Trzaska;

Margaret Tigue; Mike & Deb McDonald and family;

Mike Free; Pat Thompson: Paul & Linea Hegarty;

Rita Myers; Robin Cockrell:

Tom Russell; Tony "CB" Fazzino;

Wendy Fowler;

WHOLE FOODS in Sugar Land


Tommy's Foods

THANKS TO EVERYONE! All donations are TAX DEDUCTIBLE as it's a non-profit!!

The bond between a DAD and the person they service is so much deeper than a simple glucose alert.......

Please share with us (and other folks)! Thanks again and God bless!

Please share your comments on DADs and any questions

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    • profile image

      CristianStan 5 years ago

      I did not know they had dogs for diabetes, this is such a good way to help people suffering from the effect of diabetes.