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Healthy Superfoods

Updated on August 3, 2013

Seaweeds Help You Stay Healthy Naturally!

Seaweeds are nature's real superfoods and these nutritional treasure houses are found deep in the ocean beds. They belong to the plant kingdom and are the biggest source of minerals in the world. Including these nutritionally dense plants in your meal can go a long way in keeping you physically fit and achieving your health goals.

Seaweeds can be of various types and some of the common varieties are as follows

If you love sushi rolls, then Nori is not new to you and you can use this superfood seaweed at home and we would recommend that you choose the un-toasted version of Nori to enjoy the maximum nutrition.

Kelp is another type of seaweed, also known as brown algae and it is commonly found on the ocean or sea shores. The thick leaves of Kelp make it suitable for a relaxing hot bath. You will also find this nutritional seaweed in supplement form.

Dulse is the red seaweed that is available as whole or flakes, and they don't have to be soaked in water prior to preparing meal and can be added directly. The whole dulse taste better when they are soaked and the water is drained before adding to any meal. It tastes great when added as seasoning on soups, vegetables, and salads.

Arame looks like a black colored stringy seaweed and needs to be soaked for some time prior to adding it to meals. You can add this superfood to curries, salads, soups, stir fries, and grain dishes to add more flavor and taste to your dishes.

Wakame is savory green seaweed that is either sold fresh or dry, and it tastes best when soaked in water prior to adding it to any dish. It makes for a nutritional addition to stocks, soups, stews, or stir fries.

Kombu is flavor enhancer that is native to Japan, and adding just a strip of this seaweed to dishes can make your food tasty and easy to digest. When soaking sprouts, you may add some kombu to allow the sprouts to soak the essential minerals that are good for your health.

Amazing health benefits of Seaweeds:

These nutritionally dense superfoods work like great flavor enhancers, and they also add a lot of health benefits to your otherwise ordinary meals. The biggest health advantage of seaweeds lies in the fact that their chemical composition is quite similar to human blood plasma and this helps in purifying and regulating the blood. They also help in strengthening bones as they contain about ten times more calcium than milk, and approximately eight times as much as beef.

Seaweeds also aid in balancing the over-acidic effects that modern diet and poor eating habits brings forth. The powerful chelating properties provide protection from a plethora of environmental toxins including the pollutants, heavy metals, and radiation. They also work like excellent detoxifying agents and helps in flushing out the wastes from your body and boosting weight loss.

Seaweeds help you look younger?

Seaweeds also contains antioxidants that fight the free radicals and avoid the signs of premature aging so that you stay younger looking for a long time. When you want to be healthy, turn to nature because it contains the richest source of nutrition that cannot be replicated by any pills or artificial supplements.

Kräutertipps - Lavendel als Naturheilmittel im Haus

Spring Back To Shape With Superfoods Diet!

Tired of trying hard to lose weight and spring back to shape? No one loves the 'love handles' and would do all possible things to get rid of them, but how many succeed? Very few, and the reasons for failure are many ranging from lack of motivation or lack of commitment to the poor diet. We all wish there were some pills that we could pop and get that well toned body but alas, this is only a dream. The good news is that you can now get back to shape with something that promotes good health and aids in weight loss, while tasting good at the same time.

Superfoods - the nutritional powerhouses?

Superfoods diet has gained immense popularity around the world because these healthy foods are nutritional powerhouses that not only cut fat and lower cholesterol but have a wide range of health benefits including strengthening of bones, preventing any chronic diseases, improving eyesight, and keeping the mind sharp. Here's some nutritional information regarding superfoods that will help you make the right choices and eat healthy:

Black beans are rich sources of protein and they do not contain any saturated fat that is packed in red meat and just a cup of black beans can replenish your body with 15 grams of protein.

Cutting back on fatty foods is important to promote good health, but as long as the fat is good, there's no need to worry. Avocados contains oleic acid, which is healthy monounsaturated fats and this will help keep you feeling fuller for long and also assist in weight loss. The fruit is also a rich source of protein and fiber.

Wild salmon is a rich source of protein and omega 3 fatty acids, which are essential nutrients for the body. Those who are watching weight and planning to follow a superfoods diet must include salmon as it is good for promoting healthy hair, nails, skin, and bones.

Acai and blueberries are powerful superfoods that have antioxidants which help prevent premature aging. They also assist in weight loss, as only a cup of blueberries serving has 4 grams of fiber that can help you feel fuller for long.

If eating rice is a must for you then you may consider including more of brown rice which is fiber-packed and a healthier alternative to white rice. Thus, brown rice is a healthy carb that helps boost metabolism and burns the excess fat. Furthermore, brown rice is low calorie and low energy density food that satisfies your hunger cravings.

Superfoods that will surprise you!

Well, superfoods also have some surprising inclusions such as chocolates and wines, so no more resisting your temptations to bite on a piece of dark chocolate or sip on a glass of exotic wine. Wine contains resveratrol, a famous antioxidant present in grape skin that aids in reducing any fat storage. Studies have proved that moderate wine drinkers have less belly fat and a glass can burn your fats for about 90 minutes.

Similarly dark chocolate is rich in antioxidants that can help reduce blood pressure, cut your fat and sugar intake, and what's more? It also stimulates the feel-good hormones that makes us feel relaxed and ecstatic the moment we bite on a piece of dark chocolate.

Superfood as a preventive?

superfoods for heart
superfoods for heart

Superfoods That Will Keep Your Kids Healthy and Energized!

As a mom perhaps the most difficult thing in the world is to ensure that your kid eats only the healthy foods and this tough because the little ones have the tendency to like what is not good for them, and the reason is simple – the healthy foods don’t taste so good. So when you want your children to eat healthy, make sure that food is tasty too and it won’t be difficult to make them willingly eat whatever is served on the plate. You may consider including more of superfoods in your kid’s meals because these foods are not only supercharged with nutrition but also make for great delicious choices!

Treat kids with cocoa!

There’ s perhaps not a single kid on this plant that doesn’t love cocoa, and the good news is that this delicious food is labeled as a superfood too, so go ahead and use cocoa to add flavor to the dishes and give your child a palate pleasing experience. Cocoa is a rich source of flavonoids that help reduce the blood pressure, improve oral and heart health, so serve a cup of hot cocoa or prepare some cocoa cakes or cookies for your kids to enjoy as mid day or evening snacks.

Substitute the syrup with pureed fruits

Does your child love pouring the syrup over the waffles, pancakes, and toast? Make a healthier choice and substitute the syrup with pureed super fruits to ensure that they get the best of nutrition. Just throw some chunks of fresh fruits like apples, pears, grapefruits, or oranges into the blender and see your kids enjoy a fruity treat!

Healthy options when eating out

When you are eating out in a restaurant or ordering out, make a conscious decision to avoid the unhealthy side dishes that have loads of grease, fat, and calories. You can opt for the healthier options including veggies, fruits, and salads however ensure that they don’t contain unhealthy dressings.

Adding spices to food is good?

Spices are an awesome substitute for the high calorie contents such as fats and sugars so include spices to add taste and flavor to the dishes and your kids will love it. You can add oregano, chili powder, basil, garlic, pepper, and other savory spices to cut back on the unhealthy additions such as cheese and butter!

Give them a nutritious snack

Does your kid feel hungry between meals and you just don’t know what to make him happy with? Well, try baked sweet potatoes as they are not only tasty but also rich in a wide range of nutrients such as beta carotene, vitamin B6, vitamin E, potassium, and iron. You may add baked potato with mashes or potato fries to create a unique combination every time so that your kid doesn’t get bored of eating the same thing.

Superfoods for sharp brains

Besides ensuring that you give your children healthy foods that will keep them physically fit, you must also ensure that their meals include foods that will keep their brains sharp, and these foods are tomato sauce, nuts, and fish. Nuts work like mood-boosters and tomato helps in enhancing the brain health, and fish also contributes in improving the brain power. Thus, making the smart nutrition choices will ensure that your kid enjoys eating good and healthy food!

Kräutertipps - Rosmarin in der Naturkosmetik

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    • wrchelicopter profile image


      5 years ago

      very interesting information about the super food, I liked the information about that not all fats are harmful to the body, as some foods such as avocados are excellent for health

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      Great suggestions and information about superfoods that make a diet really healthy. I love a little seaweed in my weekly diet and got used to eating it a few years ago, not something in most peoples routines, but a very healthy item to include in the diet.


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