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MyDay VS Clariti 1 Day - Silicone Hydrogel Contact Lenses

Updated on July 30, 2014

What's the Best Silicone Hydrogel Contact Lens?

Silicone Hydrogel contact lenses are becoming increasingly popular since the release of Sauflons Clariti 1 Day range.

Since then we have been seeing more and more companies releasing their answer to those of you who can not get on with Clariti.

Other UK manufacturers such as Cooper Vision have introduced their newest range of silicone hydrogel lenses including MyDay daily disposables. These lenses have proven to be very competitive in various aspects such as wearing times, comfort, quality and price.

So please read on to find out all of the benefits of switching to MyDay.

Clariti 1 Day
Clariti 1 Day

Which one is healthier for Your Eyes?

Clariti 1 Day

Clariti 1 Day is a very popular silicone hydrogel lens. It is one of the first to be widely used by eye care professionals and also to be widely accepted by contact lens wearers. The reasons for their great success is due to them being the first comfortable, healthy silicone hydrogel daily replacement contact lens.

They allow a good amount of oxygen to the eye which will promote ocular health, also there patented 'AquaGen' wetting process will keep the eyes from drying out by ensuring a low wetting angle for continuous wettability during wear.

MyDay Contact Lenses
MyDay Contact Lenses


MyDay daily replacement contacts are one of the newest silicone hydrogel lenses that you can be fitted with, they are going down the same route as Clariti 1 Day with comfort, vision and health being key, but also taking it a step further with their new 'Smart Silicone Technology' to allow even more oxygen to your eyes.

The way the 'Smart Silicone' works is by structuring the silicone to create a network of channels, these channels help flow more oxygen through the lens to your eye. By using this method not only do you get more oxygen passing through the contact lens but there is also less silicone being used, so less excess material in your eye. These two things added together equals healthy comfortable vision all day long.

One more point to bear in mind with MyDay contact lenses is that they contain no wetting agents but still maintain a high water content to keep your eyes from drying out.

You Can Request a Trial

If you are wearing Clariti 1 Day and wanted to try MyDay or vice versa, then why not discuss this with your eye care professional as they can order in trials at no cost to them for you to try out, the only thing they may charge for is the consultation.

Cheapest Contact Lenses
Cheapest Contact Lenses

Who's Better on Value?

When we talk about value we instinctively lean towards the cheapest item, but when you look a little further you then start to see that for the little difference in price you could enjoy more comfortable crisp vision:

Clariti 1 Day is the cheaper of the two at just £88.00 for a 3 month supply. For a silicone hydrogel contact lens this is a very competitive price but what do you get for this?

You get a contact lens that is made of silicone hydrogel set in a position to provide the eye with constant natural moisture (AquaGen) and great vision along with comfort.

MyDay is the more expensive of the two at £92.50 for a 3 month supply so a mere £4.50 difference, but what do you get for this difference?

You get a silicone hydrogel contact lens structured in such a way (Smart Silicone) that a constant supply of oxygen is allowed to travel through the lens to the eye. You also get constant wetting of the eye without the use of a wetting agent. So with MyDay you will get great vision without unwanted side effects such as dry eye as these lenses have been designed to tackle all areas of contact lens wear Moisture, Comfort and most importantly Vision.

Summary of the Two Contenders

In summary it is a very hard decision as to which is the best as Clariti has an established name within the contact lens industry with figures to show that people do get on with Clariti, but MyDay is the newest out, and already starting to climb the silicone hydrogel ladder of greatness.

So although we can compare the numbers found on how many people have been fitted with one or the other, we should also give new technology a chance to prove itself, because you never know once you've tried it you may never want to go back.

If you are going to change your lenses from one brand to another please consult your contact lens professional to ensure that they will work for you. I recommend The Optical Gallery for a consultation, and an affordable place to purchase your lenses from that offer Free Delivery (within 3 working days turnaround) is Quality Eyes.

Thanks for reading if you could please take a moment to fill in our survey at the bottom.

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