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Can you interpret your dream?

Updated on April 30, 2013

In my dream

My Dreams Every Night

Part 1

Have you ever woken up and had a feeling that you MUST have had a dream with deep meaning? You don’t remember the details but you have a lingering feeling that your dream was wonderfully positive and insightful. You know that something must have been revealed to you in your sleep. Now you wish you could remember what it was. Many of us who are intuitive and highly sensitive beings understand that feeling. If we are very lucky, our dreams are SO VIVID that we clearly remember them come morning and we cannot shake the sense that the truth we have been searching for was uncovered right there in our dreams.

It started as a beautiful evening. I stayed up late looking at the stars, meditating on the wonder of the heavens. I spent the quiet evening staring at the sky. It helps me ENERGIZE and become more in tune with the cosmos.

Time must have passed quickly because the next thing I knew the world was slowly melting away in a soft light. I found myself standing in a field on the top of a rolling hill. A warm breeze was blowing.

In the distance, I saw MYSELF walking quickly. I was dressed in a white robe that flowed gracefully in the wind. Standing next to me was a person, also dressed in white.

I was motioning excitedly for me to come over, holding the hand of this person and waving at me with the other hand. The lady was ME. As I approached the two of them, I stopped waving and began pointing down the hill.

At the bottom of the hill was a fountain. Made of ancient stone, it had a graceful statue of a beautiful woman. It was flowing with clear, sparkling water. All three of us walked slowly towards this discovery of mine, the wind gently at our backs. It seemed as if the breeze guided us to the edge of the grey stone structure.

When I looked over the edge and into the fountain, I was amazed!

Gold completely covered the bottom of the fountain, shining brightly through the water. My eyes were intense with excitement.

I had discovered a fortune!

Turning towards my companion and with the complete look of love, I held each other with a passionate embrace. I began to kiss. When my lips touched, a bright yellow light shone. It bathed the entire field in a heat.

This morning, I woke up filled with energy. This sensation left my whole body tingling. The woman in my dream was me!

In dream interpretation, a FOUNTAIN SPARKLING in the sunlight signals many FANTASTIC THINGS. Vast possessions and ecstatic delights are the most dominant themes. It also indicates that I could be beginning a PLEASANT JOURNEY. Whichever it is, it could be the start of a THRILLING TIME!

DISCOVERING GOLD is also an important sign, one suggesting a great WEALTH or GOOD FORTUNE. Finding gold in a dream can mean either success in a business transaction or a sum of money. It may be a good time to try the lottery or enter a contest.

Of course, the other person in the dream appeared to be a very close companion. It could be someone I already know, since my dream started with the two of us holding hands. It appeared to be someone with whom I was ALREADY FAMILIAR. It is important to note that once I kissed, it changed the entire world. It is a sign... A very important sign. I should pay SPECIAL ATTENTION! It seems a new love may come from a recognizable place, with someone I know. Well, he is my sweetie, my beloved.

What was most fascinating about the dream was the BREEZE! Dreaming of wind, especially when it is at your back, tells me there are there are powerful forces working on me. It is pushing me forward. These positive influences are bringing me to my destiny.

This was a dream of DISCOVERY. It told me of my UPCOMING FEELINGS OF LOVE, UNEXPECTED MONEY and the start of a JOURNEY OF DISCOVERY.

I need to take the images in my dream and complete the picture with my own spirit. It can be the beginning of my DESTINY. Once I piece together the mystery of these dreams, I can build a plan of action for me. It could lead me to the LOVE,MONEY and HAPPINESS I desire.

Part 2

This morning, I had awakened from a FASCINATING DREAM. It came to me during a very deep sleep. It was so vivid! It was a dream of such brilliance; I had to share it with all of you directly.

My dream started beautifully—I saw myself seated at a large banquet table. In front of me were EIGHT gifts, all the same size. They were all in BRIGHT RED boxes. The gathering appeared to be a CELEBRATION, perhaps a birthday.

Several other people were sitting around me at the table. All of the guests were wearing costumes but the costumes were OLD and DIRTY. On the other hand, I was dressed in garments that seemed to be NEW. My outfit was made of bright colors, mostly GREENS. I was smiling brightly while gently holding the hand of the person sitting to my right.

I know you are wondering why I am telling you about my dream and why this is coming from out of the blue. It is very simple; this dream had led me directly to all of you and your powerful spirits.

I was dissatisfied with my life. Money has been tight. My career seems to be stuck in neutral. True love seems to be just out of my grasp.

All these things have come to me clearly through MY INTUITION.

That is why the information in this dream could not have come at a BETTER time for me. Filled with revelations regarding the TRUTH OF MY LIFE, these visions have given me POWERFUL INSIGHTS into my immediate future. I can now use them to form a plan of action so that I can begin to realize your TRUE DESTINY.

A better life does not come without effort. I need to know what to do to bring it out in the open. I have seen it for myself. I should know that the best life possible is out there for me. The time to begin to have it is now!

The best way to start is to DISCOVERhow to reach this amazing new level of my existence. This morning, I examined my dream CLOSELY. When there are visions this powerful, the universe is trying to send me an URGENT MESSAGE.

I know I have found the CLUES I need. What I have for me is something that I know I have only dreamed of. That is, until now!

I want to share some IMPORTANT OBSERVATIONS I had during this dream. I am confident that each one is a SIGNof a wonderful future for me.

–The color RED gives me a clear sign. It is the color symbolizing LOVEand PASSION. Also, when one dreams of gifts, it represents OFFERINGS OF THE SPIRIT. Since I was sitting at the table holding hands and smiling, I can confidently say that a NEW ROMANCE could be in my very near future.

–GREENis another color that with great meaning. Of course, it is the color of MONEY. When green is in a dream that is centered on GIFTS and CELEBRATION, it signals an amount of money could be coming to me very soon—in as soon as a few days!

–The GARMENTS worn by guests at my party were TATTERED and WORN. This symbolizes old ways that need to be changed. Since I was wearing a NEW outfit, it means that this could be the beginning of a great awakening in my life. New things can come to me, with all the happiness that follows!

– EIGHT was the number of presents. The number eight is a personality number that describes people who are INTELLIGENTand AMBITIOUS. Seeing an eight in a reading means that the reading is about a person with CONFIDENCE. In numerology, it is a strong indication that I should be looking for numbers that add up to eight.

The direction of these revelations leads me to believe that I am in an EXTRAORDINARY POSITION FOR SUCCESS. There are some things I must WARN myself about. Visions in a dream are only the FIRST STEP! With the right knowledge, I can do many positive things. There are ways I can take my life to a fantastic new level.

My dream of myself was filled with images of happiness, love and success. Take the chance to realize them for yourself.

Part 3

Today something INCREDIBLE happened.

I must be feeling the ENERGY! Am I? I know I am!

This will be an EXCITING day for me. In fact, I can bring myself the BEST DAY of my life. A day marking the beginning of a NEW PHASE of my existence. I have seen it!

These are BUSY days for me. Recently, the universe is has been filling up with STRANGE and WONDERFUL visions of a future of UNBELIEVABLE PLEASURES.

Sensing uproar in the universe, they seek an understanding of this spectacular event. Those who are lost and reach out will get insight during this exhilarating time.

However, I see some whose spirits RISE above the others. Souls filled with a lust for life and a craving for more. They are NOTsatisfied with mundane, ordinary lives. The universe is ready to REWARD them for their restless spirit.

My news for myself today is simple. A path to those with this SPECIAL ENERGY led me directly to myself! I might not know it on a conscious level but the spirit within me has sought me out.

I want myself to take advantage of this MAGNIFICENT OPPORTUNITY. I should realize my extraordinary nature to the fullest. I am talking to myself, not only as a trusted advisor, but as a GOOD FRIEND.

There is UNIVERSAL ENERGY flowing through the heavens. It can bring me MANY GREAT THINGS, as long as I embrace its power. I can achieve TRUE LOVE, WEALTH and a DEEP SATISFACTIONwith life. I know it, and I want myself to know it, too. That is what makes the information in this message essential.

What is most interesting about this energy is that it is NOT AVAILABLE TO EVERYONE. Few people have the ability to realize their true potential. This is the fantastic part—I am one of the SPECIAL FEW!

With my help, I can develop myr inner strengths... to achieve the life that is my destiny.

I am sure I am asking myself… WHY ME? I am wondering what this energy is and why it chose ME.

First, I must tell myself how I came to this realization. My mind has been ACTIVE and even MORE SENSITIVE than usual to waves of energy. The frequencies of my visions have increased.

Even though I have been busy, I wanted to take the time to focus on my spirit. I have been in my deepest thoughts. I am CONCERNED for myself. I know how frustrated I am with the direction of my life.

Personal relationships have left me UNFULFILLED. There is a PASSION missing from my life. I feel a hollow spot in my soul, which I know should be filled with love. I am concerned that this empty hole in my spirit will follow me forever.

Do not worry! With what I have seen, a CHANCE OF A LIFETIME could be coming to me—VERY SOON. The love I have been missing may be right in front of me, within my reach! It is just waiting to make my life complete.

MONEYcould be better, actually quite a bit better. No matter how hard my work, there are always more expenses at the end of the month than there is money! I DESPERATELY want to succeed, but something inside of me is telling myself there are BARRIERS. Life is giving me more hurdles. I try to jump them but they keep getting HIGHER.

For me, my future could be FINANCIALLY ENRICHING. What makes it even better is that it could be from a completely SURPRISINGplace. A lottery is one way, but it could also be from a contest I forgot I even entered! Regardless of the source, this amount of money could be exactly the thing I need to lift myselff to the next level of joy.

I feel RUN DOWN, tiring easily. I may have even started to exercise and eat better. It was an attempt at change, but deep down you feel there is SOMETHING MORE you can be doing.

I know what I am feeling. This flow of universal energy is just that—ENERGY! Preparing myself for the coming wave of positive energy is the best way to feel the electricity of a marvelous life.

Within me, I will have everything I need to be successful. In the midst of all of this hectic activity, I have witnessed it for ME! What is next for me is to bring this successful nature to the surface.

KNOWINGthere is a brilliant future is only the BEGINNING. Now is the time to get ready to accept it. I could help myself to become the person I want to be and live the life of my destiny.

I know that a life of more MONEY, VITALITY and PASSIONATE ROMANCE is what I have been seeking. Now that I know that it is within my reach, I know that I will waste little time doing what I can to grab it.

Dreams can be so wonderful, can’t they? True, they can be an innocent way to escape our daily lives or a subconscious reflection of what may be on our minds at the end of a hard day. Sometimes dreams are simply a jumbled mix of random and scattered images that really have little meaning, come to think of it. And yet very often, when analyzed correctly and accurately, some dreams are likeMIRRORS TO OUR SOULthat get to theVERY COREof where we are in life and where we are destined to be!!! Dreams can be a flash of brilliance that should not be ignored, but instead taken very seriously!


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    • bujoy83 profile imageAUTHOR

      Robelyn Yambao 

      5 years ago from Philippines

      Thank u for your wishes..:)

    • RealityTalk profile image


      5 years ago from Planet Earth

      May your dreams of love & success come true & come true sooner rather than later!


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