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Nasal Massage - How To Break Free Of Nasal Congestion And Allergy

Updated on February 20, 2015

How Nose Massager Can Give You Relief

Nasal congestion is a one-way ticket to misery. At best, a stuffy, clogged, or runny nose just makes work and the chores a little harder to do. But at worst, it can incapacitate you for days at end, with you stuck in bed and everyone else staying on the other side of the house to avoid getting infected!

It's worse for allergic rhinitis sufferers, because the symptoms are often more serious and the attacks come more often. Put simply, sufferers of allergy live lives that are quite a bit less enjoyable than most other people.

If all that sounds like your situation, then let's try to fix the problem! This lens will teach you what causes nasal congestion, as well as how to treat it using two of today's treatments and one of yesterday's

Ever tried a nose or nasal massager?

What Causes Nasal Congestion?

Despite what the name suggests, nasal congestion doesn't just involve the nose. It actually involves the sinuses -- particularly those around the eyes and nose. (That's why irritated noses can also cause teary and itchy eyes.)

Nasal congestion is caused when the blood vessels in the sinuses are irritated or infected. As the blood vessels get inflamed, they expand -- which leaves less space for air to travel, hence the “stuffy” sensation. What's worse, mucous may also clog the nasal passages, making breathing even more difficult. Sneezing is the body's natural way of clearing the sinuses of irritants and mucous.

Treating nasal congestion is two-fold -- first, you'll need to find ways to reduce the swelling and irritation, and second, you'll have to find ways to drain the mucous.

Modern Ways To Treat Nasal Congestion

Let's take the first method: medication. Cold medication works by reducing the inflammation in the sinuses, which in turn relieves pain, makes breathing easier, and facilitates the draining of mucous. Some medications work well with some people, while others don't work at all. Some may even make the condition worse!

Unfortunately, medication is only a temporary fix for nasal congestion. What's worse, some medications may cause side effects such as fever, drowsiness, upset stomachs, and hives. Some medications also have chemicals that cause addiction, so be sure to check the labels!

The second method of relieving nasal congestion is through nasal sprays. Nasal sprays relieves stuffy noses the same way as medication, except that their active ingredients are sprayed directly into the nasal cavity.

Dangers of Nasal Spray

The danger with nasal sprays is obvious -- the spray can cause even MORE inflammation if used incorrectly! Also, nasal sprays are a temporary fix -- it's likely you'll need to keep buying nasal sprays while the underlying problem doesn't get fixed.

Wouldn't it be nice to have something that relieved nasal congestion more effectively, more permanently, and less expensively than medications and nasal sprays? It is -- which is why it's important to learn about the art of nasal massage.

Discover The Healing Art Of Nasal Massage

Nasal massage is a small subset of acupressure that focuses on area around the nose and eyes. There are certain pressure points around the sinuses that, when pressed and massaged, relieves any inflammation and loosens any mucus in the area. It's a fix that's more effective, longer-lasting, AND it makes the sinuses more resistant to future attacks!

Acupressure has been in use for 1,000 years. Today, it frees thousands (if not millions) of people from chronic aches and pains -- a stuffy nose doesn't stand a chance! In fact, modern medicine is slowly beginning to acknowledge the fact that acupressure DOES work.

There are 4 pressure points around the nose which, when massaged with light pressure from the fingers, sends waves of relief through the sinuses. It's suggested that massaging the pressure points for 20-30 seconds at a time is optimal.

But why stop with JUST massage? Why not IMPROVE the wisdom of the ages with today's technology? That's exactly what a special new tool, the Chi Nasal Massager, does.

The Chi Nasal Massager

The Chi Nasal Massager is a device that rolls the best of acupressure and modern technology into one. The device massages pressure points with adjustable vibrations, which simplifies and amplifies the usual massaging action.

What's more, the device emits far infrared light and magnetic waves, which have been shown to improve the overall condition of the nasal passages. It stimulates healing and improves resistance to future attacks.

The Chi Nasal Massager has helped numerous people get some much-needed relief from nasal congestion, and it is particularly popular with sufferers of allergic rhinitis. Its satisfied users have reported that just a short period of using it in the morning is enough to relieve clogged noses and allgergic rhinitis symptoms.

If the Chi Nasal Massager worked for its armies of satisfied users, then it's likely to work for you, too! The Chi Nasal Massager will give you the relief you've always wanted for years to come, saving hundreds of dollars from medications and nasal sprays.

Nasal congestion takes a lot out of people's lives, and it's time to fight back with proven techniques. Don't wait to lose another day to nasal congestion.

Follow my Squidoo lenses so you'll stay up-to-date with the latest developments in the world of alternative health and medicine.

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      anonymous 5 years ago

      Four the pass 4 month am suffering this nasal congestion and the doctors are not give this options and am still suffering let me try this options of yours...

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      randomthings lm 5 years ago

      Hey this is great! I need to try this nasal massage! Thanks