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Natural Dentistry: Anything Less is Risky

Updated on June 13, 2011
Dental Amalgam Filling
Dental Amalgam Filling

Alternative health care is winning over health conscious people from all walks of life. Holistic medicine practitioners manage the root cause of sickness using treatments that support self-healing.

Natural dentists treat in the same way as other kinds of alternative doctors. This new kind of dentist is recognised by several different names: natural, holistic, biologic, alternative, naturopathic or homeopathic. Regardless of what they name themselves, the core of holistic dentistry is to provide treatment that is safe and biologically appropriate.

The fundamental principles of natural health care were created nearly 2500 years ago by the Greek doctor known as Hippocrates. He believed each and every doctor must carefully follow these rules in treating patients:

1. 1st, don't cause harm ... treatment should never be more harmful than the disorder

2. Honor the Vis Medicatrix Naturae ... nature has the power to cure

Modern-day dental treatment doesn't even resemble Hippocratic standards. Lots of the materials employed to treat simple oral disease contain incredibly hazardous chemicals such as mercury and fluoride. Thankfully, alternative dentists practice from a completely different paradigm. They understand that toxic dental treatment may wreck your overall health ... holistic dentists practice dentistry much like Hippocrates practiced medicine.

Alternative dental concepts include:

*Tooth conserving techniques ... conserving tooth structure helps prevent the need for root canals and crowns

*Strict avoidance of dangerous products such as metals, mercury and fluoride

*Choosing only biocompatible materials (like composite resin, ceramic/ceramic or zirconia) to repair teeth

*Utilize digital radiographs to decrease your radiation exposure to minor levels

*Use strategies that stimulate the curative power of nature (you can heal decay and gum disease)

*Never ever remove an amalgam filling unless strictly following "Mercury-Safe Procedures"

The utilization of mercury safe practices is without a doubt the most crucial reason to go alternative with your dentist. Amalgam is a dreadful filling material. Each and every minute of every day, amalgam fillings leach unsafe amounts of mercury that ends up being stored inside most of the cells of your body. The only thing worse than having amalgams in your teeth is having them replaced in an unsafe way. During unsafe amalgam removal, the exposure to poisonous mercury vapor can easily be 10-timesthe maximum limit put in place by OSHA. The protocols utilized by alternative dentists will protect you from that shockingly harmful exposure. Ordinary dental practice does not use any sort of mercury vapor precautions. This uninformed omission may devastate your health.

Embracing a holistic philosophy calls for the dentist to transform most everything about their practice. It's not a simple thing to do. This is why there are so few skilled holistic dentists out there. In spite of its scarcity, alternative dentistry is a great fit for people serious about optimum health and wellness. If you live a healthy lifestyle, going natural with your dentistry is a perfect decision.

Really, what are you waiting around for? Go out and get an appointment with a natural dentist ... your wellness may well depend upon it.

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