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Rainbow Light Natural Prenatal Vitamins

Updated on August 1, 2015

Best Quality Vitamins

Many women aren't aware of the truth about prenatal vitamins. There are literally hundreds of different brands, but very few are natural or organic. A matter of fact, most don't even break down into your system. They just pass right through leaving your baby lacking the vital nutrients it needs as it is forming within the womb.

Unfortunately, the worst are the ones your OBGYN prescribes to you. Most are compact with so many thousands of pounds of pressure that even when left sitting in a glass of water for days, they don't break down. The sewers are full of whole prenatal vitamins. What's scary about this is there are some key nutrients that your baby needs as it is developing, especially within the fist 12 weeks of life. Many prenatal vitamins are full of fillers also.

100% Natural Prenatal Vitamins

 Rainbow Light Prenatal One Vitamin is guaranteed to be 100% natural. They have been around for over 30 years. It has an optimal combination of nutrients that work together to safely support your baby's healthy development. At the same time it supports the Mother's nutritional needs and energy. It's gentle on the stomach as well.


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