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Natural Sinus Infection Home Remedy

Updated on July 15, 2011

Sinus Infection Overview

Getting rid of my sinus infection was at the top of my list ever since I remember. Sinus infection is a problem that makes you life hell, only those who suffer know how tough it is to live with it. It is an irritating problem that makes you passive, destroys your productivity and often results in lost days at school or work. Sinus Infection has been a recurring theme in my life, and I have suffered silently for many long years.

Its only recently that I discovered a bunch of strategies after a great deal of research and personal experimentation that have helped me master sinus. This article lists a few strategies to help you gain control over sinus, and is my of way showing gratitude for all the advice and info I received from different people.

Sinus Anatomy
Sinus Anatomy

Understanding the enemy - Sinus

For those unaware, sinuses are spaces in the bones of your face. These are like passages that get clogged up and start hurting. Generally when you have a stuffy nose it drains through the nose, but if you have got hay fever or a nasal congestion for a longer period the drainage stops and you get "sinus infection".

Its similar to leaving your dish washing water in the sink for some time , only to find that it has become stale and smelly. It doesn't matter how much germicide or cleaning agent you put in, unless you pull the sink plug and drain the water it doesn't go away. This is what happens to those with sinus problems over a period of time.

Generally we have two types of sinus problems.

- One is acute which lasts for a few days, which results from a common cold or ear infection. This is easily treated with anitbiotics or simple home remedies.

- The other is called "chronic sinusitis", this makes people passive, irritated and they are sick throught the year, also it required heavy doses of antibiotics and many a times there seems to be no cure at all. Sometimes doctors even suggest a surgery, but this is quite rare.

Short video gets you up close with Sinus .. - Sit back and just watch exactly how Chronic Sinusitis manifests..

Basic self-help steps can help relieve acute sinusitis symptoms,

* Get plenty of rest.

* Drink plenty of fluids.

* Steam your sinus cavities.

* Apply warm compresses to your face.

* Rinse out your nasal passages.

* Sleep with your head elevated.

A few advanced stategies to defeat sinus naturally..

  1. Grind 10-15 Basil leaves with 4 cloves and 1 teaspoon dried ginger into a paste and apply to forehead for sinus cure.
  2. For a painful sinus headache, try a hot footbath along with a cold compress on the forehead
  3. Steam inhalation by bending over boiling water with a towel around your head to 'catch' the steam also helps with immediate relief.
  4. A good multi-vitamin/mineral supplement is also a good idea with additional vitamin C and vitamin A.
  5. Also try finding what causes it in the first place, go on fasting or avoiding certain eatables or find out if it is some allergic element around you.
  6. Try Jalaneti or Neti pot method as it is popularly know. This is the ancient indian yogic method of cleaning the nostrils and sinus pockets is a very promising long term cure, check out - How to use a neti pot.

Please Note..

I've found that many times Drs will prescribe steroids and antihistamine drugs like visteril etc. This is thought of as a cure all, when they don't know how to cure the underlaying problem. Be careful with steroid/drug use, some side effects are - hair loss, weigt gain, fluid retention, high BP etc.

Metaphysical or New Age Startegy

There is always a reason behind everything..

This is something you could try if nothing else seems to work. Mind-Body Link has been studied and documented widely in the 20th century. Even in the ancient eastern texts it is stated that problems arise mostly because of wrong thoughts and feelings (psychic impressions) that are embedded in the mind. This may often happen unknowingly for eg. a child who was often scolded harshly might develop stammering or any other physical reaction or disease in the latter year. The best way to tackle this is through affirmation done in the proper way.

It is believed that Irritation to someone, usually someone close to you, is the main reason behind sinus manifesting in your life. Introspect and see if this is true.

Affirmation for Sinus Problems

"I choose to declare peace and harmony with all the individuals around me. I surround my self with love and goodwill."

Bring your whole body to a state of relaxation and repeat this for at least 15 mins daily in a slow style with feeling and love for at least a month to see results.

Thanks for being here, hope you found this article useful. Looking forward to your comments.. :)

The Most Important Thing

Tweet or FB share this article and help spread the word. Your action could help some one somewhere..

Share your experience on Sinusitis Treatment - Let's learn from each other, nobody is alone..

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    • profile image

      Country Dancers 2 years ago

      My sinus infections get so bad I actually get a "blister" (for a lack of a better word) in the back of my mouth behind my upper molar. This as happened several times when I have had a sinus infection and it makes my upper tooth/teeth hurt like I have a toothache. Once the sinus infection goes away so does the "blister", and tooth or teeth pain.

      I have been told it is a drainage duct for my sinus that is blocked. My dentist wants to see me when it happens, but its usually not convenient (like when I am traveling and clear across the country). When I get home it has cleared up usually. I have chronic post nasal drip at night and I toss and turn a lot during the night just trying to breath. Sometimes it worse than others and that's when I get an infection with the "blister". I am going to try the ACV drink to clear it up this time as I am on the road again and forgot my Neti pot at home. Any suggestions on how to get rid of the post nasal drip issue at night would be greatly appreciated!!!

      Thanks a bunch!

    • profile image

      anonymous 6 years ago

      This is very useful video.Sinus infection can cause a lot of pain and discomfort..I used Neti Pot when i have sinus infection.It works great.

    • profile image

      anonymous 6 years ago

      Videos are quite informative. Sinus issues are irritating and causes headache always for me. Thanks for sharing the root issue of the sinusitis. Nasal irrigation might help in this.

    • ericrthomas profile image

      ericrthomas 6 years ago

      Neti Pots can work wonders on an inflamed Sinus. has a good selection if you can't find them locally. Great lens!

    • profile image

      mrsponge1 6 years ago

      Nice Lens! I suffered from constant sinus infections, until I started to aerobically workout daily. It allows my sinuses to drain.

    • vivekrai08 profile image

      vivekrai08 6 years ago

      @soyanz: Glad that you found it useful. You can definitely cure it naturally all you need is faith and patience.

    • profile image

      soyanz 6 years ago

      Thanks for the tips and advice you share it because I had a sinusitis that continues irritate on my nose.