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The natural way of living

Updated on March 15, 2009

Naturopathy is a science that heals using elements of nature. Nature contains five base elements water, air, fire/sunlight, earth and space. They are found everywhere: in plants, animals, day and night, the seasons, and in the life cycle. Naturopathy believes that since the human body is derived from nature, only nature can help redress the problem if the elements go out of balance. Naturopathy can treat the body internally (nutrition) and externally (therapies).


Water constitutes two-third of our bodies. The water element can be balanced by drinking water on an empty stomach. This water can be kept overnight in a copper or silver vessel. You can also drink sunlight-charged water. Water has many dissolved elements that may not be visible but help balance the body. Water treatment in therapy form includes hydrotherapy and steam baths.



This element enters our body through nutrition. A lot of care is taken while prescribing various foods to balance deficiencies or excesses in one’s system. All the minerals from the earth are available to us through food, so we should eat foods that are organically grown. Also include oats, barley etc in your menu, as well as fresh salads and lightly cooked vegetables.



This element is applied through a sub branch of naturopathy called chroma therapy. The different frequencies of the color spectrum are administered through charging water for drinking, or charged oil for application, and via exposing the body to early morning sunlight. Sunlight is made up of seven colors, the same colors of the chakras that control our endocrinal glands. Steam is a combination of fire and water therapies.



This element is balanced by pranayamas and yoga asanas. In yoga, holding one’s breath is done to control the space elements of the body.






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