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natural ways to reduce weight

Updated on March 18, 2014

Natural ways to Lose weight

Do you find yourself amongst those people world over, who are struggling to shed a few pounds of weight but the same appear to be an unachievable target. May be with hard efforts of undergoing various weight loss programs, minor loss in weight is achieved, but the same is put on again after the programs are stopped. You are all the time wondering what to do.

In this article, I am trying to suggest a few natural ways to supplement your ongoing efforts for weight reduction.

Before I go into any such suggestions, we should all be clear about reasons as to why the weight increases.

One fundamental reason for weight increase is that our intake of calories per day is more than what our body is able to burn during the same period of time. The surplus calories get converted into the fat and gradually it results in becoming overweight or even obese.

Besides, there are many other factors because of which the weight tend to increase.

i) Heredity surely plays an important factor. If parents are obese, children are also likely to have the tendency to put on weight.

ii) Sedentary Life Style : The sedentary life style is the curse of today's modern world. With the ease of life, one tends to develop the lethargy. A less physically active life style without any check on the intake of food is bound to have direct impact on weight.

iii) Food habits: Eating more of 'Non Vegetarian' food and Junk food are likely to have catalytic effect on weight increase. Non vegetarian diet gives lot of protein and results in the increase of body mass. Junk food is full of calories which get converted into fat if not burnt in totality.

iv) Medical Reasons: Weight can also increase due to medical reasons.

Less active thyroid gland (Hypothyroidism) causes increase in weight. If proper medication for thyroid is taken the impact can be successfully nullified.

Certain kinds of medication can also result in weight gain. Consult your doctor to know whether any medication you are taking has impact on the weight.

If you have one or more than one of the above reasons for increased weight what should you do to :

  • stop the further increase in weight and
  • to lose weight gradually

1. Monitor your diet:

- For a week write down on daily basis, each and every details of what you are drinking and eating . Make sure even the minutest of the details are not missed. Note down the item and the quantity taken.

- Take this chart to a dietitian for calculations of your average intake of calories per day.

- Get a diet chart prepared with at least 20% lower calories schedule per day. You should not cut down calories heavily to avoid the feeling of weakness.

- Be very rigid with yourself in following the schedule prepared by the dietitian.

2. Your life style may need changes:

- If you have a 'Sedentary Life Style' make sure that you come out of it immediately and lead more active life. Sedentary life style leads to weight gain and can also cause 'diabetes'.

- If you are spending lot of time sitting in front of TV, cut it down drastically.

- If your job / work involves long sitting hours, get up from the seat intermittently and take a few steps.

- Wherever possible, climb stairs instead of using lift.

- Walk / Jog / do cycling or swimming as per your comfort for minimum half an hour a day.

- Do at least 15 minutes of light physical exercise in a Gym or at home over and above 30 minutes of walk or others as above.

While taking care of point no 1 and 2 above, the prime focus should be to ensure that your intake of calories is lower than what your body spends during day. When body spends more calories than what it takes, the extra calories are consumed from the body fat and it results in weight loss.

3. Things you should avoid eating or drinking:

If you are really serious about losing weight, you will have to be very particular about what you should be eating and what not. Self discipline will surely help in losing weight.

Before you eat or drink anything, try to judge whether the item is useful in terms of calories from health point of view or it is more of a demand of your tongue for taste purposes. Commercial houses who produce these products are doing their business and this is not their concern whether your health or weight is affected. It is purely your call to take the decision.

A few categories in general are mentioned below which will help in cutting the intake of calories for weight loss purposes.

- Cut heavily on drinking all kinds of alcoholic drinks, soft beverages including all kinds of colas, sodas, fruit juices, or even diet beverages. By doing so you will be able to cut down at least 2 to 3 hundred calories per day or even more.

- Avoid eating non vegetarian food, deep fried items, fast food etc.

- Minimize eating cakes, pastries, donuts, muffins and all other products containing white sugar.

- Avoid calorie giving snacks such as potato chips, pop corns, candies etc.

- If possible, reduce going to the parties. In party and groups one tends to eat more.

4. Things you should eat / drink.

- Diet : East more of vegetarian diet. Vegetarian diet has less calories and lower protein content. Therefore, the chances of increase in weight are lower.

- Fiber : Increase the intake of fiber in your diet.
More of fiber gives the feeling of fullness for longer time thus one tends to consume less calories. For example, eat fruits instead of taking juice. Juice gives extra calories whereas fruits also give fiber and one remains full for a longer time thus consumes less calories.

East more of salads.

- Green Tea : Instead of consuming normal tea / coffee, switch over to 'Green Tea'. It is full of antioxidants, boosts the metabolism and is good for burning body fat. Avoid adding milk or sugar in it to reduce the intake of calories.

- Water : Drink lot of water. It keeps the body hydrated and cleanses the body from inside.

Cinnamon (Dal Chini)

Cinnamon (Dal chini in Hindi) : Cinnamon is a wonder herb. It is full of medicinal properties. It is useful for weight loss, diabetic patients, enhances metabolism, reduces bad cholesterol, improves digestion, helpful in cough and cold.

Ways to consume: Grind the cinnamon to make it in powder form.
You can consume about 1 tea spoonful to 1 tablespoon of this powder per day.
-Tea spoonful of powder can be taken with hot water empty stomach in the
- You can add this powder in boiling water at the time of making tea
- The powder can be just sprinkled over the food you eat.
- The best way for weight loss is to mix this powder in 1 table spoon of honey and
add the mixture in half cup of hot water. Drink this water about 1 hour before
breakfast. Honey also helps in release of fat.
- Another way is to make the tea by boiling cinnamon in water for 15-20 minutes. Strain this brown water and drink it small sips spread over long period of time during the day.

Flaxseeds (Alsi ke beej)

- Flaxseeds ( Alsi ke beej in Hindi) : Flaxseeds have lot of nutritional values and is full of medicinal properties. It contains much needed Omega 3 fatty acid.

It swells when comes in contact with liquids. Therefore, when one consumes Flaxseeds in the meals, the feeling of fullness of stomach is reached faster. Thus
less calories are consumed as compared to eating food without flaxseeds. When less calories are consumed the weight gain is controlled.

Flaxseeds are also useful in other diseases such as Diabetes, High Blood pressure,Heart diseases. Its high contents of antioxidants and Omega 3 fatty acids help in boosting our body’s protection against cancer.

The way to consume is to simply crush the flaxseeds and consume about 1 table spoonful of powder empty stomach in the morning. Or this powder can simply be sprinkled over soup, salads, vegetables etc. Because the seeds are tasteless, the taste of the dish does not get changed when the powder is sprinkled over it.

One should restrict to consuming maximum of 2 table spoon of flaxseeds in a day.

Women should avoid using flaxseeds during pregnancy. They do not need to restrict the intake of calories for weight gain.

Black pepper :

Black pepper has the properties of improving the digestion and also restricting the formation of fat. Adding limited quantity of black pepper in our daily diet is beneficial.

Black pepper powder can be sprinkled over curd, soup, salad etc.

It is also helpful in treating 'Anorexia'. If a person has lost appetite, black pepper helps in regaining the same.

Medication for weight loss : One should avoid taking medicines for weight loss as these are habit forming. You should consult the doctor and consider taking medicines only if your BMI is over 30.

Your opinion is valuable

What do you do to lose weight?

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