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natural fart cures- Less farting

Updated on September 30, 2010

Activated Charcoal Tablets

Activated Charcoal Tablets are a medically recommended remedy for Gas. While I have not really had this problem, I know of others this has been recommended for.

What causes Gas?

the causes of flatulence

Some people cut the cheese more than others. Grandpa's finger is not special; his condition could be a result of a few factors. Here is a small list of different causes of flatulence:

1. Consuming too many carbs

Of the three main nutrients, carbohydrates produce the most gas because sugar and starch easily ferment. Half of us are endowed with bacteria that particularly prefer munching on unprocessed carbs -- unless you are like me, in which case tuna does the trick. As you might have guessed, beans contain more indigestible carbohydrates than most foods.

2. Consuming indigestible foods

Many daily foods are considered "indigestible" -- milk being one of them. Cow milk is unnatural to the human body, which is why a lot of people are lactose intolerant. Lactose intolerance means the body does not know how to digest milk, so it sets it aside as waste. If you happen to have a lot of "gas enzymes" in your system and you are lactose intolerant, even milk can make you fart.

3. Excessive enzymes

Each person's intestinal fauna is composed differently so people do not react similarly to the same foods. Two individuals can eat a meal rich in indigestible carbs and only one of them can develop gas, simply because his intestinal tract contains more enzymes. You might have heard people say that onions or apples give them gas, while others claim not to be affected. It all depends on the amount and type of bacteria in the large intestine.

4. Chewing and swallowing air

Chewing your food properly helps prevent gas because you alleviate your tract's workload, while chewing gum gives people flatulence because it makes them swallow more air than usual and because it animates the digestive system. Sometimes you burp, but other times air goes too deep into the digestive tract, leaving only one alternative: farting.

5. Intestinal infections

Finally, certain forms of intestinal infections cause flatulence. Eating contaminated food or drinking contaminated water will cause loose stools, bloating, cramps, and gas. When a person has an intestinal infection, the lining of the intestinal track thins and nutrients, again, get sent to the large intestine without being absorbed.


What Foods are especially Gassy?

Flatulent Foods






Brussels sprouts




Dairy products












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      modell27 9 years ago

      did you know you can send farts through the mail using

    • profile image

      gari11 10 years ago

      Did you know lactose intolerance can be cured? Once you do the diet your lactose intolerance is over and you can enjoy milk products again.