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Natural Cures for Anxiety Can Be Effective

Updated on April 20, 2015
Check with a doctor before starting natural remedies or cures. For any person already using them before seeing a doctor, let them know. This is a safe and responsible way to deal with treatment
Check with a doctor before starting natural remedies or cures. For any person already using them before seeing a doctor, let them know. This is a safe and responsible way to deal with treatment

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Everyone wants to feel good. Less anxiety and stress in your life works for all.
Everyone wants to feel good. Less anxiety and stress in your life works for all. | Source

Alternative medicine is popular for a lot of patients who suffer from anxiety

Anxiety is certainly a disease or disorder which has been around since emotions began (or time began). The affects are far reaching and this disorder manages to touch nearly every facet of living for most sufferers. Until recently there have been no effective means of treatment without medication. For any victim seeking a way to feel healthier minus the meds, find out how. With psychotherapy and these techniques, the world looks a lot brighter for patients.

There are ways to feel better without medication as part of the regime. Along with professional mental health provider treatment these alternatives make it happen easier than most patients care to believe.

Routine Treatment

Medication and psychotherapy are the norm for handling nearly all cases where a patient is seeking professional help to deal with the issue. . Some exceptions to the rule are always present dealing with any kind of illness. A number of patients point to the medication as the worst part of dealing with it.

The routine treatment points towards medication as the first option. This is the normal action for those individuals with the worst cases. A verdict to use them, and what particular kind as part of the remedy package, is determined by the mental health professional on the case. With the number of side effects endured from nearly all of them makes most patient ask if another course of treatment is possible for handling the condition.

Working toward relief or reduction in symptoms typically takes years to achieve and most rarely get back to “normal”. The exceptions are episodes which relate to a specific event which has passed or will never occur again. Smaller incidents like a chronic illness getting better or in remission or a death are the ones which are categorized in this circumstance.

The side effects from the meds are the most distasteful part of the routine approach. These circumstances are extreme in some cases. Scores of patients try several different ones over a course of months or even years before finding one which alleviates the symptoms to some degree and even then most aren’t able to function in normal surroundings and events.

Sticking with the therapy portion is not the difficult part. Actually complaints are reduced to a few and far between when this is the only thing needed to find a cure.

The solution of herbal remedies is extremely appealing for a number of reasons. There are more than a few advantages and benefits.

Most sufferers choose to avoid stressful situations even after meds and treatment starts.
Most sufferers choose to avoid stressful situations even after meds and treatment starts. | Source

Believe it or not the majority of these meds are not particular successful in reducing the symptoms. Although working in concert adding a professional element helps. These are folks in the health care industry responsible for administering therapy to change behavior . by altering behavior and avoiding certain situations, the feelings are overcome. For some avoiding a situation or even changing a thought process toward a person, place or thing works extremely well.

Herbal Cures


  • No regulation

Some of the biggest drawbacks discovered working with Herbal remedies is they are not regulated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Although there are other Federal regulatory offices, they too have been lax in taking an initiative to make rules around distribution to the public.

  • Conflict with other meds

Lots of doctors fail to ask patients if they are taking any over the counter or herbal meds. This is a key question in managing wellness. For patients taking other meds outside of an anxiety prescription, there is a real danger of an unsafe interaction. In reality, a possibility of death is present. Without a regulatory agency to make warnings against which drugs are good or bad in a certain combination makes it risky to take these along with other meds.

Other Federal regulatory agencies outside of the FDA have some small input on regulation, but for the most part the contents, packing, distribution and even instructions are a free for all. Merchandise is simply put together and shared with the public as a manufacture sees fit.

  • . Packaging info is missing or lax

There is no oversight to the packaging, sale or ingredients of most of these. electing to use herbal remedies for any condition is possibly perilous. The risk is present with or without a combination of meds. The tradeoff for individuals is seeing more of the positive results versus the negative ones which possibly occur.

  • Multiple ways to obtain these

Unlike prescriptions which have not passed the FDA review process the herbal therapies are not illegal for sale. Buying these at an herbal store or supermarket is the most common form.

The web is another common resource. The web offers the opportunity to buy those found outside of the local market as well as in larger quantities. Users also advise they are cheaper on the web without a retail mark up.

  • Cheaper than prescription meds

Prescription meds are expensive. Countless people are unable to afford these, but the alternative offered with an herbal remedy makes financial sense.

For those folks grappling through more than one the cost is increased even greater. Imagine taking a couple of days of a monthly quantity ( one pill three times a day=90 in a month) and having to buy another one because of the side effects felt.

  • Prescription meds need doctor approval

Scripts are written and turned over to pharmacies after seeing a doctor. There is always a charge for the appointment and medication checks with another follow up appointment are also a rule of thumb.

When it comes to which ones are more popular or seem to provide the best benefit, there is a few which stand out.

Valerian Root

One very effective natural herbal remedy for anxiety disorder is Valerian root. Taken in dosages from 50 to 500 milligrams, scores of patients admit they feel a considerable lowered anxiety. The change in status has been felt as quickly as an hour after taking the recommended dosage.

One of the drawbacks is although this is one of the most popular, it doesn’t necessarily work for everyone. This means try another one in this same category for relief before writing off the natural way to feeling better.

Passion Fruit

Supplements with passion fruit flowers extract work better than Valerian root for some sufferers. Passion fruit flower extract has the chemical Vitexin and designed to relieve tension along with other related conditions which cause anxiousness in numerous patients.

Natural Side Effects

Some anxiety sufferers trying out this form of treatment have been known to have mild side effects. These are mostly night terrors or stomach discomfort. There is a connection between failing to digest the root and these symptoms.

Most people have never had Valerian Root or passion fruit before so it is difficult to foresee any side effects with this form of natural treatment.

Things to consider

It is a good idea to visit with a doctor or an herbalist prior to attempting to these. Putting together a personal herbal combination for alleviation of anxiety is possible, but health care professionals are able to foresee some issues otherwise missed.

A patient taking any type of prescription medications needs to avoid mixing these with herbal remedies. When a new prescription comes from a personal physician, be sure to mention any herbal remedies currently being taken.

In conclusion

People want to try natural cures for a variety of reasons. These include a subjective aversion to prescription medications. Others have a regime of current medical care which includes an RX which is a bad combination with herbal meds. Even those with a bad experience from certain ones will tell others to stay away. For the most part this is positive alternative to the historical cure for anxiety.

Since the alternative medicine has reduced side effects, the appeal is there for many people. The advantages far outweigh the disadvantages for scores of folks.

Even with natural cures for the disease and controlling symptoms, working with a therapist for changing behavior to promote diminishing anxiety is always a great idea. The idea for a natural cure for anxiety receives a big thumb up from countless individuals. Along with anxiety a myriad of other diseases are getting a positive feedback on the herbal cure front.

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      Time to stock up on passion fruit. Voting up!


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      I take B multi Vitamins Time release, and I find they keep me at an even keel. Very good usefull and informative Hub, Smcopywrite.