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Naturally Heal Ear Infections with Essential Oils

Updated on January 7, 2016

Ear Ache

Home Remedy Secrets: Ear Ache Remedy

Ear infection

Ear infection is a condition that affects both children and adults. But despite the common nature of this condition, many are still baffled in search of a definitive cure for this condition. Your aim of finding cure must begin with an effort to understand the condition, what causes it, and how you can address its causes. More notes will follow below and other suggestions for essential oil treatment.

What Causes Ear Infections?

If there is anything that ear infection sufferers would tell you about this condition, it would be that they can be quite painful. Indeed, the level of pain and annoyance that this condition brings motivate one to find immediate pain relief and long lasting treatment to ensure that the root of the infection is given cure.

Health experts provide two explanations as to what might possibly cause ear infection. First, it could be the formation of inflammation on your middle ear, which is more common among children. For this type of ear infection, symptoms range from intense feeling of pain on the area of inflammation, raised level of temperature, and temporary hearing loss.

Second, the inflammation might have taken place on your outer ear canal. Thus, one suffers from an intense feeling of pain as irritation continues to develop on the ear canal. In some cases, you might even notice fluid discharges on your outer ear as a result of the infection. Identifying which of these two causes of ear infection you are suffering from is the first major step towards finding an efficient essential oil treatment.

Tail Waggers TV: Natural Ear Cleaning Solution and an Essential Oil Remedy

Providing Natural Ease of Pain

As mentioned above, the amount of pain that someone with an ear infection is going through can be so intense as to cause someone a great deal of discomfort. Shooting pains are quite common, on either side of the ear, or in some cases on both ears. If the pain persists, then you might want to consider taking medications or painkillers. However, experts warn about relying too much on these medications to avoid contraindications or developing harmful side effects. You can therefore opt for natural remedies against ear infection, such as the use of essential oils to address the pain that one is experiencing due to ear infection.

To prepare essential oil mixture for pain relief, you can combine a drop of clove oil with 5ml of grapeseed oil. Mix both essential oils together until fully incorporated. Then, you can take a few drops off the mixture onto your palm and rub it against each other before massaging around your neck and ears. Perform this massaging application within a few hours interval to provide effective relief against pain caused by ear infection.

Best Oils to Use

When it comes to using essential oils for relief against ear infection and all its entailing conditions, you need to choose carefully your choices of oils to use. This same sensibility applies for using essential oils for various health conditions knowing that each oil has unique properties, which therefore create varying effect when used on your body.

Below are some great suggestions of oil to use for natural cure on ear infection, as well as suggested methods of application.

Garlic Oil

Remove Ear Infections with Garlic Oil

Mullein Flower Oil: herbal earache remedy

Garlic Oil

Although garlic is highly associated with culinary purposes, it is also rich in therapeutic properties that make it an ideal home remedy against various diseases. In the case of ear infection treatment, Allium Sativa is the best specie to use and extract essential oils from. You will need a few drops of the oil and place it onto a cotton swab. Once the cotton has absorbed the oil properties, you can plug it on your ear’s opening to allow the properties to be absorbed into your ear. For best results, you must leave the cotton there for at least 30 minutes, thus allowing enough time for the oil properties to combat the infection. This application can be done several times each day to speed up the healing process.

Opting for garlic oil as ear infection treatment works best for inflammation on your outer ear canal. However, if you experience any sensitivities or reactions like itching or burning sensation on your skin, then take off the cotton from your ear/s right away. In addition, directly dropping garlic oil into your ear is ill-advised.

Mullein Oil

If you dislike the powerful smell emitted by garlic, you can opt for an alternative essential oil to use in your ear infection treatment, which is mullein oil. This essential oil is extracted from either dried or fresh flowers of the mullein plant.

To extract the oil, begin by placing the flowers inside the jar. You can opt to add either sesame or olive oil into the flower resources and then sealing the cover of the jar with an elastic rubber band. You can set the jar aside for as much as 3 weeks before checking on it again. When you take out the oil, strain it so you can use the oil for ear infection treatment. Simply follow the same procedures as when you used garlic oil above.

Lavender Guide : Lavender Oil Uses

Lavender Oil

The use of lavender oil for ear infection treatment is highly focused on dealing with the pain that the patient is suffering from. Again, you must prepare a cotton wool swab such that you can allow the oil to be soaked into the cotton. Then, use that to plug into your ear to act on the causes of infection.

With the oil in your ear opening, the healing essences will make its way inside the ear canal. The antiviral and antibacterial properties of lavender oil make it an excellent treatment against infection. Meanwhile, the relaxing aroma of the oil also provides cure against insomnia caused by ear infection.

Pain In the Ear

Ear candling - An ancient therapy

Dealing Other Conditions Associated With Ear Infection

Aside from the infection itself, you must also focus on treating other conditions that come as an effect of acquiring ear infection. Below are some of the suggested essential oils that you can use to address the corresponding condition:

*Pain on the ear – First option would be to combine 6 drops each of garlic and mullein oil and applying it directly onto the affected area to provide immediate relief against pain associated with ear infection.

*Insomnia – Due to the great deal of infection that one suffers from because of ear infection, sleeplessness is quite common among patients. Some of the best oils you can use for massaging prior to bedtime include sandalwood, lavender, Roman chamomile, and valerian.

*Fever – If in case you suffer from a raised level of body temperature due to ear infection, you can make a compress by adding a couple of drops of the following oil with trepid water: Roman chamomile, tea tree, lavender, and eucalyptus oil.


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    Good Hub you certainly know how to write helpful topics thanks


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