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Using a Halo Neck Brace for Cervical Traction

Updated on March 3, 2015

Have you ever had to deal with a literal pain in the neck?

Cervical traction and pain relievers are used by approximately 1 out of every 3 adults every single year. Pains in the neck, unfortunately, seem to come back again and again. Fortunately, a halo neck brace may help you break the cycle of neck tension and pain.

halo brace, neck pain suggest
halo brace, neck pain suggest

Angelic pain relief?

As its name suggests, a halo neck brace is a round "halo" that fits around the neck rather than hanging over the head. Surprisingly, only about 1% of all neck pain sufferers get a prescription for a halo neck brace from their doctors.

Most doctors are much more likely to write prescriptions for expensive and potentially addictive pain relievers. And besides, if you get well, you won't need to come back. Using a halo neck brace for cervical traction is all about overcoming neck pain for good.

Provides Pain Relief You Can't Get At The Chiropractor

Chronic neck pain is something your chiropractor can probably treat, but getting well may require multiple visits. Generally chiropractors and massage therapists are good at relieving pain that occurs when you move your head and neck from right to left, but they are not as effective at relieving pain that occurs when you move your head and neck up and down.

Neck Brace Supports Neck Muscles

Cervical traction with a halo neck brace supports your neck muscles so that you can regain your full range of movement, right and left, as well as up and down. Acting as a kind of firm collar underneath your chin, a halo neck brace supports the weight of your head against the force of gravity so you can comfortably sit up straight pointing your chin forward.

The neck brace can stimulate trigger points that release muscles not just in your neck but also in your shoulders, upper chest, and back. This cervical traction not only relieves neck pain, it can also reduce shoulder pain, lower back pain, and even carpal tunnel syndrome. It's even been used to treat PMS, ear infections, and digestive problems, although medical science has not been able to confirm those applications.

How To Use a Neck Traction device

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