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Is Neck Pain Becoming A Major Problem of Your Daily Life?

Updated on March 3, 2015

Increasing Neck Pain Sufferers In This Modern Society

Is neck pain bothering you all day or preventing you to do other fun activities? We are all living in a hectic environment putting a lot of strain upon the bodies, especially the neck. Stop it before it's getting worse. First, understanding causes of neck pain and neck pain management is critical to your health.

We all lead fast paced lives putting a lot of strain upon our bodies, especially the neck. Don't let neck pain become part of your life. Neck pain has become a serious problem in the current modern society.

With new technologies launched everyday, you would expect people are living healthier nowadays. Unfortunately, the reality is different. The number of Neck pain sufferers has been growing in the last 5 years, and it has never stopped.

Don't let neck pain become chronic

Look and Behold, Roots of Neck Pain!

Neck pain can spread through your shoulders

Neck pain is also known as cervical pain. It can be located in any location of the neck from the top of your shoulders to the bottom of your head. Neck pain may spread to the arms and upper back region.

It can cause limitation of movement for your neck and head. Minor neck pain already started with the age of 30, but chronic neck pain is especially common in adults over the age of 50.

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vote for neck pain

Do You Have Neck Pain?

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16 Different Ways To Relieve Your Neck pain

Which One Do You Use?

The cause of the neck pain will determine what treatment you should use to get more benefit. Here are 16 different ways to treat neck pain:

  1. Rest
  2. Physical therapy
  3. Heat or Ice applications
  4. Neck Traction
  5. Neck collar
  6. Ultrasound Therapy
  7. Massage
  8. Yoga
  9. Manipulation
  10. Cortisone or anesthetic local injections
  11. Pain patches
  12. Analgesics
  13. Muscle relaxants
  14. Surgical procedures
  15. Heating Pad
  16. Neck Traction Device

Sudden neck pain may be treated with ice pack andante-inflammatory medications. Chronic neck pain management may consist of medication, massage, and other types of treatment noted above. Surgery is rarely the treatment choice recommended.

See How ChiSoft Neck Traction Can Help Prevent Neck Pain

How To Prevent Neck Pain Rather Than Curing?

Develop Good Stting Posture First

Neck pain due to stress or muscle strain can be prevented by developing better habits. Avoid positions that stress your neck. If you find your neck pain is worse at the end of your day, consider how you sit throughout the day. You should sit straight with your feet on the floor flat. Taking breaks throughout the day if you sit a lot can be helpful.

If you have increased neck pain when you awake, check your sleeping position and pillow. Your pillow should keep your neck straight. Do not sleep on your stomach with your neck in a bent or twisted position. The best neck pain management is really prevention.

Major Causes of Neck Pain

Signs and Symptoms

There are multiple diseases and disorders of the neck that can cause neck pain. Some of these include:

- degenerative type disc disease

- herniated disc

- pinched nerve

- neck strain

- whiplash

- and other injuries.

Neck pain frequently presents as a dull ache. Neck movement can make the pain more severe. Neck pain can be associated with tenderness, tingling, fullness, numbness, shooting sharp pains, pulsations, dizziness, swollen glands, swishing head sounds, and difficulty swallowing.

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vote about neck pain

What Is The Major Cause Of Your Neck Pain?

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How Can ChiSoft Neck Traction Help Your Neck Pain

Neck Traction Device
Neck Traction Device

Your doctor will review your symptom history making note of the location duration, radiation and intensity of the pain. They will consider any history of injury. They will ask you about positions or movements that improve the pain or make the pain worse. An examination of the neck in motion and at rest will be completed. Palpation of the neck will detect any tenderness that may exist. To determine if there is nerve involvement the nervous system examination will be performed.

Addition testing including CAT scan, X-ray, bone scan, MRI, electromyography (EMG), myelogram and nerve conduction velocity (NVC) testing may be required.

Great Neck Stretching Exercise from Chiropractor

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