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Neck Pain Remedies Without Using Pain Killers

Updated on February 20, 2015

And How to Prevent Pain Getting A Nightmare

Have you woken up suffering from a serious neck pain?

You may ask yourself "just how do I handle my consistent neck pain?" At one time or another during each of our lives we're going to suffer from some sort of neck pain. Understanding what might be causing you neck pain might help identify exactly what approach to take in order to obtain the correct treatment.

A lot of people can experience head aches, dizziness or maybe even sore neck muscles during their day. This can be a result of poor posture. Neck pain can easily restrict you from all of your day to day routines. Neck pain might deteriorate if there aren't any precautions or required care in order to develop a long term solution.

Below are a few options for you to treat neck pain.

neck pain
neck pain

Short-Term vs. Long-Term Neck Pain Remedies

Some of the common techniques for managing neck pain can be the perfect methods for you to get relief. Begin with solutions that will help relieve stress in your muscle tissue. Using over the counter drugs can assist in calming your pain but it's only for a short period of time.

Short-term solutions including medication will not always help you. In some cases relief medication can have a long lasting pain relieving effects but this won't help you fix the root of the issue.

Coming up with and understanding how to cope with the long-term solution will provide you with the most effective way of focusing on your healing. Depending on your problems and just how significant your neck pain might be, there are some neck traction solutions you can use

Neck Pain Relief Remedies You've Probably Never Thought To Try Out.

  1. Massage Therapy

    If you have neck muscle pain, especially due to sleeping in a bad position, then an effective massage would help. The massage will take care of your neck particularly when your discomfort is unbearable.

    By having a skilled massage at your neck muscle tissues your nerves will relax and loosen up. This tends to prevent any sort of increased swelling and will help to make the pain gradually disappear. Smoothing out all the neck strain will fasten the recovery and make your neck feel a whole lot better.

  2. Neck Traction Therapy

    A neck traction unit may help you on the road to recovery. The neck traction equipment assists in the support of your head as well as de-stressing the actual pain inside your neck. The most effective neck traction device is the air traction.

    This device is wrapped around your neck just like a neck brace and then inflates holding your head above. You then carefully pump a bit more air into the neck traction device encouraging a good stretch on your neck. While stretching out the neck with the neck air traction device, it allows your nerve fibers to become free from tension.

  3. Here Is The Perfect Solution to Avoid Neck Pain

    In conclusion, the most effective way of addressing neck pain is definitely by preventing it. Practice good techniques for preventing this annoying problem in the first place. A robust proper posture, fitness plan and healthy body weight can easily stop you from developing any kind of neck injuries.

vote about neck pain
vote about neck pain

What Have You Tried To Stop Your Neck Pain?

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Most Middle Aged People Suffer from Disc Degeneration

Also called Spinal Stenosis

Disc degeneration occurs when the discs in the spine dry out and become thinner. When this condition occurs and the nerves become irritated, it is known as spinal stenosis. This causes sever chronic neck pain.

Causes of Neck and Back Pain

Determining the cause of back and neck pain begins with a complete physical examination and informing your health history to your medical professional.

According to medical research, approximately 10% of adults cope with back and neck pain on any given day. Most young adults develop back and/or neck pain as a result of either physical labor, playing sports that require quick neck movements, or from sleeping in an awkward position.

As people get older, degenerative changes in the discs and joints of the cervical spine will increase the likelihood of developing back and neck pain.

neck back pain
neck back pain

Strains/Sprains Account for the Majority of Neck & Back Pain

Most back and neck pain is caused by strains and/or sprains in muscles, ligaments, and tendons. People that lead sedentary lives will have decreased muscle function which will increase the chance of developing back and neck pain.

Poor posture can put a lot of stress on the spine causing neck pain. People that spend a lot of time sitting or working on the computer especially with insufficient back support will develop back and neck strain over time. In some cases, just bending over to pick something up will cause enormous back pain.

How ChiSoft Neck Traction Relieves Neck Pain Fast - Most Recommended by Doctors

neck traction device
neck traction device

Neck Traction Equipment Compared

Which One Is Right For You?

Whether your goal is relieving some of your chronic pain, recovering from an injury, or just unwinding after a long day in front of the computer, the effectiveness of an inflatable neck traction device (Neck Stretcher) is critical to neck pain treatment success. Here are some facts about some major brands to help you make the right decision.

The ChiSoft Neck Traction

Affordable and Effective Way To Treat Neck Pain

The original ChiSoft neck traction device can be adjusted to your exact neck length, with three individually adjustable inflatable layers. This comfortable air cushion neck traction device helps to relax muscles by reducing pressure created by a minor injury or just common everyday stress. This neck stretcher can be used effectively at home or at the office. The powerful inner magnet promotes better circulation and healing for the cervical spine.">

ChiSoft 2 Neck Traction Device with magnets

The ChiSoft 2 utilizes "Bio-Magnetic Field Therapy" by placing 2 magnets at the rear centers of the air chambers. The ChiSoft 2 has three inflatable air chambers for improved effectiveness and range, and is lightweight and portable. This neck stretcher is operated by a single bulb pump and includes an air-release screw for maximum inflation control.

This neck stretcher is constructed of latex rubber inner chambers and comfortable, washable velour fabric covers. This product is well-suited for larger neck sizes.

Elasto-Gel Therapy Neck Collar

The Elasto-Gel Therapy Neck Collar is designed to provide hot or cold therapy directly on problem areas of the neck. The Elasto-Gel Therapy is made of a tough, flexible gel that will not leak if punctured. This cervical traction device will retain temperature for 20-30 minutes and is shaped to fit the cervical area snugly. This neck traction device stays soft, is freezer safe, and microwavable! An adjustable Velcro closure allows for easy positioning.

The Cervical Traction POSTURE PUMP® 1000

Some people suffer from being in any type of uncomfortable position, whether it be driving a car (especially turning the neck to look back), or just sitting at the computer for extended periods of time. Uncomfortable positions can lead to excess muscle stiffness, tension and neck fatigue. The Cervical Traction POSTURE PUMP 1000 shapes and supports the neck and back, particularly in the cervical spine. The spine in the cervical area should have a natural "c- shape" to it.

TracCollar Pneumatic Traction Device

The TracCollar is operated by two hand-held inflation bulbs. Each bulb inflates a bladder on one side of the collar, and then both are combined to create an upward pressure on the head. You can precisely control the amount of traction for either the right or left side of the neck. The TracCollar was designed and developed by orthopedic engineers for comfortable, effective, and daily treatments. This neck stretcher is constructed of plastic foam and the inflatable bladders of natural latex rubber. The fabric covering that comes in contact with the neck is made of comfortable cotton blend.

The Saunders HomeTrac Deluxe

Cost Over $500

This neck traction device applies pressure toward the back of the head, and prevents compression of the jaw through the chin. Up to 50 pounds of traction can be safely supplied by the Home Trac Deluxe and the user has total control of force at all times. This allows easy home-traction without assistance. All of the parts of this neck stretcher are removable for easy cleaning or replacement.

This product is a comfortable, but more expensive version than the ChiSoft neck traction device

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      6 years ago

      I also try neck traction device from ChiSoft. it helps


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